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It’s the last day of our redesign our non-existent logo competition, and the submissions have been anything but non-existent. TTAC’s Best and Brightest have answered the call in force, demonstrating a depth of design talent that would shame, well, me. Given the volume of submissions, I’ve created a new category: Logo Contest (no points for creativity there). If you want to see all the designs, simply click on “News,” then select “Logo Contest” from the drop-down menu. As promised, TTAC’s crack [smoking] staff will wade through all the work to find the ten or so that best encapsulate The Truth About Cars’ editorial stance and style. Then we’ll put them to a popular vote. Meanwhile, thanks to all those who invested their time, effort and passion into this contest on our behalf. (Excluding the selfish gene theory.) It’s reassuring to know that the TTAC brand resonates so well with its owners.

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16 Comments on “TTAC Logo Submissions Pt. 5...”

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    …thanks to all those who invested their time, effort and passion into this contest on our behalf. (Excluding the selfish gene theory.) It’s reassuring to know that the TTAC brand resonates so well with its owners.

    You’re quite welcome, RF. I think I can speak for all of us (or most of us, anyway) when saying thank you for the opportunity afforded us to give back to those who continue to inspire. Keep it up!

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    Clearly a demographic of talented, articulate, loyal readers. Congratulations.

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    oh robert you card you don’t really smoke the crack

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    A couple of really good ones here as well…for some reason I like #23. It needs a lot of refinement, but somehow it resonates with me.

    I also really like #24 & #25. Aesthetically I even preferred Lance’s swoosh the last time, but the torch does convey a “candle in the dark” message. Good idea and nicely done.

    And then #38 is the best road sign so far IMHO. While I personally am not a big fan of that route, this one is really nicely done and abstracted enough to work. The only thing I don’t get is the playstation symbols in the bottom.

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    Who’s seen the CARFAX logo?

    I like the one with the clenched fist a lot, though the thumbnail looks off.

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    I’m becoming partial to some of tom’s logo treatments. I’m not certain the site can afford to be using the logo in that many places, but at least it shows that somebody’s thinking about flexibility.

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    I don’t mean to put down anyones submissions but I like the current logo. I hope it is being changed for brand recognition rather than some pending or future law suit.

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    There is no current logo.

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    #3 nails it. Simple and to the point. Instead of a “T” just put the word “Truth” in there and your done. Very nice.

    #21 is good take on things.

    #25 is classy, very well done. Even better then the torch/flame would be a lighthouse. A “beacon” of truth in a dark sea. Along that line a car’s headlights illuminating the distance could work.

    Based on feedback I tweaked mine (#22) just make sure to double click the image so it opens properly.

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    I was thinking of submitting a drawing of a dead horse with GM, Chrysler, and Ford branded on it surrounded by a group of people beating it violently. Alas, I can’t draw. :(

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    #27 is great! I would gladly stick one on my car next to the FSM logo.

    Call me crazy (or stupid) but I do not think a logo needs to have the web address. The logo plus TTAC should be enough for a person, sufficiently motivated, to Google what the heck TTAC is.

    A bumper sticker, banner, t-shirt, on the other hand, should have the logo and web address. But that’s just me and I’m considered quite obtuse and concrete by friends and enemies alike.

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    definitely an embarrassment of riches

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    What is that, a 35-series tire? The ride quality must be atrocious :)

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    Hmmm.. I’ll have to try the lighthouse idea, tom. That’s worth looking into..

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    I look forward to seeing which will be of the selected ≤10.

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    These have all been great submissions, every one of them. You guys have quite a challenge in deciding the best.

    I really like the approaches that includes some subtle humor or fun in the spirit of what TTAC is all about… that’s what I was going for with the license plate logo. #16, #25 and #36 all put a clever twist on the “uncovering the truth” concept that I really like.

    Having said all of that, my favorite of this set has to be #39. It’s beautifully rendered, subtle, and stands on its own as a graphic. It would be just as effective in the TTAC brand colors, as a black and white (or grayscale) piece, and would look really cool on a t-shirt or ballcap.

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