Don't Miss Out on These Amazon Prime Day Deals
By | Last updated: June 18, 2021

Amazon’s highly-anticipated annual shopping event, Amazon Prime Day, is finally here. Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday, June 21 at midnight and runs through Tuesday, June 22. Consider it an early version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or just a way to score a really good deal.

As always, this year’s Amazon Prime Day marks a chance to get amazing, killer deals on the things you need without leaving the comfort of your couch. Prep for the upcoming holidays — they’ll be here before you know it! — or simply treat yourself. Take care of that home-improvement project you’ve been putting off. Get out to your garage and get that old classic running.

With more and more people now subscribing to Amazon Prime, you’ll want to be ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021 if you want to take advantage of some deals before they sell out. Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about this year’s Amazon Prime Day, including some of the best deals for car owners. Check back often as we’ll be updating this page throughout Prime Day 2021 with more deals as they go live. Here’s a look at some early deals.

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1. JuiceBox Home EV Chargers

We know this isn’t an Amazon Prime Day deal… in fact it’s not even a deal on Amazon. But if you’re checking out this page, you’re probably looking to save money. So while we wait for Prime Day to go live this year, here’s a deal if you’ve been waiting for a home EV charger.

You can currently save $30 on JuiceBox home EV chargers directly from Enel X. That includes plug-in and hardwire options for the JuiceBox 40, the hardwire JuiceBox 48, and both the plug-in and hardwire JuiceBox 32.

The JuiceBox lineup of chargers is one of the most popular on the market with the Level 2 JuiceBox 40 offering WiFi connectivity and built on the universal J1772 charging standard. It is also compatible with Tesla vehicles via an adapter commonly used by Tesla owners.

2. Armor All Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels, Cleaner for Bugs, Dirt & Dust, For Cars & Truck & Motorcycle

These car-cleaning towels are perfect for keeping your ride clean without risking scratches or streaks. You can also use them for household cleaning purposes, as well.

They can be used wet or dry, and are machine washable.

They’re also great for leather!

Get those bugs, that dirt, and that dust off your paint without risking damage.

Cons/Just shy of a five-star rating
Bottom Line/Well-known name, versatile product that's easy to wash.

3. AstroAI ATG250 Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge, 250 PSI Air Chuck and Compressor Accessories Heavy Duty with Rubber Hose and Quick Connect Coupler for 0.1 Display Resolution

This tire-pressure gauge measures four different units, has a digital display gauge, has an LED backlit screen, and comes with: Chuck, hose, and bleed valve.

It’s also useful for bicycle tires, sports balls, balloons, and more. Stainless steel and brass components should give your gauge a long life.

Speaking of long life, an auto-shutoff that kicks in after 20 seconds in inactivity helps preserve battery life. A three-year warranty will put your mind at ease.


Pros/Lots of features, affordable
Cons/Not as cheap as the gas station pocket unit
Bottom Line/Affordable way to go digital

4. acetek Jump Starter Car Battery Charger, Emergency Power Supply 20000mAh Portable Power Pack (Up to 6L Gas or 6L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Auto Lead-Acid Battery Booster with LED Light

This portable jump starter will get you — really, your car — going on a cold morning. 600A cranking current is available for 12-volt batteries for both gas and diesel engines, as long as they are 6.0-liters in displacement. That means owners of big-block cars and HD trucks might need to shop elsewhere, but everyone else is covered.

Nine safety modes keep the clumsy and electronically challenged among us safe from things like short circuits, over-voltage scenarios, and reversed-current situations.

LED lights contribute to ease of use, and a USB port can charge your phone or GPS device.

Pros/USB port, safety tech
Cons/Only 120+ reviews, a bit pricey without lightning deal
Bottom Line/Get a jump on it.

5. New Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover with Bling Bling Crystal Rhinestones, Universal Fit 15 Inch Anti-Slip Wheel Protector for Women Girls, Red

It don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that bling. Give your ride some pizzazz with this steering wheel cover. Make it sparkle, show it off!

Despite the copy, there’s no reason this has to be for women and girls only. No matter who you are, you can show some pride in your ride. Let that fun flag fly!

