2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD Completes the Truck Trifecta

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
2020 chevrolet silverado hd completes the truck trifecta

Getting quite a jump on next year’s reveal, General Motors released a teaser of the upcoming 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD on Tuesday. The heavy duty pickup slots between the revamped 1500 model unveiled in Detroit in January and the new medium-duty 4500/5500/6500HD trucks shown at March’s Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Those latter heavy haulers now share the Silverado name, bringing all of Chevrolet’s full-size-and-up trucks into the Silverado fold.

With the 2020 Silverado HD, the family will be complete. Prototypes hit the road soon, GM claims, but it’ll be a while before we get a full view of these new HD trucks.

The big reveal comes next year, the automaker states, though it’s likely we’ll see Chevy follow the same sort of timetable taken by the 2019 Silverado 1500. Sneak peak in December, then a splashy unveiling in Detroit in January. Sales to follow by summer.

From the teaser photo provided, it’s obvious a radical streamlining campaign has not taken hold at GM’s design offices. The hoodline of this Z71 off-road model appears as flat and imposing as the prow of a Dreadnought-class battleship. The air-sucking hood scoop remains to feed the Duramax diesel V8 underneath.

Chevrolet hasn’t ditched its chrome suppliers, either. A horizontal crossbar spits the grille higher up than before and, in doing so, rekindles memories of the previous-generation Colorado. Unlike the HD’s smaller 1500 sibling, the driving lamps aren’t positioned in the stratosphere. Drivers sometimes need to see nocturnal animals in their own county.

GM doesn’t have much to say about the next-gen HD, only mentioning the “increased durability and validation standards, and the bolder, larger proportions” of the new truck. We have to wonder if the launch will bring a new salvo in the ongoing heavy duty torque war. Currently, the 6.6-liter Duramax V8’s 910 lb-ft trails Ford’s 935 lb-ft.

If you’re wondering where the GMC Sierra HD teaser is, well, it doesn’t exist yet.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • EquipmentJunkie EquipmentJunkie on Apr 10, 2018

    GM truck styling has kept me out of their showrooms for the last 15 years. Glimpses of this new HD Chevy promises to keep the streak alive. I'm hoping that the new GMC will be better.

  • Vulpine Vulpine on Apr 10, 2018

    As SNL's "Black Jeopardy" puts it... "Aw HELL no!"

  • ToolGuy I object to the high beltline on this vehicle.(Since I have invested exactly zero dollars over my lifetime in Chrysler - the marque not the company - vehicles, I am very emotionally invested in this position, and will be terribly butt-hurt if anyone disagrees. But then again, since other companies were playing follow-the-leader with Chrysler - the company - "Styling" at this point in history, this vehicle is partially directly responsible for the decline of the sedan, so perhaps I do care a little too much. In fact, up yours Putin, OPEC and everyone no longer producing a useable sedan. Thanks for listening - be sure to dislike, unsubscribe and not share.)
  • MaintenanceCosts The pictured first-gen 300C SRT8, to me, is the best-looking LX car of all time. (It's not the best, period - the interior is terrible and the 5-speed bad.) It's perhaps the most menacing car of the 21st century, with the perfect stance, and the wheels are flat-out gorgeous.There's a corporate rental house near me that gets rented out to bands a lot. The property manager looks like an ex-metal roadie and drives one of these cars in silver, and it's a perfect fit for his image..
  • Wjtinfwb Over the years I've owned 3, one LH (a Concorde) a Gen 1 300 and a Gen 2 300C "John Varvatos". The Concorde was a very nice car for the time with immense room inside and decent power from the DOHC 3.5L. But quality was awful, it spent more time in the shop than the driveway. It gave way to a Gen 1 300, OK but the V6 was underwhelming in this car compared to the Concorde but did it's job. The Gen 1's letdown was the awful interior with acres of plastic, leather that did it's best imitation of vinyl and a featureless dashboard that looked lifted from a cheaper car. My last one was a '14 300C John Varvatos with the Pentastar. Great car, sufficient power and exceptional highway mileage. The interior was much better than the original as well. It was felled by a defective instrument cluster that took over 90 days to fix and was ultimately lemon law' d back to FCA. I'd love one of the 392 powered final edition 300s but understand they're already sold out and if I had an extra 60k available, would likely choose a CPO BMW 540i for comparable money.
  • Dukeisduke Thanks Cary. Folks need to make sure they buy the correct antifreeze, since there are so many OEM-specific ones out there nowadays (Dex-Cool, Ford gold, Toyota red and pink, etc.).And sorry to hear about your family situation - my wife and I have been dealing with her 88-yo mom, moving her into independent senior living, selling her house, etc. It's a lot to deal with.
  • FreedMike Always lusted after that first-gen 300 - particularly the "Heritage Edition," which had special 300 badging and a translucent plastic steering wheel (ala the '50s and '60s "letter cars").