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fly5d auto dent removal kit This post will be prefaced with two huge caveats. First, your author has exactly a single experience with this type of tool, meaning the recommendations contained within this article are drawn upon that brief encounter, opinions of others who have more experience, and consultations with a battered Ouija board. (more…) Read more
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portable air compressors Most of us have been there – you’re rushing though the morning routine, late for work, running out to the car ... only to find that one of those round black rubber hoops has failed in its job of holding air. A flat tire. Great. (more…) Read more
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You're back at work but it's slow and the boss hasn't yet bugged you on Zoom. Time to do some shopping. We've rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals for automotive here. (Ed. note — This is sponsored content, separate from our editorial content). Read more
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This year's Thanksgiving likely looked a little different, and we're sure you're home, avoiding crowds this year on Black Friday, due to the pandemic. Never fear, you'll still be able to get great gift deals -- just shop online. Here are the best Black Friday automotive deals on Amazon. Happy shopping! Some of these deals are timed, so if you wait, you might miss… Read more
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Most of us have been there at some point in our life: it’s a cold winter’s morning, you’re rushing out the door thanks to young Johnny needing a last-minute costume change because of that extra bowl of Cocoa Puffs, you twist the car’s ignition key ... and come up with a whole fistful of nothing. Nada. The battery is deader than current plotlines of… Read more
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best led headlights There are few things in life more frustrating than one’s car being equipped with a set of headlights which cast approximately as much light as two fireflies in a jam jar. The auto industry has steadily improved the situation by introducing LEDs to the front of many cars ... even if the IIHS has an annoying habit of deploying their ‘marginal’ rating far too… Read more
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Wiper blades are the Rodney Dangerfield of automotive parts. Completely ignored and routinely forgotten, they’re a rarely thought of component ... until they wear out. Then, they’re generally the subject of foul language and rude epithets as they give up the ghost and are reduced to tattered strips of rubber that only serve to smear bugs across the windshield. (more…) Read more
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Titikul_B/ They've created more YouTube footage than Supercar Blondie and are responsible for finally bringing justice to that jerk who hit your parked car. Dash cams are one example of how recording technology can be placed right in the hands - and on the windshields - of anyone with a few dollars in their pocket. We'll leave all mention of the uncomfortable reality that most… Read more
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Scattered amongst all the commerce posts you've read on this and other sites about ZOMG PRIME DAY DEALS featuring a wide array of products are lists like this one, focused on a single type of car part that you're not likely to think about until its actually needed. Taillight bulbs certainly aren't the sexiest topic but it is an eminently practical one. Having a… Read more
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Amazon’s highly-anticipated annual shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, is finally here tomorrow. A bit late, due to the pandemic, but here nonetheless. Amazon Prime Day starts on Tuesday, October 13 at midnight and runs through Wednesday, October 14. Consider it an early version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or just a way to score a really good deal. With so many of us… Read more
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Image: Smile Fight/ Your car's lug nuts are a lot like your car's insurance policy - doing its job in silence, not thought of until needed, and cursed upon failure. They are also, like your author, routinely ignored. There is a buying demographic for aftermarket lug nuts, however, a group that mostly includes people trying to spruce up a used car or hapless DIYers who stepped on… Read more
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Image: Anselm Kempf/ You're on the way home from work, minding your own business, when *bang* that service truck you've been following for the last 10 miles flicks up a rock which impacts yer car's windshield. Great; just great. But all is not lost (except for that chip of the windshield that just flew out into the weeds; that's gone for good). There are plenty of… Read more
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Doug McLean/ This is a slightly difficult list since virtually every vehicle on the road takes a different type of fuel filter. Unless you're driving a GM product from the '90s; experience shows they all used roughly the same one from about 1990 until about 2008. Also, know that there typically aren't service intervals for the replacement of these things - generally, when they go bad,… Read more
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Image: daily_creativity/ For those of us unable or unwilling to make monthly payments to an OEM overlord, preventing us from ordering a car exactly as we'd like it from the factory, turning to the aftermarket sates our desire for owning a vehicle that's a bit different than all the others that left the factory. Beats turning to illicit substances, I suppose. Painting the brake calipers on… Read more
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Aleksandr Kondratov/ If you've skipped over all the DIY posts we've made in this series these last few weeks, perhaps this one will be more to your liking. While not everyone needs or wants to wrench on their own ride, there's a solid chance that most gearheads like to have a few cleaning tools on hand. Attacking your car's wheels with a general use brush isn't… Read more