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2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible 01
BMW may have given the world a fair glimpse at the 4 Series convertible coupe last month, but the Germans have opted to make the LA Auto Show the perfect stage for the ultimate sunning machine’s public debut.

The 4 Series convertible coupe, replacing the 3 Series by moving up one number — in line with BMW’s new naming scheme of coupes bearing even numbers, sedans odd — along with gains in width, track and wheelbase, comes with a three-piece retractable hardtop that will welcome the sun in 20 seconds. As for the times when the rain, sleet or snow turn up, interior lighting in the roof along with a soundproof headliner will keep all cozy.

Under the hood, expect to find either a 2-liter turbo-4 pumping out 240 horses and 255 lb-ft of torque (428i), a 3-liter turbocharged I6 with 300 horsepower and torque to match (435i), or a diesel channeling 184 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque (420d).

Sending the power to the back is accomplished via either a six-speed manual standard on all versions of the convertible, or a choice of eight-speed automatics ranging from fully automated to paddle-shifted; all transmissions come with BMW’s start-stop technology standard.

Finally, for those who prefer the power to go through all four corners, BMW will introduce the xDrive system as an option for the 428i variant in the spring of 2014.

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19 Comments on “BMW Drops the Top in LA With 4 Series Convertible Coupe...”

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    No word yet on the optional d-bag special edition package…

    I kid, I kid :)

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    I don’t like the exposed speaker grilles on the door and rear passenger area. It looks like cheap shit I’d see on a riced out Honda not a 40000 dollar BMW.

    Is the 3’s interior the same way?

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      [email protected]

      $40,000 !! Just how long have you been in cryogenic storage ?

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    Ha, so they will be making a 420 version.

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    velvet fog

    Euro pedestrian impact regs have ruined the front ends of the new BMWs. My eyes cant get past the hood cut line. Bring back the kidneys that went up with the hood.

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed. Mazdas have the same problem. Those seams really mar a car’s face, especially in white.

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      healthy skeptic

      >> My eyes cant get past the hood cut line.

      I thought I was the only one! I think it’s much uglier as well.

      Did they really have to do it because of regs? That’s depressing. So there’s no hope for better hood lines then?

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      True, but it isn`t just cars that sell in Europe affected. The Honda CRZ and Toyota Prius C also have the problem.

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      Nothing new to see here. BMW has been doing awful cut-lines on their hoods for years now, though this may be the worst I’ve seen yet. The ones they did that made the kidney grill look like a moustache for a few years were pretty bad, too. And I refuse to believe this has anything to do with pedestrian regs – there’s just no way. This is some idiot designer’s way of putting his unique imprint on the car.

      Similar is how they purposefully mismatch the design of the part of the tail lights on the trunk lids with the design of the part not on the trunk lid.

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        healthy skeptic

        With the “mustache”, I think you’re thinking of the first iteration of the E9x fourth-gen 3-series. They got rid of that with the mid-gen facelift, and the front looks pretty nice for ’10-’11.

        I’m a bit biased though…

      • 0 avatar
        velvet fog

        The front ends have gotten much more vertical and taller due to the pedestrian regs, and I think that’s what has led to the separate hood.

        Or it could be Bangle’s ghost exerting his influence on the current design staff.

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    Compare the cut-lines to those on the Lexus IS, MB C-class, Audi A4 and Cadillac ATS. It seems to be a BMW problem.

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    Chris FOM

    Hey everyone, did you know that BMW drivers are all d-bags? Bet you didn’t realize that!

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    Can you reconfirm that this car will be offered in North America with a manual transmission? The reports on this have been all over the place and I’m beginning to think that it isn’t going to happen. As further evidence, the site only offers the automatic as an option when exploring and configuring. I was ready to open up my checkbook, but now I am back to the drawing board.

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