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Those with enough money their pockets and desire a new Jaguar E-Type could opt for the restomod offerings from Eagle, and would likely be happy with what they receive. However, an exclusive few may manage to snag a new E-Type directly from Jaguar as soon as this summer, when the automaker finishes the final six of 18 Lightweight E-Types after a five-decade pause in production.

Autoblog reports the program — begun in 1963 — will pick up where it left off in 1964, when the last of the first 12 of the all-aluminium cars rolled out of the factory. At the time, the remaining sextet of E-Types had chassis numbers ready to go, only for life to take Jaguar elsewhere.

With the numbers found, however, the automaker will at last build the missing cars. The work will occur in-house, with its craftsman hand-building each one to the exact specs as the original 12, all of them powered by an aluminium 3.8-liter I6. The cars will weigh 250 pounds less than the standard E-Type.

As for when and where the first Lightweight will roll off the line, Jaguar says the car could arrive sometime this summer, though “established Jaguar collectors, expecially those with historic race car interests,” will have first dibs on the six vehicles. No price has been stated thus far.

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13 Comments on “Jaguar Will Finish Lightweight E-Type Project 50 Years After It Began...”

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    “powered by an aluminium 3.8-liter I6”

    A period engine or a modern engine?

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      From the press release it looks like they will have original engines.

      Also, since they are continuation cars (having original serial numbers) would they not be considered 1964 cars and, therefore, be exempt from modern safety and emissions requirements?

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    Eagle [ UK ] already does this .In light of all the garbage coming out of Jaguar lately the Eagle is better done as well . For a hell of a lot cheaper I might add . Not to mention Eagle will build them on demand rather than Jaguars Limited Edition bs .

    Conclusion ? This Asthmatic Kitty is utter pretense and a very bad case of being A Day Late and a Pound [ or ten ] Short from the not so fine yet very delusional folks at JLR/TATA in a futile and cynical attempt to raise their credibility as well as their waning sales

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    The best kind of hormone replacement therapy.

    And just take me back to when Tri-X and HP5 told us everything important.

    Gorgeous, luminous photo even after all the decades and copying.

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    Gee, is a zillion dollars enough?

    None of these will ever actually be driven. They’ll cost too much and go into garages, and probably not be built all that well. Jaguar isn’t great at making cars using precision machinery, so I’m not certain how great they are with their own hands.

    And if they build them to exact specification won’t they have lots of manual engine components and zero emissions stuff and zero safety features, which would make them unregisterable as a new vehicle in the USA and other places?

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    Sure hope one of these makes its way to a Midsomer Murders episode. Where it will probably be FX-shot with a 12-bore Purdey.

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    When I first saw this earlier in the week, I thought it was pretty cool.

    On further reflection, I realize it’s kind of a sad combination of matching-numbers obsession with nostalgia tinted glasses. There are a number of companies making new-original stuff (I’m immediately reminded of the company making Vincent Black Shadows) that has all of the flaws and defects of a 50+ year old product with none of the actual history. While that would be great if you could actually acquire these things, they are pretty much explicitly designed for a kind of super-rich neuvo-hipster.

    The fact that these cars will in all likelihood never be driven more than the 50′ from the climate-controlled trailers to a viewing stand just makes it worse.

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    Are there any 3.0cs’s in BMW’s lockers? That would be really awesome.

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    Five decade pause in production? Perhaps that’s how long it took to get the Lucas electrics sorted.

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    I would bet that most if not all of them will be vintage raced. The demand for vintage race cars eligible for the best historic events FAR exceeds the supply.

    Why would anyone not expect them to be built well? This sort of hand built race car is what the British do better than anyone else on the planet. I expect them to be exquisite. And very, very, very expensive.

    I assume as with most continuation cars they will be sold as 1964 models, not that it really matters that much in Europe anyway. I doubt any of them will make it to the US, all the best vintage events are in Europe, and that is where the demand is.

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    The old E-Type convertible is arguably the best looking car ever made. I certainly think so. So how come Jaguar changed its look back in the day? Remaking that lovely thing today strikes me as a really good promotional idea.

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