2021 Genesis G80: Going Streakin'

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems

Lexus has the spindle grille, BMW has kidneys, and Genesis now has twin horizontal streaks as its signature styling cue. Front and back and even on the sides, illuminated parallel lines are the next-generation G80 sedan’s defining design flourish.

Revealed late Wednesday on Instagram (a coronavirus-free but still virulent venue), the upcoming midsize sedan looks to its larger siblings for inspiration.

Donning the oversized five-sided grille of the G90 sedan and GV80 crossover, the second-generation G80 will be easy to spot at night. Like its GV80 platform mate, the new sedan adopts twin LED light bars bisecting the headlamp array, continuing rearward onto the front fenders. Tail lamps adopt a similar motif.

Viewed from the side, the G80’s fastback profile calls to mind the Audi A7, while flowing lines and a taut rear end top off an elegant and reasonably athletic-looking package. Inside, ash wood trim abounds, and the dash comes topped with a 14.5-inch touchscreen.

As Genesis still plans on a traditional reveal in the near future, details remain scarce. It’s assumed the model will carry the same 2.5- and 3.5-liter turbocharged engines as its GV80 cousin. Resident design critic Corey feels the model’s 20-inch wheels look dated and inappropriate for the vehicle, and I’m inclined to agree. Perhaps there’ll be a more elegant pattern on offer.

The pending debut of the new G80 comes as the fledgling Genesis brand prepares to grow both its volume and status with a long-awaited midsize crossover, and there’s a smaller one on the way, too. With its once-confused dealer strategy now ironed out, Genesis is on the march. U.S. volume, while still low by mainstream standards, rose to new heights in 2019 following the introduction of the compact G70 sedan. Sales over the first two months of 2020 are up 8.5 percent, and this summer’s release of the 2021 GV80 will only help the trend.

The 2021 G80 arrives later this year.

[Images: Genesis Motors]

Steph Willems
Steph Willems

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  • Akear Akear on Mar 06, 2020

    Genesis reminds me of Cadillac 5 years ago. Every car they come out with is a stunner. Genesis has surpassed both Cadillac and Acura and now has its chance to fight the Germans.

  • Blackcloud_9 Blackcloud_9 on Mar 06, 2020

    I think it looks great. Very stylish and smooth. Yea, the wheels are a bit stupid on second glance but that can be easily fixed before the cars go on sale. However the car is going to suffer from the same problems all of these designs have with the long, swoopy roof lines. A letterbox trunk opening and compromised rear-seat headroom. I have the same problem with my LaCrosse. The trunk itself is huge but if anything is over 18" tall, there's a good chance it won't fit. It's one of the few things I would change about my car - I would make it a hatchback.

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  • Redapple2 I think I ve been in 100 plants. ~ 20 in Mexico. ~10 Europe. Balance usa. About 1/2 nonunion. I supervised UAW skilled trades guys at GM Powertrain for 6 years. I know the answer.PS- you do know GM products - sales weighted - average about 40% USA-Canada Content.
  • Jrhurren Unions and ownership need to work towards the common good together. Shawn Fain is a clown who would love to drive the companies out of business (or offshored) just to claim victory.
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  • Redapple2 .....styling has moved into [s]exotic car territory[/s] tortured over done origami land.  There; I fixed it. C 7 is best looking.