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Classic Car Restoration feature

Be prepared before you start working on your classic car

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best welding helmets Given the general propensity for most of our readership (and authors) to drive horrible but charming rotboxes, there's an excellent chance that at least some of you have welded together a piece of metal or two in order to keep your heap on the road. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you've picked up a welder to help with the restoration of… Read more
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best jumper cables Twisting the key (or, more accurately these days, pushing the button) only to come up with a fistful of no-go can be a huge pain in the neck. While the root cause can be any number of maladies, identifying the fix as a simple jump-start gets you going - at least for now. Stashing a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your… Read more
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car seat covers Routinely ignored until needed and often derided until put into good use, seat covers are the Rodney Dangerfield of car accessories. Poor fitting units bear the brunt of buyer’s remorse, while a wanton color choice is obvious to all passersby. After all, seats take up most of your car’s interior – their covering is kinda noticeable. (more…) Read more
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best car batteries It happens to the best of us: we'll head into the house after exiting our car, head filled with thoughts or arms filled with groceries. The car headlights are long forgotten, as is the dome light you turned on whilst fumbling for those blasted house keys. The next morning, in a rush to beat traffic, you twist the key and come up with a… Read more
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best car covers Whether it’s a sports car or a snazzy truck, chances are you’ve invested a lot in your ride. If you’re serious about preserving its value, whether for trade-in time or simply for extending the life of its paint, slapping down a few bucks on a car cover falls squarely into the category of a Very Good Idea. (more…) Read more
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Bhakpong/ Car Wax The title for this post is as predictable as your author's propensity to fix himself a bacon sandwich at dinnertime. All the same, we're betting you lot tend to take care of your cars, so an article about car wax should be useful. And prior to the peanut gallery chiming in as self-proclaimed experts, we'll clarify there is indeed a difference between polish and… Read more
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best led headlights There few frustrations more vexing to a gearhead than one’s car being equipped with a set of headlights which cast approximately as much light as two fireflies in a jam jar. Replacing them with an aftermarket set of LED bulbs is a bright idea. LEDs cast a very bright and defined beam of light compared to halogen units, allowing drivers to see farther ahead… Read more
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Titikul_B/ They've created more car-related YouTube footage than Doug DeMuro and are responsible for finally bringing justice to that jerk who hit your parked car. Dash cams are one example of how high-quality recording technology can be placed in the hands - and on the windshields - of anyone with a few dollars in their pocket. (more…) Read more
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best bike racks for your vehicle For as much as a person may try, there does come a time we can’t fit everything into our vehicles. This despite even the mastering of Jenga and Tetris as a youngster. Sometimes a person just has to accept reality, break down, and purchase some sort of carrier and lash it to the car. (more…) Read more
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Wiper blades are the Rodney Dangerfield of automotive parts. Generally ignored and routinely forgotten, they’re a rarely thought of component … until they wear out or fall apart. Then they’re the subject of foul language and rude epithets as they give up the ghost, reduced to tattered strips of rubber serving only to smear bugs across the windshield. (more…) Read more
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GagoDesgin/ Garage Door Hands up if you've ever toiled on a car behind creaky garage doors with enough gap in the seals to let in heat during summer and snow during winter. Actually, a solid number of us have likely changed engines or replaced fenders curbside or in the parking lot of AutoZone. Ok, replaced wipers and batteries, at least. For those of us who've grown up… Read more
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best car cleaning products There are some unassailable truths ingrained in the minds of most gearheads: the check engine light will illuminate just after you catch up on all your bills, fuel prices will rise before a long weekend, and a clean car runs better. (more…) Read more
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Amazon’s highly-anticipated annual shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, is finally here. Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday, June 21 at midnight and runs through Tuesday, June 22. Consider it an early version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or just a way to score a really good deal. As always, this year's Amazon Prime Day marks a chance to get amazing, killer deals on… Read more
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best foam cannons For a good many gearheads, washing their car is a form of relaxation, if not outright therapy. From the initial hosing off of loose dirt to the final wipe of a chamois, taking one’s ride from dirty to clean hardly a chore for most people reading this post. (more…) Read more