Question of the Day

QOTD: How Have Car Maintenance Costs Been For You?

Yesterday we reported on a Consumer Reports story listing the most expensive and least expensive car brands in terms of maintenance.

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QOTD: Will the Union's Volkswagen Victory Pave Way for More?

Workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, voted to unionize on Friday. But the UAW won't stop there.

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QOTD: Should Southern Auto Plants Unionize?

Matt went long on the UAW's drive to unionize auto plants located in the American South.

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QOTD: Do You Care About GM's Move?

Normally, when a large, well-known company moves its headquarters, it's pretty big news.

That's because in many cases, the company is moving across the country, or perhaps from the city to the suburbs.

However, General Motors announced a move earlier this week and it seems like it's been met with a shrug.

That's because in this case, GM is moving just a few blocks.

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QOTD: When Would You Opt for Summer Tires?

I am told spring is here, though the weather has been, shall we say, inconsistent? We've had some warm days, and some spring rain, but it's also remained chilly at times. Spring in Chicago is non-linear, and this year is no exception.

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QOTD: What's The Most Famous Racetrack Corner You've Driven?

Canada Corner. The Carousel*. The Corkscrew.

If you follow racing or even just know a little bit about famous racetracks, these names are familiar to you -- they are some of the most famous corners in racing.

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QOTD: What State Outline Would Make a Good Racetrack?

Today's QOTD is a weird one, I know, but my brain works in weird ways sometimes.

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QOTD: What Do You Want to Ask Hyundai About the Ioniq 5 N?

Today's question of the day is early because I am currently in a meeting room learning about the 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N. Soon I will be heading to Laguna Seca to drive it.

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QOTD: Would You Buy a Jar of Used Racing Tires?

That headline is weird, I know. No, I didn't sniff glue or slip too much whiskey into my afternoon cup of coffee. Nor is it jet lag speaking -- though I am in California for a first drive (more on that tomorrow). No, there really is a race track selling a jar full of used racing tires.

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QOTD: Will Elon Musk and Tesla Deliver Robotaxis on Time?

Yesterday, we covered Tesla boss Elon Musk refuting a Reuters report that the company is canceling its affordable EV. Musk also said that Tesla will be unveiling robotaxis this summer.

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QOTD: Are You Missing the Eclipse?

Is today's question of the day a shameless attempt to tie the Mitsubishi Eclipse to the actual eclipse? Sure, why not. But that doesn't mean it's not true -- myself and at least one other TTAC'er miss the hell out of that car.

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QOTD: Is Professional Detailing Worth It?

You wouldn't know it by the weather, at least in parts of the country, but it is springtime according to the calendar.

Snow tires are coming off. So are car covers. And soon, the nation's detailers will be setting to work getting people's rides summer ready.

The question is -- is it worth it to pay for professional detailing?

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QOTD: Ready for the Next Toyota 4Runner?

Vehicle launches happen all the time. But only a select few seem to be highly anticipated.

Any time the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvette gets updated, for example. Or something bread and butter like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

Another example -- the return of the Ford Bronco in 2021.

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QOTD: What Car Do You Not Recommend?

Last week, we asked you about the most underrated car/truck on the market. Since most of you are enthusiasts, I'd guess that some of you recommend underrated vehicles when your friends and family ask you about purchase decisions. But what are the cars/trucks you steer your friends/family away from?

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QOTD: What's The Best Song About Driving?

Over the weekend I trekked out to my parent's house for Easter. It's an hour's drive, minimum, and the return trip took almost double that due to rain and, according to Apple Maps, an accident on the interstate.

I make the trip a fair amount, and I also visit friends or attend personal/professional appointment in the suburbs often. This, plus the airport runs for the travel this job requires, plus the occasional drive to Detroit for events, plus the fact that I can't adequately test a vehicle if it's just sitting in the garage -- this means I drive a lot.

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QOTD: What is the Best/Worst Automotive-Related April Fool's Joke?

Today is April Fool's Day, and every year some automakers and some automotive media outlets post something "funny." Sometimes the jokes actually are funny, and sometimes they create a mess.

