Video of the Week: Subwoofer Triggers Airbag

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

video of the week subwoofer triggers airbag

Today's video of the week, presented for your afternoon amusement, shows two young men enjoying the sound of a subwoofer. Too bad that they don't know that the vibrations will set off the vehicle's airbag.

In the clip, we see two gentlemen who appear to be in their 20s sitting in what looks to be some sort of older Chevy or GMC van/truck/SUV that has a very classy "pizza and booty" sticker on the dashboard. In other news, I now have a screenshot saved as "pizzaandbooty.jpg" on my work computer. Hi, IT department!

Anyway, our friends here are smiling as they feel the massive subwoofer's vibrations, though it's not clear if they notice that some of the trim bits are working their way loose. Then there's a popping sound and the camera gets knocked over. The subwoofer shuts off after a few seconds, then all we hear for a bit is music. Eventually, you hear one of our intrepid bros say that the airbag explosion was caught on camera.

The clip is just a bit over a minute long, so it makes a nice companion to a coffee break. Check it out here.

[Image: Screenshot]

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