BMW: Born From Robots?
Who are the anthropomorphic robots in this latest bit of engine porn from BMW (highlighting its new TwinPower modular engine), and why are they installing en…
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How About That Crazy Cruze Steering Wheel Video?

As I’ve explained many times before, it can be very difficult to know when a recall is worth covering. Drawing too many conclusions from a single defect can be dangerous, as defects are a fact of any industry that balances quality and cost as closely as the auto business. But in this case, I’ve received enough emails about the video above that I’m willing to open a discussion about it here. But before you jump in, be sure to read the caveat after the jump.

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Quote Of The Day: Imported From Europe, Re-Imported From Detroit Edition
A news brief from the Agenzia Giornalistica Italia notesAGI) Turin – FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne has said that it is not true that FIAT is Americanizing…
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Why Did You Need Four Wheel Drive Again?

Here’s some food for thought: if you “liked” TTAC on Facebook, your mind would already be blown by this magical tale of Panther Love. Seriously, if I didn’t “like” TTAC myself, I might never have seen it [A tip of the hat to Sajeev and Alex Nunez]. So watch the whole thing, savor the chill that will run up your spine, and then go “like” TTAC on Facebook for a steady drip of more awesomely entertaining detritus from TTAC’s internet adventures.

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How Cute… A Six-Figure Ferrari
When the two extreme ends of the car world collide, there’s bound to be a at least a little tension. So when the first day of LeMons Sears Pointless 20…
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Quote Of The Day: Why No Seatbelt? Edition
Sometimes news stories don’t need commentary. This little item, from, seems like one of those stories:Simona Suhoi, 28, faces up to five y…
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Hammer Time: The $20,000 Question

Have you ever been made an offer you couldn’t refuse? You never know when it might happen, so a little practice can’t hurt. Here’s the scenario: thanks to one of my old friends from New Jersey who has an amazing collection of Louisville Sluggers, 200 thousand dollars has been allocated to TTAC’s writers. $20,000 each. You’re welcome.

There is one catch.

The writers at TTAC have to buy a new car. That’s right. One new car (no BOGO free deals for a leftover Aveo). It can be anything they like. Hyundai, Toyota, Chevy… Jaguar? Fat chance! These fellows can go a little over the $20k mark on the MSRP. But the real world price before tax, title, bullshit fees etc. has to be no more than $20k.

So what car will they get? Will they follow the bleating herd of Billy Joel fans and buy something more milquetoast than a Milan? Perhaps a beige Camcord with an off-creme interior? Or maybe a Jetta that’s been as thoroughly decontented as Christina Aguilera’s last album? Or will it be something a bit more in your face? Like a… well… let me get to that later. I have to go move some mink coats. Just remember, when you’re taking favors from guys in a certain line of work, every decision has consequences…

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Mental Health Break: Engine Work Edition

Having a video like this sent into our contact form is one of the rare treats of being a blogger. Especially because I feel a little like I woke up under the hood of a Soviet-era engine bay this morning. To the anonymous heroes who both made and brought this fine video to our attention, we salute you.

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A Flood Of Cars…

Of all the dramatic footage coming from the devastation of the Japanese Tsunami, perhaps one of the most arresting images is of a flood of cars washing inland. Seeing a parking lot worth of cars reduced to so much flotsam and jetsam is a stern reminder of nature’s power, and a powerful symbol of what Japan is going through right now…

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Was The Renault Spy Scare A Scam?

Within days of breaking, the Renault Spy Scandal has been in “ full reverse,” and now it seems the story is becoming even more embarrassing than we had even imagined. The last time we looked at the case, Bertel forwarded two possible theories for the “farce”: either Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn wanted a distraction from a soft Nissan Leaf EV launch, or someone inside the company wanted to sabotage Ghosn. Now a new theory takes the farce to nearly unimaginable levels…

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Arachnophobia!: Spider Menace Grows
Cheiracanthium inclusum is fast becoming the bête noir of the automotive world, first causing a recall of Mazda6s, and now raising concerns about Honda…
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Down On The Slopes: Thiokol Spryte (From The Shining?)

Between recent reviews of a Can-Am Spyder, the Ski-Doo MXZ and the Goodyear Blimp, a certain TTAC writer has succeeded in shaking off this site’s usual monastic dedication to the world of four-wheeled passenger vehicles. And since this particular writer is too talented to fire (well, for mere distraction, anyway), I’d just like to remind the TTAC family that this website is, and always will be, about cars… unless we find something really cool, like this mid-to-late 60s Thiokol Spryte Snowcat. Then we’ll save it for the traditional rule-breaking period: the weekend.

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What's Wrong With This Picture: Put That Top Back On Edition
I just returned from the press launch of a certain, shall we say unexpected convertible. The kind of vehicle that makes you stop and wonder what’s bein…
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Not Ready To Say Goodbye To The Mitsu Evo?
Surf on over to and join the People’s Evolution Front. Remember, true comrades reject the notion of progress through hybridization, diesel o…
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See The Geneva Auto Salon Through The Eyes Of A Car Journalist
The aspiring car writer need cover only one major car show to know that they can be an almost overwhelmingly intense experience, all bright lights, new suits…
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  • MaintenanceCosts This used to be my favorite class of car but at some point they just became too much. The V6 S6 is more than fast enough and will have a more comfortable ride, and I can't see what the extra $45k or so for the RS6 gets me except a V8 engine note.
  • Mike Beranek If any one of these jokers tries hacking into my vehicle, they'd better bring a lot of hacksaw blades, cuz they aren't getting in any other way.
  • Brn "Curry and his band of hackers took what they learned to SiriusXM, which issued an immediate fix. "Good for them, both Yuga and Sirrius.
  • Luke42 I see a lot of EVs on the road in my small city in Central Illinois.What most observers who don't live here don't realize is that "blue states" and "red states" still have a highly polarized urban/rural divide. I live in a small city, and we have a globally connected tech economy here.If I drive ten miles out of town, though, the necks are just as red as they are in Texas. Those folks do things the country way.American-city-culture loves EVs. The cars are an improvement in every way over, say, a Honda Civic used for commuting.Many American-country-culture icons assert that EVs must be the worst thing ever because city-people like them. It's self defeating for the country-people to think that way, of course, because the cars are good and electricity is cheaper (and, therefore, more plentiful) than gasoline. But there is a kernel of truth to their skepticism in that some use-cases aren't easily filled by EVs just yet -- but they would rather complain about the fact that EVs exist than to objectively pick the right tool for the right job.Long distance commuters (usually rural people who work in the city) have the most to gain from commuting via EV.EVs are pretty popular in small cities in flyover country, assuming the city is prosperous enough for its residents to afford new cars at all.
  • FreedMike The FJ Kult is even cultier than the Tacoma Kult…and that’s saying something.