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QOTD: What's The Most Underrated Car Currently On Sale?

With all the excitement of the 2024 New York Auto Show and all the related vehicle debuts, I am thinking about the state of the market.

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QOTD: What New York Auto Show Debut Has You Excited?

Over the past week we've seen 2024 New York Auto show debuts from Infiniti, Nissan, Genesis, Hyundai, Mini, and Kia.

Which one has you thinking about heading to the dealer?

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QOTD: What Do You Want to See from The 2024 New York Auto Show?

Tomorrow is the press/media day for the 2024 New York Auto Show. My rear end is currently parked behind a desk in my Midtown/Times Square hotel, which means I will be at the Jacob Javits Center tomorrow.

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QOTD: When Do You Take Your Winter Tires Off?

Today's QOTD won't apply to those of you in the so-called "smile" states, at least not for the most part -- obviously some parts of California see snow, and Texas experiences the white stuff on occasion.

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QOTD: How Would Tariffs Impact the Automotive Industry?

Once again, I am going to borrow today's question of the day from one of our earlier posts. I like to do this because it gives you all another forum to give your opinion about any given topic, and sometimes we can pick a particular question from a certain story and really dig in.

Today, Matt wrote about presidential candidate/former president Donald Trump's rhetoric involving tariffs and the automotive industry.

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QOTD: Do You Have an Accident-Prone Road in Your Neighborhood?

Matt wrote today about a mystery corner that seems to flummox drivers. A conveniently placed camera made me giggle a little as I read it -- we can laugh at that sort of stuff as long as no one is hurt.

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QOTD: Are You Feeling Bad?

We had a piece on Bentley owners feeling just a wee bit guilty about conspicuous consumption today. I found myself giggling a bit at the concept as I edited it -- aren't people who buy Bentleys showing off? At the very least, don't they not care what others think?

Chris wrote as much in his lede.

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QOTD: Where Have You Encountered the Worst Traffic?

Matt wrote earlier about 15-minute cities by featuring plans being made in Cleveland. The purpose of these cities is basically to set up neighborhoods so that anything residents want or need is within a 15-minute walk -- thus reducing automobile traffic.

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QOTD: Which JDM Car Do You Wish Was Sold in North America?

We all know there are certain Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars you cannot buy in the United States or Canada. So today's question of the day is a simple one -- which piece of forbidden fruit would you like?

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QOTD: Which Car Horns Sound the Most Out of Place?

I’ve been on a bender of buying and selling cars lately, which, in combination with my regular testing, has put me behind the wheel of a great number of new vehicles in a shorter time than usual. And, because of the seasonal influx of drivers from New York, New Jersey, and several southern states here in Maine, I’ve had the opportunity to use the horn in several of them. That has led me to an interesting question: Which car horns sound the most out of place?

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QOTD: Did You Used to Carry One of These Around?

Did you, like myself, once carry a stereo faceplate around because you felt like you had to remove it each time you parked or risk theft?

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QOTD: Where Do You Do Your Carspotting?

I am currently in Napa, California on business and while myself and some other media members rode in a Ford Expedition from the airport to the hotel, we kept spotting some pretty cool rides.

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QOTD: Should Nissan Keep the GT-R?

Today's QOTD is an easy one: We mentioned that Nissan might kill the GT-R.

So the question is: Should it?

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QOTD: Where Do You Change Your Oil?

We, along with Quaker State, gave away some oil this month.

That got me thinking about something -- not what oil you use (that might be a future QOTD), but where you get it changed.

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QOTD: Which EV Startup Will Fail?

I've been in the automotive media since late in 2007, and over the course of all that time, I've seen EV-focused startups come and go. Some went and came back, even.

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Question of the Day: What Was Your First Automotive Job?

Obviously, not everyone reading this site has worked in the automotive industry. That said, common sense suggests that at least some percentage of car enthusiasts reading an automotive-focused Web site have worked in the industry in one way or another.

Anecdotal evidence from the comments I read also shows that some of you have turned a wrench or sold whitewalls.

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QOTD: How Charged Up Are You?

