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With all the light-truck product buzz surrounding Ford, one thing that’s gone relatively unmentioned is the impending debut of a new F-150. Yes, the world’s best-selling vehicle since the dawn of time, or at least it seems that way.

The 2019 Ranger midsize pickup garnered plenty of page space this week, and oceans of digital ink keep the upcoming Bronco afloat in speculative press, but it’s looking like we’ll see a new F-150 before any of us get a chance to lay a finger on Ford’s retro off-roader.

A product timeline uncovered by Off-Road reveals when the Blue Oval crowd plans to foist new vehicles on us, and the Bronco brings up the rear. That debut is officially scheduled for sometime in 2020, though more than likely the vehicle itself will appear as a 2021 model.

What’s the timeline, you ask? First up is the 2020 Explorer, riding atop Ford’s CD6 platform and boasting rear-wheel drive for the first time in years. This unveiling will likely come next month at the North American International Auto Show. A new F-150 is next, ensuring Ford’s breadwinner stays fresh in a segment that saw its domestic rivals launch radically revamped full-sizers in 2019. The current, thirteenth-generation F-150 bowed for the 2015 model year, receiving a refresh for 2018.

Much of the heavy lifting in staying class-leading took place before the current generation’s debut, when Ford shaved hundreds of pounds from the truck’s curb weight by utilizing an aluminum body. The 2020 model gains a hybrid variant, further boosting fuel-economy gains achieved through engine downsizing and vehicle lightweighting. You’ll recall that Ford plans to play up the hybrid truck’s manly mobile generator role.

With this timeline in hand, it can be assumed that Ford will want to leave lots of breathing room for the big-ticket launch, saving it for the space between auto show circuits. Those shows have a way of stealing a vehicle’s thunder and limelight. So, an F-150 reveal in the summer or early fall of 2019 seems likely.

As author Matthew Guy points out, General Motors choose this tactic for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado’s debut.

The Explorer, F-150, and Bronco aren’t the only product launches to expect in the next couple of years. There’s also the Bronco’s unibody stablemate, revealed in these photographs, and the brand’s electric sport crossover. The latter vehicle will likely appear with a Mustang-inspired exterior and name.

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28 Comments on “Ford F-150 Fans Won’t Have to Wait Very Long for a New Truck...”

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    My guess is F-150 reveal sometime during the Texas State Fair which runs from last week of September through most of October, especially with Detroit Auto Show moving to June starting with 2020.

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    I saw this coming when I was reading the Ranger article the other day. The Ranger looks great, and Ford is not going to let the cashcow look stale in comparison.

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      Adam Tonge

      They also have to throw more money at the F150 because the competition, especially RAM, upped their game. They were skimping on some of the interior things and NVH. Now that the 2019 RAM is out, they have to put it all in there.

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    Hmm…if only the Tundra would change. I would be happy with once every 5 years…but no, no such luck.

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    This is because of the Ram. It makes the F150 look extremely dated by comparison, especially the interior.

    Ford didn’t take Ram seriously and it bit them in the ass.

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      Oh geez. Look, the current model is how old and the Ram is how old? When the new F150 comes out will we get the “of course its better its new, it better be better..until the new Ram comes out because…its NEW!” The Ram should be better, its NEW right?

    • 0 avatar

      OMG! Competition breeds improvement. Whoda thunk it?

      And, yeah, its really biting them that the Ram is outselling the F-150. Oh, wait, that only happens to be true in your fantasy.

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      I don’t know…I think the F150 is still a very good looking truck, particularly the 2018s. Yes, the Ram is better looking. Where the F150 has the Ram beat is at the large choice of engines. The Ram, particularly in higher trims is gorgeous inside. As for the Ram V6 engine? I wish they would have kept that mild hybrid optional and not added it to all V6s. I would never get something like that. If I was to get a Ram, I would have to get the Hemi just to avoid the V6 mild hybrid. But then, I would just avoid the Ram all together just because the Hemi is way too much engine. That’s when the F150 comes to the rescue with the 2.7 Ecoboost

    • 0 avatar
      Adam Tonge

      Y’all want to argue with EBFlex but he’s mostly right here. Ford didn’t think RAM would bring that sort of heat to the 2019 RAM. They didn’t spend money on stuff that would have brought the current truck to the level of RAM interior wise and when it comes to NVH and other things.

