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As of Monday, the Chinese-market 2015 Chevrolet Cruze has gone on sale.

CarNewsChina reports the Shanghai-GM-built compact sedan, ranging in price from ¥109,900 to ¥169,900 ($17,800 – $27,600 USD), is aimed at the Kia K4, Citroën C4L et al in the premium local market. The previous Cruze will continue on as the Cruze Classic, and will be marketed like its North American cousin as a low-cost model.

On-board the new Cruze, a 1.5-liter with 112 horsepower/108 lb-ft. of torque or 1.4-liter turbo with 148 horses/173 lb-ft. of torque will send power to the front through either a five- or six-speed manual, six-speed automatic or seven-speed DSG depending on engine chosen. GM’s MyLink 2.0 infotainment system is also available, accessible via the Cruze’s 8-inch touchscreen.

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19 Comments on “Chinese-Market Chevrolet Cruze Makes Showroom Debut...”

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    Dodge dart/Honda civic introduce the new Chevy Cruze.

    Not that this is bad.

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    Nice-looking car, very nice.

    Will it be the new domestic Cruze? I hope so, for I would have to seriously consider one, especially since that awful rear black plastic triangle where a pane of glass should be is gone.

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    Wow, (p)leather stitched dash in a $20K car. Nothing is safe

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    Very tidy. Even looks good in white.

    Looks like the Impala’s hips are becoming a corporate styling cue. Nice, always liked hips.

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    Another reminder of how big “compact” cars have gotten. The current Cruze in the US provides more passenger space in nearly every dimension than an Accord from the 90’s.

    We keep hearing how the large car segment is dying. Hardly surprising when consumers can buy significantly cheaper cars that offer plenty of interior space for actual humans. As car segments inevitably bloat, they’ll push the larger segments off the scale when they can’t grow any more or even offer significantly more in the way of content.

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    It really is 7/10 of an Impala, right down to the creases in the fenders, the instrument cluster, the particular version of MyLink, and those little temperature-control dials. That’s a very good thing. I just wonder what it will look like in baser specs. Even in LS, Eco and 1LT forms, the current (global) Cruze looks quite good, and I hope GM is able to preserve that with the new one.

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      “It really is 7/10 of an Impala…”

      That’s a good thing, for in the distant past, Chevelles resembled their larger Impala cousins much as Toyota has recently done with the Camry-Corolla and as Honda did with the Accord/Civic.

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    This is really bad! The current Cruze had some character and looked more premium than it’s competition. It kinda stood out in a sea of similarly shaped cars. I would say that was the primary reason for it do so well against all odds(GM’s past sins in the compact segment). This new one looks like just another fish shaped compact like the civic, elantra, sentra, corolla, dart and focus. Hopefully it stays in China.

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      I agree. Despite the lacking rear headroom and crazy weight problem, the current Cruze looks a little upscale, and is a decent alternative to those who don’t like the the mutant frog Focus.

      I was hoping belt lines would start to go down again, but no such luck.

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        I also agree. The current Cruze, despite a few awkward elements,is at distinctive within its class, and is a decent car, so being seen in one isn’t an issue.

        This new Cruze is pretty derivative.

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    Dat big gold bowtie needs to be centered in the grille.

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    This vehicle manages to literally rip-off very other car in the segment for design traits. Car designs are almost always derivative, but this is just lazy.

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    Not a bad looking car but the grille is so narrow the Chevy bowtie badge barely fits.

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    They got rid of the melted butt. For that I am personally glad.

    For the longest time I thought the Cruze looked best from the front 3/4 view, then that butt. Always makes me want to vomit when I see it.

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    The Chevy Forte isn’t a bad looking car

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