QOTD: Does It Make Sense for Elon Musk to Endorse Donald Trump?

It's a brief topic on our podcast today, but I have to wonder why the head honcho at an automaker that solely makes EVs is endorsing the presidential candidate whose administration will most likely be less favorable towards the technology should he win.

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Question of the Day: Can Old TVRs Be Imported to the States Successfully?

Thanks to the 25-year EPA and NHTSA exemption for imports, a company called TVR Garage is bringing back the British sports car.

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QOTD: Is Jaguar Doomed?

Monday we reported that Jaguar's lineup is about to undergo some major changes -- changes that will leave the F-Pace as the brand's only model for the "foreseeable future."

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QOTD: Is It Over for the Little Guy?

One of my favorite moments in The Sopranos involves mobsters trying to shake down a large, faceless corporation. When the mobsters are told by the manager of a local store that if he acquiesces, he'll be fired and replaced by someone else and the corporation will make sure the mob doesn't get any money.

Perplexed, one says to the other "it's over for the little guy."

That scene came to mind when reading/editing Matt's piece on Penske Automotive Group scooping up another prolific Ford dealership.

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QOTD: Will Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles Ever Hit the Market?

I've been in the automotive media since 2007 and a car enthusiast for long before that, and I've been hearing about hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for as long as I can remember. I've even driven one.

Yet, unless you live in California, you still can't get one.

Will they ever be on our roads en masse?

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QOTD: Would You Buy a Chinese Car?

Way back in May, I asked you if Chinese automakers are going to come to the States and eat other OEMs' lunches.

Today, I am going to follow up with our podcast and ask you: Would you buy a Chinese car?

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QOTD: Can the Sedan Be Saved?

Those of you with long memories will remember that one my first posts here, way back in Twenty Aught Seventeen, was a defense of sedans.

I may have been wrong -- Nissan is the latest OEM to reduce its amount of available sedan models. This is the same brand that once touted sedans to us assembled media during a press launch.

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These Are Your Favorite Songs About Driving

A few months back, I asked you guys for the best songs about cars and driving.

You answered.

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QOTD: Why Did the Chrysler 200 Really Die?

Posting a Chrysler 200S as the UCOTD today got my memory working. While I am sure there are still many on the road, I haven't thought about that model in a long time.

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QOTD: Is Porsche Making Shocking Decisions?

Bad puns in the headline aside, Porsche has some electrification plans that might not sit well with you.

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QOTD: How Can Racing Deal With the Rain?

NASCAR has had a rain problem recently.

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QOTD: How Do You Spot Cars When Watching a Movie?

Earlier this week I streamed the "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F." As a movie, it's fine -- it's a nice mix of humor, nostalgia/fan service, and car chases.

It's also the type of movie that makes for good car spotting, if you look closely.

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Here's How You'd Fix Cadillac

Here at TTAC, we ask you a question of the day just about every day. Sometimes, we go back and look up the answers you provided.

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QOTD: Have You Experienced New Model Heartbreak?

We reported this morning about the software glitches that European Volvo EX30 buyers are experiencing. This, a week or so after we found out the EX30's American launch would be delayed.

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QOTD: How Much Does It Hurt to Lose a Base Engine?

Hey there B and B, I am going to level with ya a bit. This week has gotten off to a slow start in part because it's a holiday week and news is slow, in part because I was working on our podcast, and in part because I've been working on a long op-ed. So the QOTD is a bit late today.

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  • Big Al from Oz Musk and Trump are of the same ilk, except Musk's IQ is a damn site higher than Trumps. Musk like Trump is only into himself. Musk doesn't care about Trump only Musk. Musk sees more dollars if Trump wins.Hey, I'm Big Al again!3
  • Rover Sig We have a car with two fake exhausts in the bumper, but a large shiny muffler visible hanging down on one side, not aligned with the fake exhaust exits. Horrendous. I had to paint the shiny muffler with high-temp black paint to make it less visible. Exhaust pipes were meant to be round and hang below the bumper, and they can be made quiet or loud as the engineers like. But fake exhausts rank down there with fake intake vents on the side of that old Buick.
  • EBFlex Of course it does. What a silly question
  • Buickman Elon is a phony.
  • The Oracle When elected, Trump will carve out massive loopholes for Elon and other donors.