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And the hits keep happening. So this is how it’ll work. Eddy and I and other TTAC writers will select our faves and then submit the finalists to you, our Best and Brightest, for a vote. As in Wisconsin’s “change our license plate logo” contest, we reserve the right to over-rule the popular vote. (“Eat Cheese or Die?” I don’t think so.) But we will present the results of the poll– so you can see if we’re elitist scumbag hypocrites. Again, please send jpeg entries to The deadline is midnight Tuesday. [NB: The software tends to squish some images. Please click on it twice to see the proper proportions.]

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24 Comments on “TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 3...”

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    4 and 21 of this group for me.

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    I’m really liking alot of these new ideas, specifically numbers 4 and 8. However, I’d like to see renderings of these without the flashy “web 2.0” gloss that seems so prevalent these days. I think they’ll work relatively well as is in the site header, but as someone pointed out in one of the previous posts, more colors is more money when it comes to print time. Gradients and such always require full color process printing, which means much more money than a simple spot color job with a single or a couple colors. I think we ought to all be keeping that in mind, and if RF wants a little more flash for the logo in the header, then we work with him on an individual basis to render it to his and the rest of the staffers tastes at that time.

    Overall, good job guys.

    Also, another tip for tom:
    I like the new spacing! That helps alot. However, the way you’ve threaded the A through the C tends to break the A up too much. Its much more difficult to pick out now. Not so much in the colored version, but the B/W version is definitely harder to discern. Keep working on it, it’s definitely improving.

    Another thing while I’m writing this post.. I see several “logos” with slogans in the logo. Thats not necessarily a bad thing.. when the site already has a slogan. That I’m aware, there isn’t one (yet). The flashy (in my opinion TOO flashy) license plates by David Indech, the slogan at the bottom is unnecessary, and while it IS humorous, I think maybe it’s a little too kitsch. While I agree with the statement it makes, and it gave me my first chuckle of the day, I’m not sure it helps the site’s overall professionalism come through. Similar ideas on Bob’s edit of his license plate design.

    Keep ’em coming though. Its getting better. I think RF and the guys are going to have a difficult time picking finalists.

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    Besides being very clever in themselves, Thomas’s logos would be wonderful for TTAC’s football team shirts.

    And the third version could be used as a psychological pattern test. How do you interpret this image? For me it seems like the truth is spilling all over the place from the logo.

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    It sure is nice to see we have talented graphic designers reading TTAC. I really, really like the dynamics and impact of “Darrell Dmytrak 2.”

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    In a comment that was deleted, I noted that the text on all of my plates was just a placeholder. In fact, it’s all just placeholder. It’s so trivial to adjust or remove elements that none of them should be looked upon as a “final” product (as I’m sure all the other contributors will agree). In the same comment, I posted another version with a different color theme and a more space-efficient oval backdrop.

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    My fave 3, in reverse order:
    3) Nikolaus Jochwed 2
    2) Darrell Dmytrak 1
    1) Bob Patterson Take Two

    “Lyin’ is too damn easy” Love it.

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    I somewhat agree with Sajeev about Darrell’s second entry, however the colors need to reflect the site’s mission and audience (which the site’s theme already does a very good job of). Make the black red, and the yellow gray. That’ll get it closer to the mark.

    Something has bugged me about the road sign and license plate logos from the beginning, and I think I just realized what. They strike me more as a banner than a logo, trying to convey too much info. I might distill Bob’s down to just the TTAC•COM for the logo on print / embroidered media. For use in the site header, it’d still need some tweaking, but its close enough as is. The slogan typeface is too small to be legible at most screen-use sizes, so that would probly need to be beefed up a bit.

    Tom’s pretty persistent with his splatter logo. Its creative, and gives the whole thing a unique (if somewhat draconian) flair. It might be good art, but its not a good logo. Its far too busy. A simpler splatter would help, but still be difficult to reproduce faithfully in print or on a clothing item, considering the budget the site is working with.

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    I included the splatter version in order to show the flexibility of the logo. Different interpretations of the same logo for different uses. I think that the splatter logo would make for a nice print on a shirt for example. Although it might prove to be difficult to transform it into a vector graphic, since the shades of gray would be lost…but it should be possible non the less, as it has a strong contrast already, so it won’t make that much of a difference.

    As for the threading, it would be easy to invert it, which would make the A more recognizable. Or I could go back to the way I did it in the first version where I ordered the letters from front to back without interweaving.

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    @ tom:

    Don’t get bent out of shape over the difference between raster and vector graphics. I can tell its a raster, and as long as you’ve got a high-res version (minimum 300dpi, say 10x10inches) then you’re good to go. I could see that being on a tshirt. Probably even one I’d wear myself.

