The Very Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

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the very best amazon prime day deals

(We hope your employer gave you Amazon Prime Day off, as this is a special time one should spend surrounded by loved ones. If the automotive version of this once-annual promotion ground your gears, you won’t like this one. But you never know. I’m told this is the last one, with our regular programming to follow. – Ed)

If you live for online shopping, you live for this day. Some call it Black Friday/Cyber Monday in July (it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Christmas in July” does it?). All we know is you’re about to save a bundle on so many things you need. And a lot of stuff you just want. So go ahead, treat yourself; get shopping. But first, you’re going to want an Amazon Prime membership.

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Home Office
Household and Kitchen
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  • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Jul 17, 2018

    The pop-up ads (despite my AdBlocker+) are indeed ridiculous! C’mon, VerticalScope, I’ll drop a couple bucks your way to stop this crap! As stated above, Sam Walton eviscerated Main Street (and I haven’t darkened the door of a Walley World in the past 15 years as a “protest”), and BezosAllYourShoppingAreBelongToME is only compounding it. (That said, I buy a few things here and there from them, only if I can’t find something locally, even if it is a “big box,” e.g. Home Despot, Blowes, Kohl’s, etc.! But pretty soon, they’ll be the only game in town! Not good.)

  • Mermilio Mermilio on Jul 18, 2018

    Incredibly disappointing.

  • Brett Woods My 4-Runner had a manual with the 4-cylinder. It was acceptable but not really fun. I have thought before that auto with a six cylinder would have been smoother, more comfortable, and need less maintenance. Ditto my 4 banger manual Japanese pick-up. Nowhere near as nice as a GM with auto and six cylinders that I tried a bit later. Drove with a U.S. buddy who got one of the first C8s. He said he didn't even consider a manual. There was an article about how fewer than ten percent of buyers optioned a manual in the U.S. when they were available. Visited my English cousin who lived in a hilly suburb and she had a manual Range Rover and said she never even considered an automatic. That's culture for you.  Miata, Boxster, Mustang, Corvette and Camaro; I only want manual but I can see both sides of the argument for a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger. Once you get past a certain size and weight, cruising with automatic is a better dynamic. A dual clutch automatic is smoother, faster, probably more reliable, and still allows you to select and hold a gear. When you get these vehicles with a high performance envelope, dual-clutch automatic is what brings home the numbers. 
  • ToolGuy 2019 had better comments than 2023 😉
  • Inside Looking Out In June 1973, Leonid Brezhnev arrived in Washington for his second summit meeting with President Richard Nixon. Knowing of the Soviet leader’s fondness for luxury automobiles, Nixon gave him a shiny Lincoln Continental. Brezhnev was delighted with the present and insisted on taking a spin around Camp David, speeding through turns while the president nervously asked him to slow down.
  • Bobby D'Oppo Great sound and smooth power delivery in a heavier RWD or AWD vehicle is a nice blend, but current V8 pickup trucks deliver an unsophisticated driving experience. I think a modern full-size pickup could be very well suited to a manual transmission.In reality, old school, revvy atmo engines pair best with manual transmissions because it's so rewarding to keep them in the power band on a winding road. Modern turbo engines have flattened the torque curve and often make changing gears feel more like a chore.
  • Chuck Norton For those worried about a complex power train-What vehicle doesn't have one? I drive a twin turbo F-150 (3.5) Talk about complexity.. It seems reliability based on the number of F-150s sold is a non-issue. As with many other makes/models. I mean how many operations are handle by micro today's vehicles?