Today's Dodge Charger launch is going to drive a lot of conversations.

Including this question of the day.

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QOTD: Building and Pricing

I build and price new cars using manufacturer's Web sites a lot.

Sometimes it's for this job -- working on pricing for reviews or news. Sometimes it's for fun during downtime -- it's nice to daydream.

My question to you is this: How often do you, the car enthusiasts, do this?

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QOTD: Is 2024 the Year All-Weather Tires Hit the Mainstream?

Wide swaths of the motoring public tend to dislike spending money on new tires, thinking them little more than rubber circles which are all the same. As gearheads, we know the difference of course, and often dive into the purchase with zealous amounts of comparison and opinion. If only we could transfer this enthusiasm to everyone.

Until now, the specter of all-weather tires has been somewhat nebulous. Purported to be a bridge between all-seasons and winters, they used to be derided by some as ‘good at everything but great at nothing.’ But tire tech has come a great distance in a short amount of time, particularly from brands like Nokian which plow cubic acres of dollars into their R&D departments.

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QOTD: Snow Foolin'

There's been a lot of snow all over the country, including where I live, today. Which leads me to one of the most timeless of all QOTDs -- how do you handle the white stuff?

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QOTD: Which Car Comes to Mind When You Think Muscle?

Over the long holiday weekend I had a conversation about muscle cars from the late '60s/early '70s -- and also saw a bunch of them being posted on the Twitter/X account of a famous performance-car builder.

I enjoyed seeing the Camaros and Chevelle SSs and whatever else. It helped put a smile on my face after the weird year that was 2023. When gazing at a particularly lovely restored Chevelle SS, I thought to myself "man that's what a '60s/'70s muscle car looks like."

Then I realized there were several models that could be the primary representative of that era.

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QOTD: Which Car Will Pick Up the "Bad Driver" Torch If Nissan Discontinues the Altima?

Rumors are sometimes way off the mark, but they’re fun to discuss even then. Earlier this year, the internet started buzzing about the Nissan Altima and its “upcoming” discontinuation. That got me thinking: If the Altima’s gone, which car will carry the torch for bad drivers everywhere?

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QOTD: 10 and 2 or 9 and 3?

Over the holiday break I saw some sort of minor Twitter/X spat between automotive journalists -- apparently one posted a picture of themselves driving and another took issue with hand placement -- and I got to wondering: Where on the steering wheel do you put your hands?

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QOTD: Going Cyber?

Today's QOTD is quite simple -- would you, if you have the dough, buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

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QOTD: Striking Out

Today's QOTD is an easy one -- what, to you, would be a fair deal between the UAW and the automakers?

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QOTD: Which Automaker Will Back Off EV Pronouncements First?

After yesterday's post about the Brits delaying their plan to stop the sale of new gasoline-powered cars, I started to wonder -- will any automakers slow their own plans?

Not stop -- EVs are definitely coming in greater numbers, like or not -- but slow.

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QOTD: How's Your City Driving?

Two days ago we wrote about a study that tried to ascertain which cities had the best -- and worst -- drivers.

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QOTD: What Feature Do You Want the Most?

We reported yesterday that research/analysis firm AutoPacific found that the most wanted new-car feature among consumers is fog lamps.

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QOTD: Seeing Gran Turismo?

The Gran Turismo movie, appropriately named Gran Turismo, opened on Friday.

Did you see it? If not, do you plan to?

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QOTD: Ready to Rent an EV?

We covered Hertz expanding its EV offerings yesterday. As I think it over, I have a couple of questions.

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QOTD: Can Robotaxis Ever Work?

Yesterday we covered yet another incident involving Cruise, and we linked back to a few other stories we've written recently about problems that Cruise and Waymo are having in San Francisco.

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QOTD: What Does Electrification Mean for Muscle, American or Not?

Earlier this week, Matt wrote about Dodge's take on how American muscle will evolve as cars become more electrified.

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QOTD: What's Next for Cheap Cars?

There are fewer cheap new cars on the market than ever, it seems, and the picture looks worse with the death of the Mitsubishi Mirage.

