Report: LED Fog Lights Are the Most-Wanted Feature in New Vehicles

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

autopacific led fog lights are the most wanted feature in new vehicles

New cars come packed with all sorts of advanced tech and safety features, but buyers have gravitated toward certain amenities over others. AutoPacific recently released its 2023 Future Attribute Demand Study (FADS), which rates the 10 most-wanted vehicle features, according to buyers.

This year’s FADS asked buyers to rate their interest in 145 vehicle features and express their intentions around powertrains, brands, pricing, and segments. The firm surveyed more than 11,700 consumers who said they plan to buy a new car within three years. AutoPacific then shared that data with automakers and noted that its study serves as a testing ground for companies to gauge interest in a feature or product before investing time and money in bringing it to market.

The most desirable feature in 2023 is LED fog lights, surprisingly. Almost half – 48 percent – of respondents rated the feature as a must-have. The same number of people also said that wireless device charging was important. Unresponsive driver stop assist was a must-have for 43 percent, followed by folding exterior mirrors. Wireless charging for rear passengers was next.

AutoPacific’s 2023 FADS found the top ten most-wanted features to include:

· LED fog lights

· Wireless charging for front passengers

· Unresponsive driver assist

· Automatic power-folding exterior mirrors

· Wireless charging for rear passengers

· Heated and ventilated front seats

· Household power outlets

· Sunroof/moonroof

· Self-cleaning exterior cameras and safety sensors

· Drive profile settings

Interestingly, some of the features AutoPacific found as dealbreakers for buyers also ended up on the list of most frustrating options in J.D. Power’s 2023 Initial Quality Study (IQS). The 2023 IQS found that new vehicle owners are increasingly frustrated with their wireless charging systems and more reported issues with advanced safety tech this year.

[Image: Lanski via Shutterstock]

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  • Bof65705611 Bof65705611 on Aug 30, 2023

    My 2018 M3 does not include any of the top 10 most desired features (with the possible exception of the driver profiles…useless on a car only I drive). This is one reason why I love this car so much…all the tech I will ever need and nothing that I don’t.


    People need more attention to driving. You don't need fog lamps! You don't know how to use them if they are on all the time. Self-cancelling turn signals are for your benefit, so you don't have to watch them in front of you...but do you ever use them yourself? No, nobody does! But they are there for a reason...use them!