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Two new logos and one old favorite. Remember, Sunday is the last day for willing graphic artists to submit their ideas! See the first “tranche” (French meaning) here.

[Edit 2:29 p.m.—Before you all get your panties in a twist, the first one, the Obama-ish one, is there as a joke. I needed something to make this post pop. It worked. It’s in the gallery ’cuz of the way the gallery plugin (doesn’t) work(s).]

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37 Comments on “Additional Logos Under Consideration...”

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    I like the magnifier themed one, but loose the little car. (Makes it look childish)

    I don’t know how applicable this will be for all the different products you plan to hock in the coming year, though… :)

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    Mag glass logo is the best one yet. Declare it the winner.

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    Robert Schwartz

    How about the logos that was with the theos before the creation of the world.

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    Take the “generic” out of that gear and replace it with “TTAC”. :-)

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    The third one is the best I’ve seen so far, although the yellow lines look a bit like runway hold-short lines when viewed at that angle.

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    Personally, I think a combination of the magnifying glass and the tread logo would be fantastic.

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    Definitely feeling the magnifier, I’d just replace the little guy with a classic car. 55 Deville or a Duesenberg perhaps.

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    Robert Frankfurter

    If a designer would offer the best of all these logos (as well as the one presented before) to Apple Inc’s CEO Steve Jobs for the backside of a Apple produced toilet seat printed black on black in 9 point size, he would in a split second switch to berserk mode and the artist would not be able to spell in the intensive care what has hit him.

    You ask for a honest opinion – from a pro?

    “Its crap – looks amateurish – the current one is better by a mile- as simple as that.”

    Think what logo Apple would use for a new website / product and come back with something with similar serenity, style, class. elegance.

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    I disagree that any logo should be selected by a mass vote of membership. You guys really need a respected-in-the-industry, maybe even famous, design-oriented individual to make the decision.

    The more of a pompous jerk, the better.

    And no, while Steve Jobs might work, I suspect he’s not a car guy and right now he is very, very busy helping to design very pretty Chinese electronics =P

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    Please not the first. Not that you`re not good looking or anything, but it’s a tad megalomanianacal…. even Chris Bangle didn’t flame surface his likeness to the back of a Z3.

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    The first logo makes it seem that Che Guevara had a shave and a haircut, then got into the car website business. It’s clever, but it doesn’t tell you anything about what the product is, and means nothing to someone who doesn’t know what Robert Farago looks like.

    I have to say that a logo that doesn’t scream out “cars” in about two nanoseconds isn’t ideal, and it loses its usefulness if it doesn’t include a URL. That’s why I continue to favor the previously submitted license plate (although I would definitely replace the slogan on that version with something else.)

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    Unlimited Headroom

    I’d buy the first one but I don’t have a dart board…I think Mr. Frankfurter has something, though. The catch is defenitly missing from all choices.

    R.F., please remember the phrase: Caveat emptor or in lay-man’s terms, ‘you get what you pay for’.

    This logo is the first impression viewers will see. New ones will make a choice of looking into this page further (or not) at viewing the logo and definatly the B ‘n B will also have their top hat on or their tam based on how the site is presented.

    This site is top hat and it needs one that I and others would be proud wearing.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    I’ve stayed out of this logo issue until now, but here it is:

    When I was an executive, I saw how difficult it was/is to get a good logo. I saw huge amounts of money spent on complete new corporate logo/design makeovers, just to satisfy the ego of the current management, and then to be tossed by the next. How many times has United Airlines redone their logo/design the last 15 years?

    It’s very difficult to get a good logo even from the very high-paid professionals. I happen to think a significant percentage of corporate logos are either weak or predictably…predictable. And they will inevitably be changed with a few years when the next management realizes it too.

    But trying to do a logo how you are doing it is setting yourself up for disaster. Every logo submission so far is very amateurish, at best. The all are very limited. I know the folks who submitted them mean well, and put in time and effort, but it’s not good enough. And the process of trying to democratize the selection is fatally flawed.

    I recommend you (RF) just pick something you like best, if you’re determined to have a new logo. Better yet, just give up the whole embarrassing exercise and waste of energy and time, and spend it on what you do best.

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    I had NOTHING to do with that logo. Nada. Niente. Nix. I’ve put Jeff in charge of the whole logo deal, with the understanding that I reserve to right of first refusal.

    We DO need a logo. To brand merchandise, if nothing else.

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    I had NOTHING to do with that logo. Nada. Niente.

    Gracias, Comrade. ¡Viva la revolución!

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    Unlimited Headroom

    RF: I believe you, really I do!

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    Maybe if this blog’s name wasn’t so long!!

    I think the logo should be a banana with wheels!

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    United’s “U” logo has remained relatively similar since S Bass designed it in 1973. There’ve been color and typeface changes, a few textual changes (most notably, the elimination of “Airlines” in ’02, and inclusion of variants on “Star Alliance”), but it’s quite the same as it has been for 36 years. And considering United’s troubles over the years, 36 years isn’t bad (or is it?).

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    Robert Frankfurter

    @Robert Farago + Paul Niedermeyer

    If everything regarding a fine logo is so complicated, irritating expensive & generally muddled, why not set up a public contest for the best logo?

    Limited to one entry for each person – if not here so on Flickr?

    There are enough fine graphic pros around – in the grandiose sea of lame bystanders, boring lamenters & professional whackos.

    Let there be a public vote.
    To sort out the most stunning crap.