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    blue 9

    I like 12, splatter and all. How about one color added? (I hope I’m not ruining the integrity of the concept…)

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    That “Concentrated AWESOME since 2002” really made my day. But, shouldn’t it be “acid” instead?

    It’s one of the best, but I think it’s too glossy. A little too Autobloggy, a little bit too much of the fast and the furious crowd. Aren´t TTAC a little more subtle? Just sayin’…

    And I want more in-jokes. Where is the 29% lapel pin? The Lutz-bashing? I want more…

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    This just popped into my head, RF:

    Alot of us have submitted more than one version of very similar logos, with nearly identical look and feel. When it comes time to do the poll, instead of picking logos out of the entire bunch as individuals, how about picking a set of logos as a whole?

    Tom makes a good point with his submission. Its basically the same logo with a few tweaks as he keeps refining it, but he also shows us at least one possible “deviant” application of said logo. I guess what I’m trying to say is that his submissions could be seen as a single “Design Submission” within which are many different versions, not unlike my own submission(s) (Lance Prather vX.X). Some submitters have already accomplished this, by submitting a single image with different versions therein.

    So, a rundown:
    1) The B’n’B will do a popular vote on which over-arcing theme they like best, as selected out of the field by You and the rest of the staff.

    2) If the winner has submitted various “treatments” of the logo, You and the rest of the staff work with the winner on an individual basis to refine and tweak the logo for use on various medium. You could even allow the B’n’B in on this process, as a side-poll for which “version” they like the most.

    It might help narrow things down a bit. Just a thought.

    @ Ingvar:

    I *almost* tried my hand at the flying vagina theme, but I deemed that a bit too far to the visually vulgar to really.. er, fly.. around here. I may yet see what I can do with it, to tone it down, just for kicks.

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    Usta Bee

    The two by Lance Prather look like the outline of a bowl, which is ironic considering the economy, maybe it’s for the soup kitchens ?. It also could be the edge of a collection plate too.

    Everytime I see the letters “TTAC” as a logo I keep thinking it’s an abbreviation for Titanic.

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    of this batch, 17, 18, an d 22. I like 22 the best of these, but it needs the web address.

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    The Walking Eye

    I’m a huge fan of Thomas Mizenmay’s graphics. The colored one is my fave. Something about them just seems right to me and I’d happily put one on my car.

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    From a design and marketing standpoint, #8 by Nikolaus Jochwed is in my opinion the best by a long shot. It’s a logo that will grow on people (once you get passed the fact that it kinda reads ‘TAT C’). It also represents the brand. It’s clean, professional, and easily recognizable. Even the way it’s presented tells you that this is a real graphic designer, not just someone messing around in Photoshop.

    Tom’s logo is very good, but far too complex, and the stain may be neat, but it’s not very meaningful as far as truth or cars go.

    Bob’s take two is much better than the original, but isn’t quite as professional looking as Nik’s. I also think that this logo will become boring relatively quickly.

    This is just my opinion, though, and I think a few of these logos deserve to win, and ESPECIALLY to get the chance to be revamped once they do win.

    Full Disclosure: I created #22 and #23, as well as the TTAC and t. from the first batch of logos. I’m a graphic designer and studying marketing and advertising.

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    Nikolaus Jochwed 2, if the car was slightly different (more modern).

    The simple shield defending cars makes the point, and the font on the text is great. I could see this indicating the end of every article.

    The car just reminds me of something from a demolition derby.

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    Steve Green

    #17 and #19 both strike me as potential winners.

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    The one with the 5 speed shift gate is sublime. A logo is much nicer when it ties into the theme of the site.

    The rest of them are mostly just dicking around with fonts and gradients to make things look pretty. I would say go with the one that _means_ something.

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    I like 8. It’s elegant and I think that the lettering and the symbol could easily be used as seperate logos, giving you more choices when designing goodies.

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    None of the submissions so far convey what’s in the name: Truth & cars!

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    Usta Bee

    #8 by Nikolas does read too much like TAT-C. The shield shape kind of reminds me of the logo of the Eagle division of Chrysler.

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    Prather 2.1 and 2.3 are very good given their intended purpose. They’re easy to pick out visually, even when very small) and can be recycled as needed to meet other formats (URL favicons, stickers, banners, buttons). There’s lots of little bits (the T, the swoosh, the colour) than could be used individually.

    In terms of logo versatility, they’re probably the best yet. Sure, they don’t say much, but logos don’t necessarily say anything; it’s what they stand in for that does.

    After all, what the hell does a red delicious with a bite out of it have to do with a computer company?

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    I have one more idea I’m going to mock up after work this evening, quite a bit different than my previous postings, but similar typography I think. We’ll see how it turns out.

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