TTAC Video of the Week: Porsche Goes Off-Roading

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
ttac video of the week porsche goes off roading

Want to see a Porsche 911 Dakar tackle some rough terrain? Prefer to do it sans commentary and cheesy music? Boy, have we got the deal for you.

For the low price of "free", we offer up the chance to see the Dakar go rock-crawling.

We've covered the Dakar before, so no need to recite specs and deets here. This is just a chance to see a Porsche ply its trade with very little in the way of fancy production values. It's not like a standard car commercial -- just pure Porsche doing work. Perfect for the brand 'stans in your life.

And even if you aren't a Porschephile, watching an off-roader, even one that's based on a 911, ply its trade can be fun. Or at least therapeutic.

[Image: Porsche]

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