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With its angry looks and compact size, the Mazda-based 2016 Scion iA made its world debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

Power for the compact sedan comes from a 1.5-liter four putting all 106 horses to the front through either a six-speed manual or automatic. Fuel economy figures come to 33 mpg in the city, 42 mpg on the highway, and 37 mpg combined. A rigid steering mount for more direct input to the driver, MacPherson struts, torsion beam rear suspension, and progressive braking keep the 16-inch alloys in control.

Other features include: Display Audio connected-vehicle system with rear camera; low-speed pre-collision with laser sensor; optional GPS and voice-recognition; and push-button start.

Price of admission begins at around $16,000 for the “mono-trim” Scion iA.

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30 Comments on “New York 2015: 2016 Scion iA Revealed...”

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    Richard Chen

    And with Toyota Yaris badges:

    I guess that’s why it has the gaping mouth.

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    I just read on autoblog that the IM hatchback is only coming with the 1.8L engine. That’s a buzzkill. :(

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    That is one p1ssed-off catfish!

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    The xB gets traded in next year. I’ll give it a serious look, as long as the manual is available in something other than the two-shades-of-grey-rubber-floor-mats-cheapie.

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    It looks like the Hyundai Accent minus any of their newfound refinement on the outside, with the interior quality of that new Datsun. If you are going to be stuck in a penalty box, you could do a lot better than that miserable looking thing.

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    The outside looks very yucky and cheap, but the interior looks better than the iM, which has a starting price that’s $4,000 higher.

    Probably because this interior comes from Mazda which is sold in the US, and the iM interior comes from whatever is lower than a Corolla in Thailand.

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      bumpy ii

      Yeah, the monospec gray doesn’t do it any favors, but the interior is the same design as the Mazda Demio pics that popped up last fall.

      I’m curious about what, if any, changes Toyota made to the suspension specs for the Scion (and Yaris).

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        Would anyone be surprised if it’s riding on softer springs and less aggressive shocks than the Mazda 2? This is modern Toyota after all. They don’t sell anything outside of the FR-S that’s actually tuned around handling in any capacity.

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    30-mile fetch

    A toyota/mazda partnership, who would have thought. This is a far better successor to the good-for-its-time Yaris sedan than the warmed-over hatchback Toyota’s been selling for the last four years. I like the interior styling, and aside from the riotous maw, the exterior looks pretty good too.

    But, I’ve owned a B-segment with a 1.5L 106 hp four, and I’m not doing that again unless I simply cannot afford a more powerful, refined, and roomier car.

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    Mr. Orange


    Quick before it eats all of our dogs, cats and little children with that most vile excuse of a snout. Does it move about across the face of the Earth sucking, gobbling down all unsuspecting victims. Will it ambush my dog while I walk it down the street. Will it devour a toddler as the car sits in a driveway, unexpectedly. Its maw open to capture the precious innocent child as if was prey.]

    That what literally my first thought when I saw the picture of this car.

    Just sharing.

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    Da Coyote

    What did Toyota do to deserve Bangle?

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    Again, with the angry face?

    Also, “A rigid steering mount for more direct input to the driver” means non-adjustable steering column?

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    There’s something insectoid about its looks, but I kinda like it. Nice to see Scion making an effort with these new models. But a 140 mph speedo in a car with 106 hp? Give me a break.

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    Ah well….it has 4 wheels and an engine. About all I could think of to say

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    Wooh! The 2016 scion iA and mazda 2 are look alike. It looks like an uglier version of Mazda 2. -peace-

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    This is dead on arrival.

    Yaris – $14,845 base price

    iA – somewhere around $16,000 base price

    Corolla – $16,950 base price

    The biggest possible price delta between the less powered, smaller, iA and the Corolla is under a grand. On a 60 month 0% interest loan that is about $17 a month (and right now there is 0% for 60 months on the Corolla). That’s giving up one Starbucks latte a week, or two trips a month to Chipotle or Panera Bread if you’re a broke Millennial.

    In addition the Scion is a no haggle price, the Corolla is almost assuredly got a dealer discount on it as long as you’re not a 580 Beacon.

    There is no reason for this car to exist in a Toyota showroom – and it is so far from the mission of Scion. Not to mention American buyers don’t want sedans – they want small CUVs.

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      It will also be dead on arrival because people can go to a Mazda dealer and negotiate on price and get a more attractive version of this. The reliability will be the same.

      Interesting that Toyota believes Mazda’s are reliable since they are just putting their badge on a Mazda and would have to take any reputational loss (and warranty costs) if it wasn’t.

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        30-mile fetch

        Scion’s already a reputational loss for Toyota. It may therefore be telling that they decided to badge it as a Scion rather than a Toyota for the states. Both the Yaris and Mazda2 have been such sales disasters that I hardly see how this can be worse.

        Regarding the Mazda-as-a-better-alternative argument, I’m guessing Mazda is rather pleased to have a far more expansive dealership network offer up a rebadged version of its car. The Toyota dealership in my town is courteous and modern. The Mazda is a pile of crud. I know which one I’d rather visit for routine maintenance appointments.

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    So many angry cars, i guess its because of all the angry, stressed drivers.

    Giving the buyers what they need one guesses, lane-clearing angry face, no matter what the size. Sign of the times.

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    What is it with the designers at Toyota? Are they maybe devotees of vintage SF illustration? Or is it peyote buttons? Jeez!

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    So glad this won’t wear the Scion badge in Canada since it would make me embarrassed to drive a Scion. At least the Mazda interior looks nice.

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    Leave it to Toyota designers to ruin a Mazda design.

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    What is it with manufacturers? They now make the ugliest front ends I’ve seen ever! They make the Aztec look kind of nice.

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