Pros/Five-star reviews
Cons/Ad copy is possibly sexist
Bottom Line/Make it shine!

6. FOXWELL NT201 OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Light Car Code Reader OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool(New Version)

Having undiagnosed problems with your car? Check engine light on? Looking to avoid a diagnostic fee? Ready to tackle a DIY project?

This handy-dandy scanner will help you read just exactly what code your car is throwing. Get it fixed and get it going!

We’ll stop rhyming now.

Pros/Cheaper than a diag fee
Cons/Not quite five-star reviews
Bottom Line/If you know your codes, this will be a nice addition to your garage

7. BEAMTECH H13 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Bright (9008 Hi/Lo) CSP Chips Conversion Kit

Shine a light on the darkness and keep your at-night driving safe with these bright headlight bulbs. Deer may freeze in the headlights, as it were, but you’ll be able to see Bambi in plenty of time to avoid an expensive (and potentially dangerous) collision.

These lights pump out 8,000 lumens per set, so you’ll be able to illuminate the darkness in front of you. This deal is 64 percent off.

On the road, at least. Illuminating the darkness of the world is a different challenge.

Pros/Bright, 30K hour life, relatively affordable
Cons/Can buy for less from other sellers if you don't need Prime shipping
Bottom Line/Light 'em up!

8. oEdRo Floor Mats Compatible for Toyota Tundra 2014-2020 Double Cab/Crew Max Cab, Unique Black TPE All-Weather Guard Includes 1st and 2nd Row: Front, Rear, Full Set Liners

Toyota Tundra owners, listen up! If you need some all-weather floor mats to keep your truck clean as winter approaches, these might just be the ticket.

They’re easy to clean, and they fit perfectly. They have an average of 4.5 stars when it comes to reviews, too. The only problem here, as we see it, is the price, even with a bit more than 25 percent off.

Pros/Perfect fit for Tundras, durable, easy to clean
Cons/Pricey, these bad boys are a deal only for Toyota Tundra owners
Bottom Line/Keep on truckin' ... cleanly.

9. BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger Portable Battery Maintainer with Detachable Alligator Rings Clips Fast Charging Trickle Charger for Car Boat Lawn Mower Marine Sealed Lead Acid Battery

This 12-volt battery charger is smart — it can detect a defective battery. That’s helpful since it might make the diagnosis of starting and electrical issues easier.

It also charges dead batteries quickly, with safety features built in to prevent overcharging. It can also charge boat batteries, so that makes it helpful in marine applications. Handy if you’re planning on heading to the lake anytime soon.

We hate to say it, but the fast-charging battery charger may even be smarter than we are. And it’s almost 70 percent off.

Pros/Smart and safe
Cons/Not much, based on reviews
Bottom Line/Affordable, smart, safe, and well-reviewed

10. AUTMOR 158Pcs Trim Removal Tool & Car Retainer Clips, Pry Kit, Car Panel Tool Radio Removal Tool Kit, Auto Clip Pliers Fastener Remover Pry Tool Kit, Car Upholstery Repair Kit with Storage Bag

This tool kit is for the interior handyman (or woman or person) among us. If you need to pull a radio to get a radio code — at least one TTAC staffer has done that — or need to fix up some upholstery on your ride, you’re in luck.

This bad boy is versatile, has 5-star reviews, and is priced just right. Also, it’s 42 percent off during Prime Day. Snag one to fix your snags.

Or something. Sorry. No one ever said we were all that funny.

Pros/Versatile, affordable, five-star reviews
Cons/If you need this, you're either a die-hard DIY'er or a klutz who damages upholstery a lot
Bottom Line/Versatile and respected

11. Kribin License Plate Frame, 9 Drainage Holes Rain-Proof Anti-Rust Anti-Rattle Silicone License Plate Holder for Car - Black

This license-plate frame/holder fits almost all American and Canadian plates, although there a few exceptions.

It’s weather-resistant, helps guard against scratches, and easy to install. And 66 percent off for Prime Day! What’s not to love?

Well, screws aren’t included.

That aside, it’s reviewed well and costs less than a meal at certain fast-casual fast-food joints. Unless you have odd-sized plates, this will do the trick.

