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(We hope your employer gave you Amazon Prime Day off, as this is a special time one should spend surrounded by loved ones. If the automotive version of this once-annual promotion ground your gears, you won’t like this one. But you never know. I’m told this is the last one, with our regular programming to follow. – Ed)

If you live for online shopping, you live for this day. Some call it Black Friday/Cyber Monday in July (it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Christmas in July” does it?). All we know is you’re about to save a bundle on so many things you need. And a lot of stuff you just want. So go ahead, treat yourself; get shopping. But first, you’re going to want an Amazon Prime membership.

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11 Comments on “The Very Best Amazon Prime Day Deals...”

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    S2k Chris

    What is this garbage? The first article was bad enough but at least it pretended to be car related. This?

  • avatar

    Insert sound of diesel air horn on a Peterbilt directly behind your vehicle while you are texting and the light has turned green.

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    What is this cr*p? An Amazon pop-up infests the home page now we get this? I know it’s a free site but I don’t see such shameless behavior at many other places. Amazon is set to take about half of all online sales shortly, can’t be good for the consumer and can only further ‘Dr Evil’ Bezos’s agenda.

    Walmart has helped destroy main street America and many mom & pop stores, now Amazon is saying ‘hold my beer and watch this’.

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    At least we now know why the website has gone to crap this week.

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    Greg Locock

    I appreciate that the TTAC crew think they have a loyal audience who will swallow any old rubbish, as evinced by many recent articles, but this is a new low. Perhaps TTAC means “The Truthiness About online Clickbait”.

    • 0 avatar

      Where ya been?

      This show have always been the Wizard of Oz–

      Corey Lewis once called my car ‘poopie,’

      Do you not remember the Booth ‘Babe’ catfishing experimemnt?

      Ed Niedermier’s semi that got edited-out when I noticed? lol

      They’re like trained monkies, pumping us for demographic and cookie information.

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    The pop-up ads (despite my AdBlocker+) are indeed ridiculous! C’mon, VerticalScope, I’ll drop a couple bucks your way to stop this crap!

    As stated above, Sam Walton eviscerated Main Street (and I haven’t darkened the door of a Walley World in the past 15 years as a “protest”), and BezosAllYourShoppingAreBelongToME is only compounding it. (That said, I buy a few things here and there from them, only if I can’t find something locally, even if it is a “big box,” e.g. Home Despot, Blowes, Kohl’s, etc.! But pretty soon, they’ll be the only game in town! Not good.)

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    Incredibly disappointing.

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