Video Time

TTAC Video of the Week: NASCAR in the City

This week's video will be pretty straightforward -- just some videos I shot during the race that let you get up close and personal.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Looking Back on NASCAR Invading LeMans

Here's the transaxle breaking, courtesy of friend of TTAC Bozi Tatarevic. This was repaired and the car did finish.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Check Out This Racing Crash

Today's video of the week is a short one.

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TTAC Video of the Week: This Dealer Will Fight for You

When I worked as a service writer, an upset customer threatened to kick my ass right then and there in the service drive. If I recall correctly, he was upset because there was a language barrier and the price for the service came in higher than he'd expected.

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Video of the Week: John Force's Wild Ride

I missed this craziness during last week's NYC madness, but famed drag racer John Force had himself a not-so-fun ride last week.

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Video of the Week: When Tires Attack

It all started with a video I saw over the weekend in which a Kia Soul gets launched into outer space (not literally, don't @ me) by a surprise attack from a tire that decided it was ready to roam free.

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Video of the Week: Relive the Dodge Last Call

Today's video of the week is an easy one.

If you missed the livestream of Dodge's Last Call, or want to see it again, here you go.

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Video of the Week: "The Car Sounds Like..."

This one spoke to my past, brief life as a service writer. For those who don't know, service writers often use the term "customer states" followed by the customer's description of the problem.

Like so: "Customer states there is a creaking noise when turning left at under 15 mph."

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Black Rifle Coffee Teams With BJ Baldwin, Creates Better Film Than Hollywood

Corporate tie-ups with successful gearheads aren’t new – witness any number of NASCAR sponsorships, for example – but those partnerships often just extend to a few photos of the star holding up examples of the product du jour and mugging for the camera.

That’s why it’s always a good day when the mashup results in a ten-minute film that's arguably better than some of the tripe trotted out by Hollywood. 

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TTAC Video of the Week: Holy IndyCar Crashes, Batman!

As I've stated on these pages before, I am a semi-casual racing fan. Meaning I watch NASCAR and IndyCar and F1 and IMSA here and there, I know most of the big-name drivers, and I understand the basic rules and such for each series, but I don't watch every race or know every driver. I do tend to watch more races this time of year since baseball hasn't yet revved up (oddly matched pun fully intended).

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Video of the Week: Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer

The IndyCar season starts this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Honda is previewing the hybrid tech we'll see in the series in 2024 with a CR-V-based race vehicle.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Don't Go Showing Off

We all know that when you try to show off, you often end up in a ditch.

It's a lesson many of us learn as kids -- we try to do a trick on our bikes or take a turn too fast, and we get a dose of humble pie. Yet, we don't fully learn, because we get our driver's license and do the same dumb stuff while driving a car.

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Video of the Week: Check Twice Before Turning

It's the midpoint of the work week and you need a laugh. This week's video is a few years old but it's new to me, and hopefully to you.

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Video of the Day: NASCAR Crashes at the Clash

Sunday's NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum in Los Angeles was a crash-filled affair, as one might expect from a track that was just a quarter-mile to a lap.

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Video of the Week: Subwoofer Triggers Airbag

Today's video of the week, presented for your afternoon amusement, shows two young men enjoying the sound of a subwoofer. Too bad that they don't know that the vibrations will set off the vehicle's airbag.

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TTAC Video of the Week: 1920s-Era Car Jumps Over a House

Presented, for your afternoon amusement, a video in which a 1920s-era automobile jumps a house, with fairly predictable results.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Hapless Shop Employee Does Three Stooges Routine

In the span of less than a minute, a repair-shop employee managed to injure the foot of a customer/coworker and then injured the poor guy again.

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Video of the Week: Rodney Dangerfield's Guide to Auto Repair

Reading about yet another yahoo automotive technician destroying a sports car on a joyride today, I was reminded of this classic.

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Video of the Week: Ken Block Edition

With Ken Block's passing on Monday, it felt only appropriate that this week's video of the week focus on him.

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Video of the Week: Ford Workers Fight It Out

We don't know why these workers at a Ford plant -- it says KTP, so we assume it's Ford's Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville -- are fighting, but we can't stop watching.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Winter Driving is Snow Fun

This week's featured video comes to us from the other side of the pond, as some Brits struggle to handle driving during a serious snowfall. But we're not posting this to pick on the British -- the truth is, I see videos like this every winter, often filmed in places where snow is very common. Struggling in the snow is universal!

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TTAC Video of the Week: Gymkhana

Gymkhana craziness is always fun to watch, and this year's edition sees Travis Pastrana going nuts in Florida.

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Latest Lamborghini Hype Video Baffles

The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato is out, and Lambo has a hype video for it. And boy is it weird.

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TTAC Video of the Week: Porsche Goes Off-Roading

Want to see a Porsche 911 Dakar tackle some rough terrain? Prefer to do it sans commentary and cheesy music? Boy, have we got the deal for you.

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Video of the Week: YouTuber Crashes Hummer After Just Nine Miles

Venerable publication Road&Track brings us the story of the YouTuber who crashed his GMC Hummer EV trying to jump a ditch after just nine miles of ownership.

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Video of the Week: Full Send

Matt covered it yesterday, but we can't stop watching it -- it's Ross Chastain going full video-game mode in NASCAR.

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Xperi's DTS AutoStage is the Next Big Thing in Infotainment

Xperi’s DTS AutoStage is the next evolution in multimedia, if you turn on the radio while starting your car like millions of others do worldwide.

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Electronic Arts Outruns Take-Two in Codemasters Race

Electronic Arts said it had reached an agreement to buy Codemasters in a deal worth $1.2 billion, beating rival video games maker Take-Two Interactive Software to the finish line for the British company.

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Video Time: Where One Can Peek Into the Car Ads of the 1990s

I’ve always enjoyed the healthy dose of nostalgia which accompanies old advertisements. This is doubly so when any of them are car-related. The style, the jingles, pricing, long-dead nameplates – it’s all there. And through an accidental YouTube discovery, hundreds are in a single location.

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  • TheEndlessEnigma Ah Mini, the news no-one was waiting for.
  • TheEndlessEnigma Gruesome Newsom has spoken, you are now required to bow and do his bidding.
  • TheEndlessEnigma $7900 is asking a bit much, they are asking about $2500 more than is appropriate for a private party sale. This is a $5500ish car at best.
  • Tassos While the Fit is an intelligent design and while I have owned and liked Hondas for decades, asking for $8k, even in worthless 2023 devalued Idiot Joe Biden dollars, for n 11 year old, SUB-civic Subcompact, with 120k miles and who knows what hidden issues, is way too damned much.And as always, you should ask YOURSELF, if you even think bidding on such a tiny, unsafe at any speed (NO passive safety, NO active safety) vehicle:"HOW MUCH IS MY OWN LIFE WORTH"?Or, if you had the bright idea to buy this POS for your college bound kid or grandkid,"HOW MUCH IS his or her LIFE WORTH"?
  • SCE to AUX Seems like a good car at a good price. $7900 can buy a real junker these days.