Best Black Friday Automotive Deals

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff

The Best Black Friday Automotive Deals

best black friday automotive deals

This year’s Thanksgiving might look more like normal, but with the pandemic still roaring, we’re sure you might stay home the day after, avoiding crowds this year on Black Friday. Never fear, you’ll still be able to get great gift deals — just shop online. Here are the best Black Friday automotive deals on Amazon. Happy shopping! Some of these deals are timed, so if you wait, you might miss out. Keep that in mind as you click around.

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1. BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator, Car Fridge Dual Zone APP Control, Portable Freezer

Keep stuff cool on the go with this in-car fridge. Keep your Turkey Day/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day leftovers in good shape as you go to/from Grandma's house. Keep your food cool as you ... you get the idea. Now go out and get the deal.

2. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

Did we not say winter was coming? If you must park outdoors, this waterproof car cover can keep snow and rain off your paint. It can also keep dirt and dust off the paint surface, and it's up to 30 percent off on this heavy-duty, six-layer cover from Kayme as part of Black Friday Week. A door zipper allows for easy access to your car, and it has reflective stripes, as well as windproof straps to make sure it stays secure. Don't forget to make sure it's sized correctly for your car, truck, or SUV.

3. Fast & Furious 8-Movie Collection

Curl up and catch up on the Fast & Furious franchise while passing the time on a cold winter's night. And be ready for the next movie, which you know is coming as soon as Vin and The Rock settle their beef.

4. Schumacher Rechargeable AGM Jump Starter for Gas Diesel Vehicles

You may need a jump starter this winter, and this one has you covered. Snow belters, take note -- and even those of you in the so-called Smile states might need this. After all, dead batteries happen even in warm weather, thanks to lights that get left on and things like that. Be ready to roll with this jump starter.

5. JuiceBox Home EV Chargers

If you're a PHEV or EV owner and you've been considering installing a home charger, how about now? From now until November 29, you can save $50 on the popular JuiceBox lineup of home chargers. The savings apply to the JuiceBox 40 (plug-in and hardwire), the JuiceBox 48, and the JuiceBox 32 (plug-in and hardwire). All JuiceBox chargers are also eligible for free shipping.

These WiFi-enabled chargers allow you to control everything from a smartphone app or a web portal, including monitoring and scheduling your charging cycles. They come with a universal SAE-J1772 connector, ensuring compatibility with all EVs on the market today and in the future. Yes, you can use this charger on your Tesla with the adapter.

This is a great deal on something that will keep you charged up. Pardon the pun, we know it's a turkey. OK, we'll stop now. Sorry we're stuffed full of puns.

6. Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam Cleanser

If you're an at-home car detailer, or even just a car washer, this soap from Chemical Guys offers some of the best cleansing you can get. Not only that, but you can currently save up to 30 percent off on the company’s Watermelon Snow Foam Cleanser, which of course smells like fresh watermelon. Featuring a pH-neutral formula, this car shampoo has advanced foaming technology that is safe to use on all vehicle surfaces. It’ll work to eliminate dirt, grime, and other contaminants with plenty of sudsy foam.

7. LAUNCH X431 PAD V All-in-One Automotive Scan Tool

This scan tool is for the serious shadetree mechanic in your family. It's not cheap, but a Black Friday deal might help take some of the pain off your wallet.

8. RESQME The Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool, 2-in-1 Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker

Be prepared for the worst with this keychain that can cut seatbelts. If you're ever stuck in your car in a crash, this could come in handy. Let's hope you never need this, but if you do, this will have you covered.

9. OUDEW Car Trash Can with Lid New Car Dustbin

Keep your car clean with this lidded in-car dustbin. No more fries floating around the inside, no more Cheerios spilled by little hands disappearing beneath the seats. Keep it nice and clean.

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