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Spy photographers have caught the Scion iA sans camo ahead of its New York Auto Show debut. For the full set of pictures, please click here.

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23 Comments on “New York 2015: Scion iA Revealed...”

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    Yep, it’s a Mazda. Nice to see Brian Williams is out being an automotive photographer when he’s not catching predators.

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    Looks like Toyota is copying the Ford Fiesta/Focus big mouth grill. This Scion could sell better then the Mazda version.

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    So it’s a Scion Corolla?

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    Is this what Toyota thinks young people want?

    I am not one of those dummies who says they need to make $20K 911s. Most young people don’t care about that. But heck the Mazda 2 is more interesting than this. This is just an economy car; there is no draw here.

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    It’s a baby mazda. so cute!

    But wait… I don’t understand. Or rather, haven’t followed.

    Will the new Mazda2 be hatch only, as it is now? and this scion version be sedan only? how will that work?

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    meh. another ugly car from the Fortress Car era.

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    Volt 230

    They would sell a lot more as a Toyota than a Scion, these guys are gonna lose their shirt trying to keep the Scion brand on life support.

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    Forget the iA, I’m really interested to see the iM. If it’s better-equipped than most Scions (read: alloy wheels, heated mirrors, leather-wrapped steering wheel) and comes in under $20,000, I’m a potential buyer. Especially if it has a good 6MT and/or 6AT.

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    I don’t see how this would sell in any significant numbers in the US. There are about 10 people that might want a Scion-badged Mazda2.

    The iM is the interesting new product here. A well-equipped Corolla hatchback has great potential.

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    Honestly? A Mazda2 with a Mitsubishi Outlander grill on the front, called a Scion. Is this the best Toyota can do? Blech

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    Yup, it’s a Mazda 2 alright.

    I highly doubt we’ll get the 2 hatch here. Toyota is essentially paying Mazda to keep it away (and taking on the inventory risk, marketing, etc.)

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    So if we follow Scions no haggle pricing strategy history, this will have a sticker price within spitting distance of a Corolla LE sitting right next to it, and the Corolla has a give me lease deal, 0% and cash on the hood.

    So the reason to buy this is…

    Because the average Scion buyer isn’t going to know about zoom zoom and will see the Mazda roots as a liability.

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    yeah it for sure looks like the current Mazda3 sedan. Which isn’t a bad thing, it looks really nice. It just seems like a Corolla, I’m not sure I get why Scion is making a small sedan.

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