      Now, the F150 still has a ton of things going for it; engine choice with 4 excellent engines, tons of options, availability of cab/bed choices, capability, etc.

      But yes, Ford did underestimate RAM, and now they are trying to fix that.

      (GM’s new truck is not close to either the RAM or F150)

      • 0 avatar

        Of course I’m right. It’s bitter Johnny that cannot admit anything about Ford that is nothing but 100% positive.

        If it were up to him we’d still be driving 1989 F150s because Ford did it and Ford is the best and everyone else sucks.

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    Ford did not see the 2019 Ram and suddenly decide to prepare an all-new F-150 for 2020. They would have started work on the 2020 as soon as the 2015 was finished – it a normal product cadence especially for Ford’s franchise offering. That’s not saying that Ford won’t have taken notice of the improved RAM interior as they’d still have time to address that. Most of the engineering has to be past hard deadlines.

    • 0 avatar

      The ride and handling of the current RAM is better, in addition to the better interiors.

      This nugget coming from a good friend of mine who just bought the last truck of his life (he’s 78), a 2019 RAM 4dr 4×4 for more than $50K (MSRP >$60K), after having owned and driven Ford, GM and Dodge trucks over his lifetime.

      • 0 avatar
        Art Vandelay

        The old Ram’s rode better as well. That is nothing new. Their suspension is geared more towards the good ride vs the Ford’s which errs towards Payload. Yes, The Ram’s cabin is nicer, no doubt. They both bring some cool features (The Ram does that drop down deal to make trailer hook up easier, the Ford doesn’t, but it will back your trailer up for you once hooked up).

        I think Ford is in a good spot though…it is relatively easy to reengineer the cabin and filter out NVH with nicer trim. The rest of the truck, as has been mentioned is still competitive despite being the oldest by far at this point. Either way Ford Vs. Ram is where it’s at now…GM is lost in the wilderness, The Titan is an also ran and Toyoya is the 2011 Ranger of the group.

    • 0 avatar

      Yup Ford didn’t just go Oh look at the 2019 Ram we need to put out a new truck. This is not a haphazard maneuver, careful planning started years ago.

      Does Ford have a couple of 2019 Rams? Certainly and their engineers can probably tell you the expected failure points better than the FCA engineers. Have they made detail changes because of their findings? Maybe. But the fact is the undoubtedly started working on it as soon as the 15’s were out the door and the planned introductory model year was set at that time.

      • 0 avatar
        Adam Tonge

        Does Ford have a couple of 2019 Rams?

        Yes. They purchased at least one very early in 2018.

        Have they made detail changes because of their findings?


        The biggest changes are interior related. The current truck is extremely capable, has excellent powertrain choices, and is very durable. It needs a better interior, bigger touchscreen, and some more money spent on sound deadening/NVH.

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    That front end, with that grille, is starting to look better. I still don’t like the size or the brand but at least the look is easier on the eyes.

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    I just hope Ford doesn’t take the F150 in the direction of the new Ranger, the Ranger looks god awful, if that’s the direction Ford takes the F150 then GMs new 2019 Silverados won’t look so bad after all.

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      That would apply more to future shoppers of the F150 since people who buy an F150/F250/F350 tend to keep them a very, very long time for the most part, especially if they use their truck as their main all-purpose vehicle, as in grocery-getting, towing, hauling and leisure.

      A good friend of mine in San Diego, CA, who retired from the VAMC in La Jolla, still has his old F150 that inspired me to buy my 2006 XLT SuperCab.

      And he still has less than 100K on the clock. Yeah, University Ford must love him because they do all the maintenance and repair on it for him.

      His wife scoots around in an old Corolla when she goes places by herself, but that old F150 is the go to, be all, end all, main transportation for them.

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    Ohhh… I wonder if Ford is going to dump the 5.0 from its F150 powertrain line-up? If so the days of a V8 Mustang are numbered!

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    Carlson Fan

    That looks pretty good. I like the technology in the Fords(aluminum bodies and twin turbo V6’s w/gobs of grunt down low) but can’t get past the exterior/interior styling. Put this on the list right under the RAM when I start truck shopping in year or two. I need to sit in a RAM and see if it’s as nice as everyone says it is.

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    Adrienne McGuire

    We are SO EXCITED about this. My husband is beyond thrilled.

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