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By on February 10, 2011

You think only China has a total disregard for intellectual property? Ford filed a trademark infringement suit on Wednesday against a foreign carmaker. The only thing this carmaker has in common with China is their love for the red color. Ford sued Ferrari for blatantly stealing the name of the world’s best selling vehicle, the F-150. Read More >

By on March 1, 2009

The “contest” is now closed. A big, hearty thanks to all who put up with this process. We are now going to retreat to a secret location to choose the winner. It’s not going to be easy because we’ve received so many strong submissions . . .  Thanks to John de Pinho (FishTank) for the t-shirt mockup. Do I feel another contest coming on? Jeebus, help me.

By on March 1, 2009

The logos keep coming . . .

Tell us which one(s) you do like but not the one(s) you don’t like. Thanks.

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By on February 28, 2009

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By on February 27, 2009

Two new logos and one old favorite. Remember, Sunday is the last day for willing graphic artists to submit their ideas! See the first “tranche” (French meaning) here.

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By on February 25, 2009

Due to overwhelming (negative) reaction to the choices we made for Monday’s logo poll, we are starting from scratch but this time with professional graphics designers. Several have expressed a desire to offer their services, gratis, for which we are eternally grateful and we hope to provide the winner with something. I’m thinking a permanent, prominent link on TTAC to their portfolio or business site and the glory and recognition that goes with being “Designer to TheTruthAboutCars” or somesuch. I digress.

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By on January 21, 2009

And here they are: the final group of TTAC logos submitted by our Best and Brightest for our mutual consideration. The contest, such as it is, is now closed. The next step: we’ll choose our top ten and put them to a popular vote. Although we reserve the right to overturn democracy, the chances are excellent we won’t. There are a number of entries that are significantly better than what we have now. Which is nothing, but you know what I mean. After the selection process, we’ll offer readers the chance to buy the logo from car tatts. We’ll also put together some unique merchandise, like a branded rescue knife. Meanwhile, once again, I thank everyone who sent us a logo. I appreciate your time, dedication and passion.  [NB: Please click on images twice to defeat the WordPress compression algorithm method.]

By on January 20, 2009

It’s the last day of our redesign our non-existent logo competition, and the submissions have been anything but non-existent. TTAC’s Best and Brightest have answered the call in force, demonstrating a depth of design talent that would shame, well, me. Given the volume of submissions, I’ve created a new category: Logo Contest (no points for creativity there). If you want to see all the designs, simply click on “News,” then select “Logo Contest” from the drop-down menu. As promised, TTAC’s crack [smoking] staff will wade through all the work to find the ten or so that best encapsulate The Truth About Cars’ editorial stance and style. Then we’ll put them to a popular vote. Meanwhile, thanks to all those who invested their time, effort and passion into this contest on our behalf. (Excluding the selfish gene theory.) It’s reassuring to know that the TTAC brand resonates so well with its owners.

By on January 19, 2009

More artistry from the Best and Brightest. Our deadline is tomorrow night. Send jpegs to

By on January 18, 2009

And the hits keep happening. So this is how it’ll work. Eddy and I and other TTAC writers will select our faves and then submit the finalists to you, our Best and Brightest, for a vote. As in Wisconsin’s “change our license plate logo” contest, we reserve the right to over-rule the popular vote. (“Eat Cheese or Die?” I don’t think so.) But we will present the results of the poll– so you can see if we’re elitist scumbag hypocrites. Again, please send jpeg entries to The deadline is midnight Tuesday. [NB: The software tends to squish some images. Please click on it twice to see the proper proportions.]

By on January 16, 2009

Tuesday’s the deadline for this mission of mercy. [Send your design to] Meanwhile, we’re getting the second tranche of bailout money– sorry, I mean, logo action. The logos below are the latest from members of our Best and Brightest, whose affection for the site and dedication to clarity gives me pause. OK, that done, I appreciate all your efforts on our mutual behalf. In these hard economic times, I’m trying like Hell not to cut our editorial budget. If I can get some new income streams going (consultant speak for make some money), it will help sustain my effort to reward our contributors and maintain their interest in submitting material for our mutual entertainment, information and informed debate. Again, please do not flame the artists here. Constructive criticism is most welcome and expected, but your restraint is, as always, integral to the process. Thank you.

By on January 16, 2009

TTAC’s Best and Brightest have taken-up the challenge to design a logo for the site. I’m not going to tell you which one or ones have caught my eye, but I will say this: Car Tatts has agreed to pay us a percentage of the $9.99 price for each TTAC tatt they sell. Which isn’t bad considering all we have to do is update the website 24/7 with rants, news and reviews. But the actual amount means that we’re reducing the previous, buck-a-pop offer to the winning artist (deadline next Tuesday) to fiddy cents. Again, none of these artists have agreed to anything by submitting their design, save the chance to let the B&B have a look see. Send you submissions to And please, NO FLAMING. If you don’t like a particular design, hate the sin, not the sinner. And help us identify the winner. [NB: some of the designs get squeeshed in the gallery. Please click on them twice to see the art in its proper aspect ratio. Or something like that.]

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