Best High Mileage Oils: Slick Stuff

Dispensing sage advice is a task most fathers are eager to carry out. Whether their teenage offspring actually listens to these words is something else altogether. Dad offered many invocations to my predictably deaf ears, not the least of which was to stop wasting all my money on “wine, women, and song”. He was right, of course.

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10 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter

Temperatures are dropping all over North America and in some parts of the United States and Canada, snow has already fallen. In the next few weeks, there will be more snowfall across the northern half of the continent, leading to slippery streets and overall poor driving conditions, often in a cold car that is covered with snow.

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The Best Heated Seat Covers for Your Car

If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter, you can appreciate the effect of the best heated seat covers for your car. Getting into a cold car with cold seats on a 0 degree morning is a harsh way to start the morning. Even if you start the car in advance to let it warm up a bit, the seats often hold in the cold, creating an uncomfortable situation for the early portion of your morning commute.

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Best Wheel Bearing Greases: Just Keep Rollin'

We’re confident a good many of you saw this viral video in which a tire and wheel assembly seemed to warp in from another dimension to clobber someone’s front porch at speed. Pick your favorite part of the video (there’s plenty) – the assembly itself tearing down a rural highway at a tremendous clip, the fact it actually rang the doorbell after impacting the home, or the guy in orange shorts who shows up after the destruction and stands there in complete befuddlement.

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Best Rust Converters and Removers: Rid the Iron Oxide

Before you get bent out of shape, know that this post isn’t about those infernal gadgets that late-night television tries to sell us. You know the ones – they promise to send an electric charge through the body of a vehicle to allegedly neutralize conditions in which rust normally forms. The less said about those, the better.

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Best Hot Wheels Track Sets: All In Good Fun

Be forewarned. The following items are gateways to a lifelong cycle of fiduciary entanglement. It’s not drugs, crime, or even rooting for the Lions. No, it’s something far worse.

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Best Cyber Monday Automotive Deals

You’re back at work but it’s slow and the boss hasn’t yet bugged you on Zoom. Or in person — we know some of y’all are back in the office this year. Time to do some online shopping. We’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals for automotive here. Check ’em out.

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Best Black Friday Automotive Deals

This year’s Thanksgiving might look more like normal, but with the pandemic still roaring, we’re sure you might stay home the day after, avoiding crowds this year on Black Friday. Never fear, you’ll still be able to get great gift deals — just shop online. Here are the best Black Friday automotive deals on Amazon. Happy shopping! Some of these deals are timed, so if you wait, you might miss out. Keep that in mind as you click around.

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FLO Home X5 and G5 Charging Stations

EV charging infrastructure is changing rapidly. And if you’re an EV owner in a single-family home, you deserve to know what your charging options are – because they aren’t all created equal.

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Best Spark Plugs: Sparking Your Interest

It has been ages since the days when one needed to change the spark plugs in their car every 20,000 miles. Today’s machines are very different, to the point where most owners have no idea the firing order of the engine that’s powering them down the road. Still, plugs do need to be replaced eventually, even if it is at 100k.

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Best Portable Air Compressors and Tire Inflators: Flat, Busted

Most of us have been there – you’re rushing though the morning routine, late for work, running out to the car … only to find that one of those round black rubber hoops has failed in its job of holding air. A flat tire. Great.

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The Best Weight Distributing Hitch Options for Your Truck or SUV

If you have only been towing a trailer with your truck or SUV for a short time, you may not have ever experienced the drama of a severe trailer sway situation. This is especially true if you only tow a small trailer which is dramatically lighter than your truck or SUV, but if you pull anything larger – such as a car trailer, a horse trailer or a large boat – you may be familiar with the dangers of pulling heavier loads. When you pull a trailer that is closer to the weight of your tow vehicle, you can run into issues with both braking and steering, as well as the dreaded trailer sway when driving in a straight line Fortunately, all of these troublesome situations can be avoided with any of the best weight distribution hitch choices on the market today.

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The Best Ski and Snowboard Racks

Winter is coming, and if you’re the sort that likes to stay active on the slopes during the cold months, you’re going to want to check out the best ski and snowboard racks for your car, pronto.

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The Best Winter Tires for Your Car Truck or SUV

If you live in a region that gets harsh winters, with snow and ice that makes driving a nightmare, you want the best winter tires possible. Whether you drive a car, truck or sport utility vehicle – even one with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive – proper snow tires will allow your vehicle to accelerate, steer and brake more confidently and more safely than an all-season tire.

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The Best Radar Detectors

While we wouldn’t suggest you do it, if you are someone who might occasionally drive a little north of the posted speed limit, having one of the best radar detectors available with you could save you some potential problems. The average cost of a speeding ticket in the United States is $150, but the average insurance rate increase for an average speeding ticket is roughly $350, so if you get caught going a little too fast, it could end up costing you up more than $500. And that cost can increase exponentially if it happens more than once in a year.

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  • ToolGuy @Matt, let me throw this at you:Let's say I drive a typical ICE vehicle 15,000 miles/year at a typical 18 mpg (observed). Let's say fuel is $4.50/gallon and electricity cost for my EV will be one-third of my gasoline cost - so replacing the ICE with an EV would save me $2,500 per year. Let's say I keep my vehicles 8 years. That's $20,000 in fuel savings over the life of the vehicle.If the vehicles have equal capabilities and are otherwise comparable, a rational typical consumer should be willing to pay up to a $20,000 premium for the EV over the ICE. (More if they drive more.)TL;DR: Why do they cost more? Because they are worth it (potentially).
  • Inside Looking Out Why EBFlex dominates this EV discussion? Just because he is a Ford expert?
  • Marky S. Very nice article and photos. I am a HUGE Edsel fan. I have always been fascinated with the "Charlie Brown of Cars." Allow me to make a minor correction to add here: the Pacer line was the second-from-bottom rung Edsel, not the entry-level trim. That would be the Edsel Ranger for 1958. It had the widest array of body styles. The Ranger 2-door sedan (with a "B-pillar", not a pillarless hardtop), was priced at $2,484. So, the Ranger and Pacer both used the smaller Ford body. The next two upscale Edsel's were based on the Mercury body, are were: Corsair, and, top-line Citation. Although the 1959 style is my fav. I would love a '58 Edsel Pacer 4-door hardtop sedan!
  • Lou_BC Stupid to kill the 6ft box in the crewcab. That's the most common Canyon/Colorado trim I see. That kills the utility of a small truck. The extended cab was a poor seller so that makes sense. GM should have kept the diesel. It's a decent engine that mates well with the 6 speed. Fuel economy is impressive.
  • Lou_BC High end EV's are selling well. Car companies are taking advantage of that fact. I see quite a few $100k pickups in my travels so why is that ok but $100k EV's are bad? The cynical side of me sees car companies tack on 8k premiums to EV's around the time we see governments up EV credits. Coincidence? No fooking way.