The 2025 Lincoln Aviator Picks Up a New Face and More Tech

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

Lincoln Aviator sales slipped in 2023, but the automaker is looking ahead to 2025 with a refreshed SUV that it hopes will boost interest in the three-row premium model. The 2025 Aviator picks up new available features, including BlueCruise and updated styling elements that give it a more modern look.

Lincoln equips a twin-turbo V6 but dropped the hybrid model for 2025. The engine pairs with rear- or all-wheel drive and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Output lands at 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. Adaptive air suspension is available, and the SUV has extensive sound deadening for a supremely quiet ride.

The Aviator’s exterior got an update with new LED headlights and a redesigned grille. Lincoln equips an LED light bar, and lighting upgrades are available, including adaptive “bending light,” pixel LED headlights, speed-dependent lighting, and more. New wheel designs include 21- and 22-inch sizes and black or aluminum finishes.

A new Black Label Invitation theme is available, bringing open-pore woods and other high-end upgrades to the cabin. It features black leather upholstery and laser-etched styling elements with contrast stitching and other touches. The Flight theme is still available from the year before, bringing tan and black upholstery and dark, engine-turned accents. More standard features come for 2025, including a panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charging, and a heated steering wheel.

 A 13.2-inch touchscreen comes standard, and buyers can add a 5.8-inch rear display with audio and climate controls. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard, along with a 10-speaker stereo, connected app features, and navigation. Lincoln also offers BlueCruise in the Aviator for the first time, bringing hands-free driving on highways across North America.

Lincoln hasn’t released pricing details yet, but it said the SUV will be built at its Chicago Assembly Plant. The order books are open now, and the Aviator will go on sale in the summer.

[Images: Lincoln]

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Chris Teague
Chris Teague

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