Pros/Cheap, well-reviewed, almost universal
Cons/That "almost" means it doesn't work for everyone. Screws not included for installation
Bottom Line/Does what it says it does

12. AirXwills Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump with Digital Gauge 120 Psi Portable Cordless Pump with Rechargeable Battery Auto-Stop for Inflatables

This digital tire inflator/air compressor pump is 33 percent off and joining Prime will take another 10 bucks (American) off your purchase.

Because it’s cordless, it’s easy to move around, and the digital gauge makes for an accurate readout. It even stops automatically.

Bulkier than the pocket gauge, for sure, but great for keeping your tires properly inflated, and still small enough for easy trunk use.

Pros/Digital gauge, cordless
Cons/Cordless means it needs to be charged.

13. MOKOQI Pet Car Seat Cover with Side Flaps, Universal Waterproof Dog Back Soft Seat Covers Hammock Cat Car Bench Non-Slip Protector for Trucks SUV Car Family Travel

This car-seat cover can transport your pooch, pup, Pomeranian, or pet kitty while keeping your seats clean and keeping your beloved pets from sliding all over the place should you stop suddenly.

Oh, and it’s waterproof.

With a Prime Day deal in hand, give this item a look to keep your animals safe and sound while you take them to the park, or vet, or that dog-friendly cafe.

Pros/Waterproof, non slip
Cons/Takes up a lot of in-car space
Bottom Line/Keep pets safe

14. Carfidant Ultimate Leather Conditioner & Restorer - Full Leather Restoration & Conditioning Kit with Applicator Pad for Leather Automotive Interiors, Car Dashboards, Sofas & Purses!- 18oz Kit

This leather conditioner and restorer can help get that old car interior looking like new.

It’s also not particularly pricey, but the Prime Day deal can help you save a few bucks.

The only seeming flaw here is that not all the reviews are 5-star. Still 4.5 stars is better than nothing!

Cons/Deal doesn't save you much, not full five-star reviews
Bottom Line/Get that leather shining!

15. Echo Auto

You can now add Alexa to your car with an Echo Auto, which is just $19.99 during Prime Day. The Echo Auto connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car’s speakers, either through auxiliary input or your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Featuring eight microphones and far-field technology, this device is capable of listening for your voice over your music, A/C, and road noise. Add the ability to voice control Echo Auto to stream from various services including Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more. You can also use your voice to play music, check the news, make calls, add to your to-do list, set reminders, etc.

Just make sure you check that Echo Auto is compatible with your car prior to purchasing. It’s currently 85 percent off ($14.99) and includes six months free of Amazon Music Unlimited.

That’s six months of banging tunes and organized to-do lists. And more!

16. Autel MS309 Universal OBD2 Scanner

Are you a home mechanic and love working on your car? Here’s your chance to grab some specialty tools such as a spark plug socket, oil filter wrench, or even an OBD2 scanner like this one that can help diagnose check engine lights.

Save time, money, and trips to the dealer by getting reading your own codes. And get a deal while so doing. It’s win-win.

17. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover Waterproof

Get that car covered with this. Keep it out of the rain, and keep insects/tree leaves/bird droppings off it, as well. It’s waterproof, so your precious metal will be well-protected.

That won’t stop snoopy neighbors from trying to guess the classic that’s under cover by its shape, however.

18. GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Dent Puller Kit

Get yer pull on with this dent puller. Urban life can be unfriendly to cars, but don’t fret if a careless consumer or a hail storm dinged up your previously pristine ride.

Take a few bucks off this dent-pull kit, relax, and be glad you can avoid the body shop.

The body shop for cars, that is. What you do with your spare time and other places named “the body shop” is none of our business.

19. GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator

Get yer fill of air — for your tires, not you — with this portable tire inflator from GSPSCN. It will help you be ready for anything on the road or trail.

As for air for yourself, that’s what oxygen bars are for.

20. SEALIGHT High Beam/Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs Combo Package

See more clearly with these LED bulbs. This combo pack covers high beams and low beams.

You will see more clearly on the road, but not have more clarity when it comes to life. Sorry!

