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The logos keep coming . . .

Tell us which one(s) you do like but not the one(s) you don’t like. Thanks.

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31 Comments on “Mad Men...”

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    Two & Eight

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    Robert Frankfurter

    Two from:

    By Jeff Puthuff
    February 28, 2009

    blows until now the rest out of the B&Bpond.

    while keeping in line with history its improving elegant by slightly updating the header / font. Emphasizing the core message “Truth” & no prisoners taken reports (unless they are guests of TTAC and Pulitzer price winners and ask Farago in public for a free blowjob – then even the lonely iron men of cars is at its knees in a splitsecond) and by that transporting on the upper line what TTAC wants to be all about:

    honesty & truth

    Then offering in second line below the nav menu – well done.

    On and off visitors will recognize the site as “theirs”
    instantly as the color theme (psychologically most important) remains unchanged.

    Regular visitors will not see a big difference – if they do, they will find that it looks a bit more up to date.


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    I sent one in yesterday that isn’t in this batch. Are you showing them all, or being selective?

    And for the record, I am a professional designer too.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    To whom did you send it, Drew? I’ve asked that all logos be sent to me.

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    6 and 7. Now we are coming close to a LOGO

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    Johnny Canada


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    #1. says exactly what the site is, helpful for the uninitiated.

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    What is necessary in a logo?
    Communicate the name and nature of the biz, give access to the biz…

    – do so in such a way that is appropriately descriptive (in as few words as possible)

    – do so in a way that fully leverages a familiar icon so that it becomes the brand of the biz (that car and exclamatory mark will be great for the rss feed and bookmark panels)

    – do so in a way that gives access to the business (.com)

    – be re-purposeful (biz card, letterhead, web, twitter, facebook, rss feed icon…)

    – look good in monochrome

    Of all I have seen so far, #6 does all the above best. Certainly not the most lush graphically speaking, but it is the right tool for the mission.

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    I like 5 the best, but 6 and 7 are very close, too…partly because of the little car and exclamation point in the word balloon.

    If given the choice between those three, I’d say it’s time for a management decision. You pick!

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    I sent it to editttac at gmail. I just used the “submit” link in the logo contest. I even sent it again this morning when I posted the comment.

    Is there a different or better email? Or an aggressive spam filter?

    I think you and the commentariat will like it!

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    I like the logo labeled ttac-logo-r2v4.

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    oh that draper, he’s so dreamy……….

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    A quick note: #1, #2 and #8 were submitted together, and are intended to be a “system.” Main and secondary logos, then the logo’s application to the website header.

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    6 & 7 (same thing) comes closest to a LOGO so far

    – definitely works on a clip of a ballpoint pen
    – and as huge as a billboard
    – simple, 1 color
    – can be combined with whatever you need

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    No. 1 would look good on most anything, including say a sandstone tan T-shirt.

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    one is best all-around, 2 if you simply must have a graphic.

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    They’re all great, but I liked the shifter knobs best.

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    Huh, #6 and #7 are like uglier copies of the one I submitted the first time around.

    So I guess I should say that I vote for #6 or #7 :)

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    The 1, 2, and 8 combo looks great. Very slick and professional. The red provides the correct emphasis.

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    #1, but lose the horizontal line. Its completely unnecessary.

    And thanks for the Don Draper pic. He is gorgeous.

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    One of my UAW friends said that if you change each leading “T” with the Toyota “T” you might have something good for your logo…of course I had to laugh, even though I don’t fully agree.

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    None of these excite me, I think some of the first batch were better…..I like the license plate one.

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    I’m not enthused about any of these, either. Nothing pops out at me. If I had to pick one out of this group alone, I’d go with the 1st one, or an iteration of it.

    As was mentioned earlier, lose the underline, or make it thicker. Preferably just lose it. I’m fond of the version of it that is in lower case w/o spacing the words apart, having .com appended to the end, but its harder to read. Capitalize that one, lose the underline, keep the typeface. Thats pretty much what I had in mind to submit myself, if I could find time.

    The “car in the bubble” is an interesting idea, however the typeography isn’t clean enough yet. I also might take the car out of the bubble, and go with a sleeker car. Also, put the exclamation point on a diet. Its a little.. I dunno. Just seems too big, but that may be because the bubble is too cluttered with the car and the exclamation point both inside it.

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    All Bland.

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    My submission is waiting in your inbox, Jeff. Expounding/cleaning up a couple other other ideas I’ve seen floating around here recently.

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    2nd, 1st, last, in that order

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    I like the 1,2,8 combo.

    I personally, have always felt this website was more of “thetruthabout CARS” rather than “the TRUTH aboutcars” if you see what I’m getting at. That’s why my version had the red emphasis on the cars part. However, this is more of a management vision decision, and the logo should be emphasized however they see fit.

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