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best phone mounts We know, without a doubt, there are several readers in the audience shouting into their screens that few people use a phone mount these days. One's phone generally stays in a pocket or unceremoniously flung into storage bin or cupholder. And, yeah, you've got a point. There is a segment of drivers, however, to whom a phone holder is the key to their day.… Read more
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best antifreeze Maintaining your out-of-warranty ride often forces us to learn the different systems in our vehicles. After wrenching on them for interminable amounts of time, knowing the ins and outs of the braking system or suspension bits is kind of inevitable. Another area with which you'll likely become familiar? Cooling/antifreeze systems. These closed systems help to keep things from freezing up in the rust belt… Read more
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best ceramic coatings There's an urban myth amongst gearheads that a clean car runs better. Whether or not it's true, we can't say. However, why take that chance? Best to keep your ride in spic-n-span shape. Most of us have an arsenal of automotive cleaning supplies hanging around the garage or back closet but we're willing to bet a smaller percentage have actual ceramic coating material on… Read more
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best multimeters Whether you're working on a collector car or a daily beater, having a multimeter on hand when one's required can be a lifesaver. Not only can it help diagnose electrical issues but it can also help narrow down issues and prevent the replacement of perfectly good parts. We've assembled an array of handheld multimeters, plus a pair of units that can be mounted in… Read more
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best oil filters There are some things best enjoyed without filters—most Instagram photos, discussions about pay with your boss, and those Camel cigarettes from the 1980s. What definitely does require a filter is the oiling system on your car's engine. We've gathered a few of them here. As a programming note, know that for purposes of making a vaguely apples-to-apples comparison in this post, we selected a… Read more
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best cordless drills There will be a few in our readership who are going to immediately point out that cordless drills aren't strictly an automotive tool or accessory. And, for once, they're technically correct. The first genre one generally thinks of when an ad for cordless drills appears is the construction industry. An maybe the props department for a science-fiction B-movie. But there are plenty of uses… Read more
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best welding gloves Following up our list about welding helmets we felt it appropriate to compile a list of welding gloves. After all, you're not trying to stick metal together with your bare hands are you? And that pair of cotton gloves is totally inadequate, by the way. A good pair of welding gloves should be thick enough to protect your hands and long enough to protect… Read more
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best welding helmets Given the general propensity for most of our readership (and authors) to drive horrible but charming rotboxes, there's an excellent chance that at least some of you have welded together a piece of metal or two in order to keep your heap on the road. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you've picked up a welder to help with the restoration of… Read more
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best garage work lights It's a safe bet that most DIYers are grateful to the wrenching deities for the democratization of LED illumination - especially when talking about work lights. Your author used to toil under cars and in tight spaces with incandescent work lights that heated themselves to approximately the surface of the sun, as I'm sure you all did as well. This invariably led to skin-searing… Read more
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best convertible car seats It's all well and good to reminisce about the good old days but, chances are, we're looking at another time through seriously tinted rose-colored glasses. Sure, more than a few of us used to bounce around on the bench seat of a station wagon or in the bed of a pickup truck but there's no way anyone can argue in good faith that it… Read more
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best wheel locks On occasion, it must seem like the architects of this series think danger and the nation's criminals lurk around every corner. We've brought you Club-style theft prevention, bumper guards, and now wheel locks. Good job we balance it out with the likes of work gloves and tire shine. Wheel locks are hawked not just by the aftermarket but by every single new car dealership… Read more
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best rust converters and removers Before you get bent out of shape, know that this post isn't about those infernal gadgets that late-night television tries to sell us. You know the ones - they promise to send an electric charge through the body of a vehicle to allegedly neutralize conditions in which rust normally forms. The less said about those, the better. No, this post is about product for… Read more
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best tool bags There are occasions when a sturdy canvas or cloth tool bag is handier than a cumbersome metal tool box. Hitting a bump with the latter in your trunk or truck box results in a crashing sound not heard since the implosion of The Sands nearly 25 years ago. It helps to buy a tool bag whose length exceeds that of the longest item you'll… Read more
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best electric pressure washers It's totally not a filled-with-soap myth that a clean car runs better, right? Except for off-road rigs. They run best when caked with a thick layer of sticky mud and dirt. But even the gnarliest 4x4 can do with a good spritz now and then. In case you've been living under a rock for the last few decades, pressure washers amplify the force of… Read more
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best mechanic's gloves Quick - what's the first thing you reach for when starting any DIY project? No, it isn't the perpetually absent 10mm socket, nor is it a quarter for the swear jar. It is, most likely a good pair of gloves. Protecting your hands serve many purposes, from keeping them off harsh chemicals to cushioning a blow when you finally overtorque a stubborn bolt and… Read more