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The Compact Crossover segment has changed a bit since last month, as the Honda CR-V enjoyed strong demand en route to over 20k monthly sales. Rogue had a strong month as well, but still ended up about 5k units shy of last month’s segment leader, the Ford Escape. Terrain seems to be going a bit weak compared to recent months, and even Equinox was down a bit from its July 2009 number. Sportage is way off ahead of its new model rollout, but once the 2011s come in, expect Kia cute ute to mix things up in the 7k-ish and above monthly volume range.

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    How is the Dodge Journey considered a compact crossover? It has similar dimensions as the Explorer and Pilot. The Sante Fe and Sorrento seem to be a bit large for this segment as well.

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    Escape is getting long in the tooth, bring on the Kuga!

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    This is another potential future growth category for Chrysler when the new Fiat based CUV’s are introduced. Chrysler is currently very weak in the midsize segment on down. Fiat’s small car platforms will make Chrysler a player (if done right!).

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    Was July 2009 the first month for the new Equinox? July 2010 seems quite low. Also surprised to see the Rogue up there

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    It’s been about five months since me mam purchased a ’10 Honda CR-V. She had always wanted one, even back when they resembled a mini-Pilot. However, after driving more powerful cars for years (An ’04 V6 Accord most recently, a ’95 Caprice Wagon before that) she’s just finding the CR-V, well, sluggish.

    180 horsepower isn’t really enough to move the CRaVe’s 3500+ pounds. Worse still, whether it’s her driving habits or this summer’s intense heat requiring the A/C be on all the time, or both, the c-ute is returning piss-poor fuel economy…17-18 mpg, which is 3-4 worse than the Accord V6. Even the LS1-equipped Caprice got 20 mpg in mixed driving in its prime.

    She now wonders if an Equinox would have been a better choice (she flat out didn’t like the RAV4’s looks), though I told her the EPA fuel economy numbers are, well, unrealistic at best, and regardless, when she needed to buy, their were no Equinoxes available in stock at any nearby Chevy dealers.

    Basically, the effortless wellspring of power the smooth 240-horse V6 of the ’04 Accord provided served to spoil her. She fell in love with the CR-V’s cutesy looks and spunky stance, but has quickly become frustrated with its lack of oomph and no fuel savings to show for it.

    Perhaps more frustrating, if it holds up as well as other Honda’s we’ve owned, she could be stuck with it for a long, long time. Be careful what you crave.

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      This story was hilarious. BTW, my RAV4 with 166 hp 2.4 moved just great and returned 26 to 28 mpg in daily driving (but not when my daughter was driving). Some women really need that lead foot fixed. That mom really needed a Mini S, not CR-V.

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      If 180hp isn’t enough to pull a 3500 lb CRV around, imagine pulling 4200 lbs (4WD)

      Equinox fuel economy in the real world doesn’t even come close to the ratings. The RAV4 is the mileage king. Even the 270hp V6 can achieve mid 20’s based on my experience.

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      My mom’s 2010 Rav4 consistently returns 26+ MPG. It is the V6, 4WD Limited model, as well. She does do mostly highway driving. It is a great CUV. Do other CUVs on the market have the center diff lock like the Rav?

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    Here in Virginia, there is a $5k market adjustment premium on Equinoxes. I saw it myself this past weekend at a dealer and couldn’t believe it. One Equinox, after the adjustment, was priced at $37k! What a way to chase buyers away.

    GM is clearly having supply issues with these, which may explain the low numbers. Maybe they discovered some quality issues at the factory in Ontario, or are just OCD on trying to prevent issues. Nobody rolls a new vehicle out slower than GM! If they had plenty in stock, sales would be much higher.

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    Why doesn’t Honda offer engine choices for most of their models? The Rav4, Equinox/Terrain and Escape offer V-6’s why doesn’t the CR-V. Is the Accord the only Honda vehicle with a choice of engines?

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      Civic has at least three engines – base 1.8, hybrid, and Si’s 2.0. The natural gas one may have a variant of the 1.8 or 2.0, or may be its own.

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      The decision to offer only the I-4 in the CR-V was brilliant. It meant the vehicle from encroaching on the Pilot, and kept weight and size down. When the CR-V and Rav4 came out 4 years ago, the Honda took the sales crown from Toyota, and hasn’t looked back (except when Ford puts enough cash on the hood of the Escape).

      Hyundai did the same thing with the new Sonata, and it’s the hottest midsize sedan right now.

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      The timing was great for Hyundai’s I4 only Sonata. Before the ’08 gas spike I doubt the 4 cylinder only idea would have flown, but now people are more conscious about the volatility of fuel prices, and it shows in the vehicles people are buying. Granted, 200hp out of a 4 cylinder is probably enough for anyone in a midsize sedan, and with the upcoming turbo4 model, Hyundai will have an option for the power hungry.

      As far as the CR-V goes, the sales do speak volumes that most Honda customers don’t necessarily care about power in small CUVs. Honda does lose some sales for those who have to have the V6 due to preconceptions about 4 cylinders, or those who need a higher tow rating, but in the end it seems to be working for them.

      The Rogue, Tuscon, and Sportage are also 4 cylinder only, and I expect the next gen Kuga based Escape will be 4 cylinder only as well (although most likely with an EcoBoost turbo 4 option). The Rav-4 is a bit of an odd duck, I think it’s also the only vehicle in the segment to offer a third row seat, though I could be wrong about that.

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    Wow…the Patriot tanked (but still sold over 4000 units). Must still be some cash on the hood of that dog. Why doesn’t the Caliber show up? It’s a direct sibling to the Patriot and Compass (which is an even bigger dog, relatively speaking). And the Tiguan nearly doubled sales, though that’s not saying much. Nice showing for the new Tucson, though.

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    Caliber is classified with the compacts on TTAC. Probably because it no longer has all wheel drive option.

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    GM is capacity constrained on the new Equinox/Terrain. Can’t make ’em fast enough, and they fly off the dealer lots.

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    CRaVe mom should have bought the Equinox instead. Next time take a test drive.

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    Patriot/Compass numbers were much higher last year because desperate Chrysler was MATCHING the cash for clunkers rebate. Caliber, Patriot and Compass had up to $9,000 in rebates. Needless to say, that moved the metal. Allpar reports 2011 Compass has “mini”Grand Cherokee look to the new front end. Has to be an improvement!

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      “Allpar reports 2011 Compass has “mini”Grand Cherokee look to the new front end. Has to be an improvement!”

      If that isn’t lipstick on a pig, I don’t know what is!

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