Not Ready To Say Goodbye To The Mitsu Evo?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
not ready to say goodbye to the mitsu evo

Surf on over to and join the People’s Evolution Front. Remember, true comrades reject the notion of progress through hybridization, diesel or other modifications aimed at appeasing the ecological running dogs. Hasta la victoria siempre!

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  • Prattworks Prattworks on Mar 06, 2011

    I guess I must not be a 'true comrade' as I believe there is much progress that can be made through hybridization and diesel. Audi has had pretty staggering success with their diesels at Le Mans. I reject the notion that true automotive enthusiasm is not at odds with resource efficiency and environmental stewardship. That being said, I think losing the loss of the EVO is pretty sad for Mitsubishi and the motoring public.

    • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Mar 06, 2011

      i assume you meant to say you reject the notion that auto enthusiam is at odds with efficiency, at least based on the rest of your post. I agree that performance and efficiency are not mutually exclusive goals. And, yes, I get saddened whenever a performance icon is discontinued, for whatever the reason.

  • LeeK LeeK on Mar 06, 2011

    As iconic as the Lancer Evolution is (I owned a VIII and drove it every day for five years), it sells very poorly in the US (a little over 2000 last year) and does nothing much for Mitsubishi's bottom line, which has been hemorrhaging red ink for years. Mitsubishi has a wretched product lineup and has apparently figured out that competing with Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and now Hyundai and Kia will continue to leave it where it is right now: dead last. If they can make a go as a legitimate maker of hybrid and electric-only vehicles then at least it will be better than being a perennial has-been. I'm as sorry to see the Evo go as all the well-intentioned petitioners, but everything must come to an end. There are still many enthusiast cars to chose from and our memories of the Rally Car - inspired genre (Evo, STi, Audi Coupe) will remain fond ones.

    • MattMan MattMan on Mar 06, 2011

      >>I owned a VIII and drove it every day for five years Wonder how many Evo guys we have on TTAC? I daily drove my VIII for 6.25 years, and now have 0.5 year in my X. You hit the nail on the head: 6 billion people could sign that petition. and it doesn't mean squat if the metal does not move.

  • MBella MBella on Mar 06, 2011

    All I know is that the last time I went by a Mitsubishi dealer, all they had on the lot was about ten Evos. I would wager a guess that even at 2000 a year, it is one of their more profitable cars in the US, especially when you take into consideration the discounts they have to put on the other models to move them.