QOTD: What's the Most Overpriced Non-luxury Vehicle in 2019?

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis

Though much of the luxury vehicle segment is immune from the depressingly practical concept of “good value,” the less aspirational vehicles of the proletariat are not so fortunate.

Today we discuss overpriced non-luxury vehicles for sale in 2019.

We’re only concerned with brand new vehicles; those offered for the 2019 model year. Perhaps another day we can consider overpriced vehicles of the Seventies or Eighties and have a couple of time warp editions of this question.

Think about value, entry-level pricing, features and equipment, and quality for the money. How does your selection hold up against its competitors in the segment? Today’s suggestions should be lacking in some pretty key areas. I can tell you’re ready for an example.

Here it is, the Ford Ranger. This new (to North America) midsize truck starts at $24,000, and asks over $38,000 for a fully loaded example. All Rangers have the same 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine, with varying levels of gingerbread on top. Adding options to the base model raises the stakes rather quickly, and you’ll spend over $28,000 for four-wheel drive in the smaller Super Cab style. For the price, the interior does not impress — which makes more sense when one considers the T6 Ranger has been on sale around the world since 2011. Talk around the TTAC Slack room regularly brings the Ranger to the surface as one of the worst values in the pickup segment. The comparative lack of incentives on the Ranger means it’s into full-size truck pricing pretty quickly. The rent is too damn high.

Let’s hear your selections for overpriced vehicles hailing from basic brands. Are any other new offerings priced like the Ranger?

[Images: VW, Ford]

Corey Lewis
Corey Lewis

Interested in lots of cars and their various historical contexts. Started writing articles for TTAC in late 2016, when my first posts were QOTDs. From there I started a few new series like Rare Rides, Buy/Drive/Burn, Abandoned History, and most recently Rare Rides Icons. Operating from a home base in Cincinnati, Ohio, a relative auto journalist dead zone. Many of my articles are prompted by something I'll see on social media that sparks my interest and causes me to research. Finding articles and information from the early days of the internet and beyond that covers the little details lost to time: trim packages, color and wheel choices, interior fabrics. Beyond those, I'm fascinated by automotive industry experiments, both failures and successes. Lately I've taken an interest in AI, and generating "what if" type images for car models long dead. Reincarnating a modern Toyota Paseo, Lincoln Mark IX, or Isuzu Trooper through a text prompt is fun. Fun to post them on Twitter too, and watch people overreact. To that end, the social media I use most is Twitter, @CoreyLewis86. I also contribute pieces for Forbes Wheels and Forbes Home.

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  • Bumpy ii Bumpy ii on Mar 06, 2019

    Lol that we got this war without a #EverythingTeslaMakes. The trolls must have slept in late today.

  • JohnTaurus JohnTaurus on Mar 13, 2019

    So, since the Ranger is priced very near the Toyota Tacoma, yet offers more power, capability and fuel mileage, its overpriced.

  • 1995 SC I have it in one car. My other just has a normal Bluetooth connection. The later just works. I can take or leave car play at this point.
  • Buickman OnStar for me.
  • Fred My 2020 Fit has a great phone pairing system and Andriod Auto. However I never use AA and rarely pair my phone through BT. I listen to FM and have an old school XM receiver with a strong transmitter that I use daily.
  • MGS1995 Apple CarPlay is a must. Everything from maps to music, texting to phone calls. Agree with Syke, didn't know what I was missing until I used it.
  • Syke Very. Having Apple CarPlay in my Bolt has been an eye-opener for me. One of those "got along fine without it until I tried it, now, how did I ever live without it?" applications. Yes, I'll accept an equivalent, maybe, after I've tried it out for awhile.