1997 Toyota Supra Mangled After Mechanic's Wild Crash

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

1997 toyota supra mangled after mechanic s wild crash

The fourth-generation Toyota Supra became the face of tuner culture after a certain wildly famous car movie made it look untouchable on the streets. That popularity has led to a monstrous increase in prices for the cars, and as one Colorado mechanic shop just found out, crashing one that doesn’t belong to you can come with equally monstrous consequences.

A video posted to Facebook shows the incident, in which a shop tech got too enthusiastic with the throttle and lost control of the car. He can’t get a handle on the car and ends up plowing through a roadside barrier. The video doesn’t capture much of the crash, but we see a flash of the mangled car as the filming car passes.

The Drive reported on the story and reached out to the Englewood Police Department, which told the publication that the driver was not the car's owner. Police also confirmed that he was taken to a local hospital after the rollover crash, but the person filming told The Drive that the driver was fine.

Trey Grube, the person filming the crash, said that the driver had followed traffic laws before the crash. Given the temperatures in Englewood earlier this week, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the tires were inappropriate for the weather or that they hadn’t been warmed up properly beforehand.

Either way, the Supra’s owner may pursue legal action against the shop, depending on how the after-crash discussion went. Clean turbocharged Supras from that era are routinely listed with six-figure price tags, so it’ll be up to the shop’s insurance (or lack thereof) to make the owner whole.

[Image: Screenshot from 1320 Video via Facebook]

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  • Renewingmind Renewingmind on Jan 12, 2023

    “Hold Harmless” doesn’t apply to gross negligence. No contract language protects someone from wildly negligent behavior. The shops insurance will go after the tech for the payout, which he won’t have, but there ya go.

  • Zerofoo Zerofoo on Jan 12, 2023

    I suspect each parties' lawyers will make a buck and the owner of this now smashed vehicle will get coupons for free oil changes.

  • Jeff S The Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicles in decades.
  • Nrd515 This is all I could think of seeing this. I saw it in the theater with my dad about 59 years or so ago:https://www.popcorncinemashow.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Mr-Sardonicus-1961-01.jpg
  • Art Vandelay I have no illusions tha my Challenger was going to be a car I wanted to own 10 seconds out of warranty. Fun, sure. Fun in 8 years? Hard pass based on the 2 years I had it
  • ToolGuy Weren't some of the most powerful engines in the M4 Sherman air-cooled? (And supercharged.)
  • ToolGuy "I installed oil temp and cylinder head temp gauges on various vehicles I was driving, so I could monitor how the engine was doing. I switched from my normal 20W50 and dropped to 15W40 oil and put down thousands of miles. Within that time, I saw a noticeable decrease in oil temps and even cylinder head temps while driving in different situations."ToolGuy has great admiration for your use of the scientific method in conducting original research.