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QOTD: Going Blocky

Yesterday we brought you the details on the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe's new duds are quite blocky, just like those of the Land Rover Defender (Hyundai claims this is a coincidence. Other blocky SUVs on the market include the Ford Bronco. Other Land Rover/Range Rover models are squared off, too. Kia, which is a corporate sibling to Hyundai, has been selling the blocky Telluride for a while now.

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QOTD: Can the Cadillac Celestiq Compete?

The official Cadillac Celestiq pricing is out, and the car will start at around $340,000.

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QOTD: What Should a WRX STI Be?

I was initially going to ask if Subaru should bring back the WRX STI, but I suspect that the answer to that would be a resounding "yes".

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QOTD: How Long Will the V8 Live?

Ford said a few days ago that it plans to keep the V8 alive for as long as it can, even as the world moves towards more electrification.

How long will that be?

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QOTD: Did Toyota Deliver?

It's Toyota madness this week, thanks to the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser unveiling last night.

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QOTD: What Would You Like to See From Toyota's Land Cruiser?

The covers come off the next Toyota Land Cruiser later today.

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QOTD: What Price Performance?

I concluded my 2024 Ford Mustang GT review by pointing out that if you order a fully-loaded GT it will cost you around $60K, and that strikes me as expensive -- especially for a model that once offered V8 power for a relatively low price.

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QOTD: Who's Next for NACS?

Myself and a few other journalists were talking shop over lunch today and one of us wondered which automaker would be next to adopt the North American Charging Standard for electric vehicles. The same standard developed and used by Tesla.

Nissan jumped on the bandwagon last week.

So, B and B, who's next?

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QOTD: Autocrossing

I head to Los Angeles today for a press drive that will include some autocrossing.

I, personally, am not a fast autocrosser. Sometimes I'm a bit too conservative, strategy-wise, and other times I push a little harder but I don't balance the car well enough to walk the fine line between being aggressive and sliding off course and killing cones -- and thus, one's time.

Still, I enjoy it.

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QOTD: Close Encounters With the Animal Kingdom

I had to come to a complete stop in the middle of a two-lane highway in upstate New York last week because a deer decided to cross the road in front of me.

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QOTD: What Else Should Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Add?

Porsche is adding some neat features to its smartphone-mirroring systems -- which has me wondering, what else can be added?

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  • ToolGuy First picture: I realize that opinions vary on the height of modern trucks, but that entry door on the building is 80 inches tall and hits just below the headlights. Does anyone really believe this is reasonable?Second picture: I do not believe that is a good parking spot to be able to access the bed storage. More specifically, how do you plan to unload topsoil with the truck parked like that? Maybe you kids are taller than me.
  • ToolGuy The other day I attempted to check the engine oil in one of my old embarrassing vehicles and I guess the red shop towel I used wasn't genuine Snap-on (lots of counterfeits floating around) plus my driveway isn't completely level and long story short, the engine seized 3 minutes later.No more used cars for me, and nothing but dealer service from here on in (the journalists were right).
  • Doughboy Wow, Merc knocks it out of the park with their naming convention… again. /s
  • Doughboy I’ve seen car bras before, but never car beards. ZZ Top would be proud.
  • Bkojote Allright, actual person who knows trucks here, the article gets it a bit wrong.First off, the Maverick is not at all comparable to a Tacoma just because they're both Hybrids. Or lemme be blunt, the butch-est non-hybrid Maverick Tremor is suitable for 2/10 difficulty trails, a Trailhunter is for about 5/10 or maybe 6/10, just about the upper end of any stock vehicle you're buying from the factory. Aside from a Sasquatch Bronco or Rubicon Jeep Wrangler you're looking at something you're towing back if you want more capability (or perhaps something you /wish/ you were towing back.)Now, where the real world difference should play out is on the trail, where a lot of low speed crawling usually saps efficiency, especially when loaded to the gills. Real world MPG from a 4Runner is about 12-13mpg, So if this loaded-with-overlander-catalog Trailhunter is still pulling in the 20's - or even 18-19, that's a massive improvement.