QOTD: What Feature Do You Want the Most?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

qotd what feature do you want the most

We reported yesterday that research/analysis firm AutoPacific found that the most wanted new-car feature among consumers is fog lamps.

Now, we trust AutoPacific -- I've quoted their folks in articles and have had positive personal and professional interactions with them -- but one thing I've learned in this business, especially given my own stint as an analyst at a different company (I was there just under a year and a half), is that different research teams can come up with different responses. Questions can be asked in different ways or a different pool of survey respondents may have different answers. Indeed, we mentioned in our piece that J.D. Power had different results that in some cases contradicted AutoPacific.

So, I want to hear it straight from you, the B and B. Yes, I know a sample of 20-100 comments isn't as statistically significant as a professionally designed study that polls at least 2,000 people, but you all are car people and some of you are going to be buying a new car soon.

So, tell us, what's your most desired feature in a new car?

Sound off below.

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Sep 01, 2023

    I am curious about the AutoPacific study -- did it just list features or did it have a price and so what we are seeing is what people said they are willing to pay.

    Curious no more -- looked it up (methodology link from 2022).

    Here is more info from the 2023 study.

    My interpretation is that (LED) fog lights are relatively 'popular' (in 'demand') with a broad swath of customers and the given 'pricing' of $200 isn't crazy so it rose to the top of the list. But only to 48% because many new car intenders already have fog lights and expect them on their next vehicle because they don't purchase lower trim models.

    Oh you want more? The schmucks who roll with blank escutcheon plates where the fog lights are supposed to live have caught on that the absence of lenses down there is a Major and Easily Noticed Differentiator between them and their automotive betters. So they aspire to pay an additional two Benjamins to avoid this stigma on their next purchase. (The OEMs will not offer them this opportunity.)

    My friends at Your Local Dealership want to point out that Buyers are Liars, so take all 'purchase intentions' with a medium-size grain of salt.

  • TheMrFreeze TheMrFreeze on Sep 01, 2023


  • Joe Joe on Sep 02, 2023

    no subscription services or reoccurring charges

  • Spookiness Spookiness on Sep 05, 2023

    Cooled (not ventilated) seats. Heated seats are easily available at a variety of trim levels, but cooled is usually reserved for high trims only, if available at all. Heated is nice, but if I had to choose one or the other I'd definitely prefer cooled.

    • BetterOne BetterOne on Sep 05, 2023

      Agreed. Cooled seats for summer, heated steering wheel for winter.

      Was Ford the only domestic manufacturer to offer actual cooled seats? I can't think of another. And I think they've now gone 'ventilated' too, even in Lincolns.