    Then look at the top places in this vote, study the winner and after long self soul searching toss the result undemocratic to the trash can – Farago:

    Its your site.
    You as the lonely commander in chief, head of TTAC’s central committee – you decide – ALONE which one chosen from the best entries are fine enough to represent TTAC.

    And offer a decent price to the winner

    – either 3 days in Vegas with a (one option to choose) free ride to/from allover the US on a Tesla (just kidding), nun, priest, rabbei, dedicated whore, seasoned card counter


    – offer a candlelight dinner in your house (flight in/out paid for two- including BB one night and a 3 minute shower) with your wife, kids, dog & red wine.

    I would send in my proposal and hope to get the price – the Vegas with the card counter option:-)

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    All you need to “brand” merchandise is this:

    “The Truth About”

    Pretty simple. Make it easy to read, tie it into the site’s current colors, and stick it on anything and everything imaginable. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or high art. Simple. Legible. Clean. I was going to abstain from submitting in this go-round, but I may put together the most simplistic thing I can think of just to make a point (visually).

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    Robert Frankfurter

    “The Truth About”

    Pretty simple. Make it easy to read, tie it into the site’s current colors, and stick it anything and everything imaginable.

    Thats the best entry / proposal so far…

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    Jeff Puthuff

    Guys, we want a logo. Professionals have offered help. We’re going to take it. To play nice, we’re asking for the B&B’s opinions. It’s not a contest, though the winner will be given a prize. PriceWaterhouseCoopers isn’t going to drop by and certify the results and hold us to a winner.

    If you don’t like the way we’re going about it, by all means, let rip. Just don’t flame the artists or the site. Them’s the rules.

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    I have to say I’m a little sorry I submitted a design… I expected more helpful comments from the Best & Brightest.

    I’m a “professional” graphic designer. I have a BA in graphic arts, have been working in the field for 6 years since college, creating websites, pamphlets, mailing pieces, etc, and I don’t find this input helpful in improving what I have done (some of it is downright insulting). Everyone who created a design deserves credit for doing so, our time is no less valuable just because we are not “superior professionals”, we did it because we like TTAC and wanted to help.

    I was give the following requirements which I fulfilled: 1) Vector, Adobe Illustrator check; 2) Maximum of three colors, Black and one Pantone, check; 3) Logo works well in black and white, check; 4) Conveys truth, was done without imagery, but by using simple shapes and fonts, to convey transparency and a lack of fluff, i.e. just the facts, check; 5) Can be used as a favicon, check.

    Typically a client will give me more input and direction before a design is even begun, and then the first logo will be revised and revised. That’s not the process here… I have very little to go by, and I did my best “professional” work.

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    Heh… Didn’t Bangle move “beyond” automobile design…

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    This IS RF’s site. This IS RF’s brainchild.

    The logo SHOULD be the one heading the post w/:

    “TRUTH” in big caps


    “about cars” below


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    dgduris :

    Au contraire, I created the brand but I am not it’s owner. Only a steward. Or, to be more precise, it’s slave. OK, bitch.

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    Nothing on the logos per se, but simply having the .com after The Truth About Cars makes me think this is a site with the truth about the site called “”…

    Maybe it’s just me?

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    Well, RF, you could always round up some private equity investors and buy it back, maybe even for pennies on the dollar…

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    @Robert Farago

    I don’t know if you caught this earlier:

    I think the website should come before merchandising.

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    You guys are like GM…

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    carguyg22: what did you submit? And yes, absolutely the ‘current one’ is not good enough.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    I apologize about my earlier negative comment. Some of them have merit.

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    like.a.kite: I submitted the last one in this bunch… the gray road with the TTAC in the top left. Below are my thoughts on the design:

    1) I used a simple gray box with two rules, one solid and one dashed, in an orange-yellow to be the background for the logo while also representing a road. It’s fairly obvious, but it’s not in your face, that TTAC is about cars. 2) I used two very simple fonts, since TTAC is supposed to be the “truth” about cars, using a font with unnecessary filagrees and serifs would not communicate “truth”, but rather unnecessary visual noise. 3) I used the same color for the word truth as the rules to place emphasis on that word, but lightened it slightly so it’s not the only thing you focus on. 4) I placed the .com portion of the name outside of the box to give the design a little visual excitement, so to speak. (I’m not sure about this part, I think it works, but I also fell it could be cut off and not missed)

    I am not naive enough to think that my submission would be perfect on the first go-round. It is a truly rare case when a logo design is completed the first time around. I have many subtle variations on the design I submitted but did not feel the need to submit more than one because of the way the process was being handled. With logo design the important thing is to choose one that has more right than wrong, tweak it, tweak it, and tweak it some more until you have the finished product. The details matter a great deal, not only with cars, but also with logos.

    It seems to me that logo design cannot be done democratically, it needs to decided on by a handful of people who truly know what the company is about and what they want it to represent. The logo should be created behind the scenes and released completed. Sure there will be complaints; some people like to complain, some people resist change, and some claim they can do better without actually producing anything, but it’s the only way to create a logo that is not a mishmash of a hundred of different directions and ideas, but rather, a worthwhile piece of branding.

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    No way on #1. The will be stale as week old fish by the end of 2009.

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    I like the one that looks like a gavel-come-steering wheel/column

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    Dr. No


    There’s better work out there. When does the submission period end? I think I have one in me. I’m a doctor you know…

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    Like the gavel-wheel…though these here are all good.

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