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best running boards for trucks Here’s a tidbit of trivia for you. At a recent truck event, your author was told by an OEM engineer that running boards actually help, not hurt, fuel economy. Preliminary wind tunnel testing allegedly showed that the boards direct the air in such a way as to create something of an air curtain along the side of the truck, effectively creating a streamline effect… Read more
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best ice scrapers It’s January, meaning wide swaths of the country are enjoying apocalyptic quantities of ice and snow falling from the sky. This, of course, covers our vehicles with the same enthusiasm with which your author covers his french fries in gravy. (more…) Read more
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A closer look at the best Jeep tires available There's no question the Jeep brand has been on a bit of a roll. After launching the new Wrangler a couple of model years ago, they followed that up with the similar-but-really-not Gladiator and are set to (finally) have a three-row offering in the new year. Combine that with volume from the Cherokees – both Grand and un-Grand – plus the Renegade, and FCA… Read more
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best bike racks for your vehicle For as much as a person may try, there does come the realization that we can’t fit everything into our vehicles — even if one did master the ancient arts of Jenga and Tetris as a youngster. Sometimes a person just has to accept reality, break down, and purchase some sort of auxiliary carrier and lash it to the car. (more…) Read more
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Best Headlight Restoration Kits

Get those old headlights looking like new.

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gifts. shutterstock user kurhan When it comes to the holiday shopping season, this year may be a bit different. And you may be celebrating holidays virtually. So with that in mind, here are some gift ideas for the gearhead in your life -- including ones you can ship. Happy shopping! Read more
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best power inverters Take a quick look around the place where you are seated. Chances are there are several items that require electricity, most of which you can take along in a car. Your smartphone, the laptop, coffee pot ... ok, maybe not the last one. (more…) Read more
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best hitch accessories Trailer hitches are awesome. They allow you to, y’know, hitch a trailer to the back of your ride as you head off with a camper or couple of dirt bikes in tow. During those occasions, it seems to be a very logical addition to a car or truck. (more…) Read more
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fly5d auto dent removal kit This post will be prefaced with two huge caveats. First, your author has exactly a single experience with this type of tool, meaning the recommendations contained within this article are drawn upon that brief encounter, opinions of others who have more experience, and consultations with a battered Ouija board. (more…) Read more
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portable air compressors Most of us have been there – you’re rushing though the morning routine, late for work, running out to the car ... only to find that one of those round black rubber hoops has failed in its job of holding air. A flat tire. Great. (more…) Read more
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You're back at work but it's slow and the boss hasn't yet bugged you on Zoom. Time to do some shopping. We've rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals for automotive here. (Ed. note — This is sponsored content, separate from our editorial content). Read more
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This year's Thanksgiving likely looked a little different, and we're sure you're home, avoiding crowds this year on Black Friday, due to the pandemic. Never fear, you'll still be able to get great gift deals -- just shop online. Here are the best Black Friday automotive deals on Amazon. Happy shopping! Some of these deals are timed, so if you wait, you might miss… Read more
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Most of us have been there at some point in our life: it’s a cold winter’s morning, you’re rushing out the door thanks to young Johnny needing a last-minute costume change because of that extra bowl of Cocoa Puffs, you twist the car’s ignition key ... and come up with a whole fistful of nothing. Nada. The battery is deader than current plotlines of… Read more
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best led headlights There are few things in life more frustrating than one’s car being equipped with a set of headlights which cast approximately as much light as two fireflies in a jam jar. The auto industry has steadily improved the situation by introducing LEDs to the front of many cars ... even if the IIHS has an annoying habit of deploying their ‘marginal’ rating far too… Read more
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Wiper blades are the Rodney Dangerfield of automotive parts. Completely ignored and routinely forgotten, they’re a rarely thought of component ... until they wear out. Then, they’re generally the subject of foul language and rude epithets as they give up the ghost and are reduced to tattered strips of rubber that only serve to smear bugs across the windshield. (more…) Read more