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As Bertel put it when he first reported the newest Mercedes ad slogan, we are not making this up. How could we?

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13 Comments on “Daimler’s Dream: “The Best Or Nothing”...”

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    Who wants to be this will be the line that rings in the ears of Mercedes service managers every time customers visit for yet another recall?

    I mean, I respect the aspiration, but the quality of vehicles of the 1996-2005 years begs to differ.

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      It’s not that bad. For my C230 Kompressor 2003, the cigarette system went out (can’t use my aftermarket gps and stuff), the interior door handles are always coming off, the engine bled oil all over the engine which killed the paper made air intake -_-, one of the rear brake light is always dead– only last for every two months or so, and… those key fob are poorly made. Other then that I think they’re decent, takes me to point A to B almost every day (except for the oil incident). The cup holder, that pop up with a press of a button, broke on me. Would I get another one? Probably not, having a 4 doors sedan with nice mpg and a bit sporty was fun though.

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      SherbornSean: Exaaaactly — I’ll take “nothing”.

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      SVX pearlie

      Is it just me? I keep reading it as:

      “The Best of Nothing”.

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    As an S550 owner I can honestly say that I think Mercedes Benz has been doing a great job keeping me satisfied with service and offers.

    i just think its so messed up that the economy has gotten to the point where Mercedes and even Porsche have to run TV ads.

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      Uh, since when does a Mercedes TV ad have anything to do with the economy? Mercedes runs ads all the time. So do BMW and Audi.

      Now if you start seeing “Come on down to Bob’s Ferrari/Maserati, these cars have got to GO!” ads, then yes, worry.

      Mercedes and Audi deserve some credit for seriously working on their quality starting around 2005. BMW it seems not so much lately. High pressure fuel pumps anyone?

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    my wife really enjoyed the manual 2001 slk320 she drove for seven years and the only problem she/we ever encountered – apart from a single taillight recall issue which was completely covered under warranty – was that the sprayed-on finish which made the black leather upholstery appear ‘charcoal’ in color began to peel in a couple of places.

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    Sadly, the W140 was the last time this statement had any validity.

    I do hope that MBZ will someday re-instate the status of ‘engineered like no other car in the world’ , but I doubt it will ever happen.

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    Now we know what Gottfried dreamt of – blonds in a short skirt. Every engineer’s dream …

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    I am blunt, so please forgive me if I am less than delicate:

    Daimler quality is now and has been a joke since the mid-80s.

    You want a finely crafted Daimler where quality mattered and even the small parts were made of quality materials and were solid, and not hollow?

    You want a Benz that has the solidity of a tank and quality that was stuff of legend?

    You want a car that could run for a million miles as long as it was competently maintained?

    Get a 1991 to 1993 Mercedes E300D or 1993 E320. Rolling bank vaults and the last good Benzes…

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    hmmm… so they couldn’t even make a version of this commercial for North America but had to overdub the German one. Seems like it’s not only their cars that are suffering from cost cutting.

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    Daimler fell ill taking a break from the company and upon his return experienced difficulty with the other stock holders that led to his resignation in 1893. Soon Maybach also resigned but returned, together with Daimler, in 1894. Daimler died in 1900 and Maybach left in 1907. In 1924 DMG signed a long term co-operation agreement with Benz & Cie., with the companies merging to become Daimler-Benz AG in 1926.

    I was wondering why Daimler was shown as such an old man, so I did a little history-dive … He was an old man as the automobile industry was finding its feet … I suppose that was not the response Daimler AG had intended to provoke by making this commercial.

    BTW, the Julia Tymoshenko-looking hottie is the best part of the ad!!

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