21. Energizer Jumper Cables

These jumper cables could come in handy if you find yourself with a dead battery, so be prepared.

And do so at a deal — move quick while Prime Day pricing is in effect.

22. Car Battery 12V Load Tester from TOPDON

If you want to avoid using the jumper cables listed above, one good way to do that is by using a car-battery tester to keep tabs on it.

With 16 percent off, this is the kind of Prime Day deal that won’t test your patience.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will start on Monday, June 21 and will run for 48 hours. Prime Day 2021 will give you the chance to shop from the comfort of home.

What Goes on Sale During Amazon Prime Day?

Every year, good deals are available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. In other words, a lot of products go on sale during Amazon Prime Day. Based on previous years, there are plenty of automotive items that will likely go on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2021. Expect handy accessories such as portable jump starterspower inverterstire pressure gauges, and car seat organizers to see big discounts. Car detailing enthusiasts will want to stock up on their favorite car cleaning supplies during Prime Day, especially items such as microfiber towels or even an orbital buffer.

This year, expect to see plenty of automotive goods to go on sale. If you’ve been keeping an eye on certain tools or even aftermarket accessories, you might want to add them to your Amazon Wish List so you can easily see if there are deals once Prime Day goes live. TTAC’s sibling site,, will also be showcasing some of the best automotive Prime Day deals, so keep an eye out on the site for updates on both sites as we get closer to the sale day.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime?

Not an Amazon Prime member? The good news is, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for Prime, which means you can actually sign up and take advantage of Prime Day 2021 when it happens without forking over any extra cash. Now you may think that an Amazon Prime membership only means fast shipping, but there’s so much more. Two-day shipping is standard for all Prime members, while select cities also offer same-day delivery and one-day shipping.

In addition to getting your orders quickly, Prime members also get to take advantage of exclusive deals (30-minute early access to Lightning Deals) on Amazon, exclusive deals at Whole Foods Market, access to award-winning movies and TV shows through Amazon Prime Video, free games and loot with Twitch, and access to over two-million songs on Amazon Music without any ads.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month, or $119 a year. You can also sign up for just Amazon Prime Video for $8.99 a month.

Students can save even more on Amazon Prime, with Prime Student costing $6.49 a month or $59 a year.

How do I Sign up for Amazon Prime?

Signing up for an Amazon Prime membership is really easy. You can simply click here to start your 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime. If you’re a student, make sure you click the student link to take advantage of a 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint. You will have to hand over your credit card information to sign up to Amazon Prime, even to access the 30-day trial. You can always cancel at anytime.

Is Amazon Prime Day Better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

It can be. Whether you find Amazon Prime Day better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday largely depends on the types of products you’re shopping for. Automotive products aren’t at the top of every retailer’s sales list for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals—they’re not the greatest gifts after all—so Prime Day edges out the other shopping holidays in that respect. Because Amazon covers such a wide range of products, you’ll likely find some great deals on automotive goods during Prime Day that you may not come across on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Besides, with Prime Day taking place in July, you’ll have plenty of time to save up again for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From time to time, TTAC will highlight automotive products we think may be of interest to our community. Plus, posts like this help to keep the lights on around here. Learn more about how this works.

(Editor’s note: This post is meant to both help you be an informed shopper for automotive products but also to pay for our ‘90s sedan shopping habits operating expenses. Some of you don’t find these posts fun, but they help pay for Junkyard Finds, Rare Rides, Piston Slaps, and whatever else. Thanks for reading.)

[Main photo credit: Amazon. Product images provided by the manufacturer.]

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    Target is doing the same thing, but I don’t have to pay Target a membership fee.

    Never been a fan of paying someone to shop at their store.

    • 0 avatar

      No love here for Bezos but a Prime member since 99. You get a lot more than shopping with Prime including streaming music and video and ebooks. Even at 129 bucks it’s a great value to our household. Last couple years they have gone big into auto and OPE parts with top brands and aggressive pricing.

