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Here’s some food for thought: if you “liked” TTAC on Facebook, your mind would already be blown by this magical tale of Panther Love. Seriously, if I didn’t “like” TTAC myself, I might never have seen it [A tip of the hat to Sajeev and Alex Nunez]. So watch the whole thing, savor the chill that will run up your spine, and then go “like” TTAC on Facebook for a steady drip of more awesomely entertaining detritus from TTAC’s internet adventures.

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24 Comments on “Why Did You Need Four Wheel Drive Again?...”

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    Ian Anderson

    BOF RWD SRA FTW! (Can I fit anymore acronyms in there?)

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    I like it!  Especially the goin up the hill “OldandSlow” at 3:10 minutes.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Nice!  But for the visual impact I like this.
    Or this one.  It’s not a panther platform but it will do.

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    Oh, to be young(er) again and do some of this crazy stuff!

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    Crap video quality. Obnoxious soundtrack. Couldn’t make it past 30 seconds or so. Maybe it gets better … but I doubt it and I’ve got better things to do like harvesting bellybutton lint.

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    I agree about the soundtrack. But I like the dog, and the guy. I don’t see why the panther shouldn’t be able to climb that rock.

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    So watch the whole thing, savor the chill that will run up your spine, and then go “like” TTAC on Facebook for a steady drip of more awesomely entertaining detritus from TTAC’s internet adventures.

    You can also find there the lost, fabled 1986 Lincoln commercial “The Valet”.

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    The trunk on the Crown Vic seems to have deployed.  Is the last song the same one from the “All Your Base” video?

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    Meh, I’m not going back to Facebook even for TTAC.

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    Baruth didn’t comment? How come?

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    Reminds me of back in my college days, there were local logging roads to the top of a local mountain that we regularly went to the top of in my Pinto. One day we were sitting at the top drinking a beer and we could hear the whine of a 4wd in low range so we wen over to where we could see the road instead of the sunset over the ocean. An early Bronco was making it’s way up and they got to the last hill which was the roughest part of the entire drive but not by much. The guys got out looked at the hill and said something to the effect that it looked too rough and at least they made it most of the way to the top and decided it was better to turn around and head back down. We just laughed and grabbed another beer.
    The CV in this video looks like it may be a P71 and one of the reasons the P71 doesn’t handle as well as a HPP equipped civilian model is because it is set up for “mild” off-roading and they test them on the same course as 2wd trucks. With out the 300lbs of equipment in the trunk the P71 is designed to have all the time the ground clearance is even better.
    There used to be a guy that hung around over at that had lifted his P71 an inch or so and ran 30″ all terrains and posted a number of pics of him running trails.

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    Aw, that’s nothing. I actually like Fords, but check out what a 1964 Chevy can do:

    Note the lack of disclaimers at the bottom of the screen, as well as no warning telling us, “DO NOT ATTEMPT.”

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    You could have chosen better music. That was annoying.

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    About 10 years ago, in Costa Rica I witnessed a local family of 5 or 6 drive the trail to Witches Rock (about 1.5 hours spotting wheels down the mountainside of hardened lava rock and fording streams) in a late 80’s Hyundai Excel.  That may have been a little crazy.  We made it back and forth on that trail in a base 4wd Kia Sportage, and it was the most intense off roading I’ve ever known.  I doubt most Americans would be willing to drive that trail in anything less than a jacked up F-350 or a Hummer.  We are a ridiculous people.

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    As long as you aren’t doing anything completely crazy, a car will go pretty far off a paved road. I’ve taken my ’76 Chevelle mudding, driven the 77 Chevelle into pastures and tow my Explorer. I learned that a Pontiac 6000-STE absoultely is scary to drive at speed on a gravel road, thanks to its overly stiff rear suspension.
    my 2wd Explorer has been places that my friends think are 4wd only.
    It’s all in how careful you are and how well you can read the road, and understand your vehicle.

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    I like how the dog walks ahead of the car, like he’s spotting for the driver.  I would like to see how the drive down went.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      The first rule of successful off-road driving.  “You must absolutely trust your spotter.”  I think out Crown Vic driver has that one down.

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