FLO Home X5 and G5 Charging Stations

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flo home x5 and g5 charging stations

EV charging infrastructure is changing rapidly. And if you’re an EV owner in a single-family home, you deserve to know what your charging options are – because they aren’t all created equal.

Fortunately, FLO makes this choice an easy one. As the leading North American charging network with at-home solutions and thousands of public charging stations from coast to coast, FLO offers a seamless charging experience wherever you find yourself – at home, work, commuting, or road tripping with your family.

When it comes to home charging solutions, FLO offers a pair of different options for EV and plug-in hybrid owners: the FLO Home X5 – Smart EV Charging Station, and the FLO Home G5 – EV Charging Station.


Let’s start with the G5. This reliable, durable, sturdy Level 2 home charger is built tough to keep you charged even under extreme weather conditions. It’s made from 100% aluminum casing and can handle temperatures as cold as -40°F and as high as 122°F. From hot desert sun to cold, winter snowstorms, you never have to worry if your vehicle will be able to charge because the G5 is built for it.

The G5 also boasts 7.2kW of power and a charging time of about 8 hours for most standard EVs and plug-in hybrids – that’s 5X faster than a Level 1 outlet. And it has a commercial-grade 25-foot cable, so all you have to do is grab the charger connector and plug it in your car’s port. That’s something you’ll notice about the FLO Home line-up – simplicity of use.

When it comes to visual design, the G5 just looks good. Whether you’re installing it indoors or outdoors, its simple, elegant style and sleek black color are satisfying to the eye. And the charger’s enclosing is NEMA 4X certified, which means it’s both waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Yep – you get the best of both worlds.

Finally, in terms of safety, the FLO Home G5 doesn’t disappoint. Its built-in safety features protect your vehicle and your home from power fluctuations in the grid. And it’s backed by a five-year warranty. If you’re looking for a reliable, durable, Level 2 home charger that handles the basics as well as any product on the market – you’ve found it.


Now, if you want a home charging solution with a little more tech, the FLO Home X5 – Smart EV Charging Station is a perfect choice. What makes it so smart? This Level 2 charger offers Network functionality and easy integration into the FLO User Portal.

Simply put, it has a ton of smart features that will make your life easier. In your user’s portal, you can easily schedule your charge to limit power consumption during peak pay periods or participate in demand response programs in your area. Plus, you can track your charger’s energy consumption and tweak your charging schedule.

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Because it’s connected, the FLO Home X5 will automatically run necessary software updates, so you’re never left behind. Plus, the ability to remote monitor your unit’s status comes in very handy if you ever need real-time technical support.

Even with all the convenience, you’re still getting an incredibly durable EV charger. Just like the G5, the X5 is made from a 100% aluminum casing that protects in almost every condition – from -40°F to 122°F. The 240V/30A Level 2 charging station charges most EVs and PHEVs in 8 hours, and it comes in two colors – Carbon and Tungsten.

If you’re worried about compatibility, don’t be. It works with any EV on the market and is backed by a five-year warranty. Oh, and don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for state and local rebate programs that could be available in your area. Many states, cities and utilities offer incentives that make installing FLO chargers an even easier choice.

FLO Home is an ideal home charging solution for almost any dwelling. It’s elegant and tough. It’s sturdy and smart. And with either the non-connected G5 or the connected X5 versions, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting industry-leading durability that is compatible with all EVs in North America from one of the leading companies in the EV Charging business. This is a company that’s backed by some of the top automotive groups in the U.S. and Canada, including VW, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, and more. Plus, through the FLO network, you get access to over 55,000 public charging stations in North America. Oh, and they manufacture in North America to help guarantee top-quality products.

There’s a lot to love about the FLO Home EV charging solutions. They offer everything you’d need from a charging station with options to suit needs and your budget. If you and your family need a reliable EV charger, check them out at store.us.flo.com.

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  • Here4aSammich Here4aSammich on Nov 24, 2021

    Well this seems to be a press release disguised as journalism. Paid placement? Moving on to the Black Friday deal story, and you'll find a juicebox brand home station for half the price, and with a $50 discount. Do your homework before buying.

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    • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Nov 25, 2021

      It does say it's a sponsored post.

  • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Nov 24, 2021

    Just in time for OEMs who are starting to bundle cords that incorporate Level 2 EVSE components. Stellar timing. In the near future all you will need to equip your house with is a 240V outlet.

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