      • 0 avatar

        I’ve made the fee back on shipping. Especially small under $10 items. If I need an $8 part, I can order it without waiting for a minimum amount. The $8 part won’t become $13. Also, I’m not sure if Target would have things like DFARS compliant mil-spec fasteners or Hall-Effect sensors. You do have to be careful with Amazon because they sometimes crank up the price to cover for the free shipping and there are third parties on the site that engage in clear price gouging.

        • 0 avatar

          I shop for anything related to electronic components. Amazon is not easy in that aspect. Of course I compare prices first with Amazon. And then there is 3*Camel to track Amazon price.

        • 0 avatar

          My new computer is so fast it seems to broken the space/time continuum and allowed me to post comments on today’s article back in October months before it was actually posted. No wonder the government was giving me crap. They said I couldn’t develop nuclear weapons with it or missiles greater than 300km range, but nothing about time travel. Must be the flux capacitors on the mezzanine board. Wait’ll you guys see the hilarious comments I’ve posted in the 2025 version of this article.

    • 0 avatar

      Similar deals at Best Buy too. No need to pay them either. I can also get it the same day by swinging by.

      Funny thing is I don’t find Amazon any better than anyone else on pricing, often much worse. What they do have going for them is a massive selection.

  • avatar

    I wonder if the same deals appear on

    Can you do a separate post for your loyal Canadian readers? Tire chain season is fast approaching and I’m fresh out.

  • avatar

    I am going to safely assume anyone on this website wouldn’t use that steering wheel cover even if you put a gun to their head. Nor would they allow any member of their family to use such a horrible thing.

    • 0 avatar

      But if someone buys it by clicking here, TTAC gets a few pennies. That’s what the article is about – not helping the B&B find the best-ever steering wheel cover.

  • avatar

    Probably now more than ever is a good time to support your local merchants and retailers rather than sending Amazon more money…even if it means spending a few bucks more….

    • 0 avatar

      Noted: I recently bought a set of Bosch wipers and an air filter, and even with shipping Rock Auto was still a few bucks cheaper than Amazon. Still like my Prime membership.

      • 0 avatar

        Same here….I’m just trying to support local shops/vendors rather than buying online all the time.

      • 0 avatar

        Yes I always cross check Amazon and Rockauto.
        To me it appears O’Reilly and Autozone have given up on price competition and just figure if you need it immediately you’ll go there.
        I have an O’Reilly warehouse two miles away – you can pick parts up there after ordering through the store, but their prices are a good bit higher.

    • 0 avatar
      R Henry

      Don’t forget that Amazon hires local warehouse personnel, drivers, etc, and that all those gray vans are using locally sourced gasline, tires, etc. Ordering from Amazon does not exactly kill jobs, it just moves them around around a bit.

    • 0 avatar

      In my case, Amazon IS the local retailer. They have a major R&D facility 5 or 6 miles away and a major distribution under construction nearby. There’s another major engineering center around 20-25 miles away.

      They also have small companies on their site and I have ordered from them before. If you do want to support small local companies, Amazon is a good mechanism to accomplish that. Some “local” retailers are going to have almost exclusively offshore Asian suppliers.

    • 0 avatar

      I find Autozone to be pretty competitive and about a five minute drive from my house. Not for everything, but 80% of the time I can buy local over mail order (where I prefer Rock Auto). Occasionally that buy local is the dealer (cross shop them using and you can find surprising deals).

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    I’ve never had a problem with rattley license plates, but here’s the cheapo way I did it. The slim black outline is a subtle finishing touch.
    – Take the dealer’s plastic adver-frame. Flip plate around and install frame backwards.
    – Find nylon or rubber washers in jar of miscellaneous fasteners.
    – Install plate to car.

  • avatar

    It’s interesting to an auto guy that Amazon is changing up the holiday landscape, not just the ecommerce landscape. I guess when you get big enough you can increase sales by making up your own holidays. I wonder if it’s a paid holiday for employees? JK

  • avatar

    TTAC, finally working for Amazon…

    Hey, I purchased $10 electronic tire pressure gauge from Walmart. My complaint is, it is not super ergonomic. But I used it on the same tire as my $2 Walmart stick tire pressure gauge I purchased 3-4 years back. And what I found out, both showed same reading. So $10 electronic gauge is not too bad after all.

