TTAC Video of the Week: 1920s-Era Car Jumps Over a House

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

ttac video of the week 1920s era car jumps over a house

Presented, for your afternoon amusement, a video in which a 1920s-era automobile jumps a house, with fairly predictable results.

There's not much detail in this short and silent clip, or in its description. I don't know why this stunt is happening, where (other than somewhere in America), or exactly when it's taking place. I can't even tell what kind of car it is -- my knowledge of car models tends to be better suited to this decade of the '20s, not the 1920s.

I'll give a hat tip to the great writer Charles Pierce for this -- he linked it on his Esquire blog. Beyond that, just sit back and bear witness as the car lands exactly how you think it would.

Hey, at least it cleared the house. That's more than I can say for legislation these days. Hey-o!

[Image: Screenshot]

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