  • avatar

    Before ordering from Amazon check out what happens to much of their returned merchandise:

    Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up
    Marketplace tracked items such as a backpack, which was tossed in the garbage
    Anu Singh, Tyana Grundig, David Common · CBC News · Posted: Oct 10, 2020

    • 0 avatar

      Saw that report as well….I guess it’s a financial decision….cheaper to throw out or shred returns rather than reselling or donating them. Despite Bezo’s pledge to pollute less….

    • 0 avatar

      Some of it is resold as new or offered again at a slight discount, called “refurbished”, or something similar. I know someone who bought a “new” bathroom scale, which was clearly used, and inaccurate. It went back (at no charge), and a new, good one arrived.
      Sam’s, Walmart, Target, etc., chuck many of their returns into the trash, and the vendor eats the cost.

    • 0 avatar

      Pretty common in retail. Talking with a friend that manages a clothing store, she said corporate policy is to cut or other wise permanently damage stuff that doesn’t sell after a certain time and toss in the dumpster. She stopped doing mostly because she found it was taking too much time from her staff (corporate hasn’t let them hire enough since the pandemic so short staff). She figured it was pretty unlikely a corporate rep would check the dumpsters.

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    I don’t giv a sh!t abaut Amazon but I am praim memba.

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    I’m shopping local or at least local within a few neighboring cities. Often I can get just as good of a deal with no yearly fees, worrying about how long it’s going to take to ship, if someone is going to steal it off my porch while I’m at work or having to deal with the hassle of sending something back which I hear is happening more often these days. Plus with how devastating the pandemic has been the last thing I want to do is lose even more businesses, help put more people out of work and raise my taxes to cover these lost revenues. The only time I go online is when auto parts are not offered for my classic cars or the price is so much cheaper that I refuse to pay the huge difference which is not too often.

    • 0 avatar

      Very much agree. Looking at my comments from several months ago, they’re still applicable. Amazon has reached a point where people blindly follow them. Open your eyes and you can see it’s just not that special. Just picked up some electronic coyote deterrents from Ace Hardware for 18% less than what Amazon charges. Can’t remember the last time I bought something from Amazon. There are many good alternatives.

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    $2 PRC junk for $20-$50 or more?

  • avatar

    Penultimate picture: I purchased the plane shown in the photo and was dismayed to learn that it has no windows past the cockpit. [If I didn’t want to see out, I’d buy a late-model automobile.]

    Useful things to purchase from Amazon ahead of time so that you have them when you need them when working on vehicles:
    • 3M electrical tape (Temflex as a minimum; Super 33+ for a nice upgrade; Super 88 if you are a snob)
    • Polyethylene split wire loom – choose your own size and length
    • Zip ties
    • Vehicle clips / fasteners / push retainers – you will invariably find some of these already missing and/or destroy some in the process of removing them [especially the ‘christmas tree’ style which can go in like butter and bend sheet metal on the way out] when working around the bumpers, the wheelwells or under the hood and it is nice to have some on hand so you can move on with your life. Amazon sells assortments or you can select more specialized ones depending on the vehicles you own and/or work on.
    • Sony CR2032 batteries – might be for your key fob, or might be for your kid’s friend’s vehicle which is visiting your driveway for only a few hours – so better to order ahead. [Life tip: For extra range, press the key fob against the temple of your forehead and then press the button – your body serves as a (much) larger antenna.]
    • J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder Structural Adhesive – some automotive plastics are difficult to bond – this product will probably work if you do proper surface preparation
    • Grip 325 pc Industrial Cotton Swab Assortment
    • TCP Global 100 Disposable Micro Brush Applicators
    • Chemical Guys Acc_S90 The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush

  • avatar

    I realize this is an income-generating post, but please don’t encourage people to buy drop-in LED replacements for headlight bulbs. All *objective* research says they are unsafe, ill-performing, and illegal for use on public roads.

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    The South Park episodes that skewer Amazon Fulfillment Centers and Jeff Bezos is some of the greatest social commentary in the last decade.

    You lift 16 tons and what do you get…

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