Tesla Model 3 Reservations Hit 325,000, Musk Rejoices Somewhere Cool and Fancy

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
tesla model 3 reservations hit 325 000 musk rejoices somewhere cool and fancy

As promised, Tesla has revealed the tally for first-week orders of the upcoming “affordable” Model 3 electric car, and it’s good news for the company.

It’s also bad news if you ordered late and are hoping to show off your ride anytime soon.

As of today, the electric automaker has taken over 325,000 reservations on the

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  • Islander800 Islander800 on Apr 07, 2016

    Elon's "launch" consists of what amounts to a shiny show concept car that will require two to four years of development, reliability and endurance testing and government-mandated safety certifications, let alone massive production tooling, before the first one rolls off the assembly line, if past auto industry experience is a guide. I hope the "early adopters" have patience. What people don't realize is that it took Detroit talent and experience to bring the Model "S" to market. Elon extolled the high-tech aspects of the vehicle without giving credit to the old-school auto platform developers. Now, according to reliable reports, a lot of that Detroit talent has since left Tesla. Mr. Musk could have a real challenge on his hands delivering on the Model "3" before 2020.

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    • Mopar4wd Mopar4wd on Apr 08, 2016

      @mcs Tres, spoke to this before as have others. They don't have the systems in place. There was a report that they currently have 4000 employees at the plant in Freemont cranking out 5,500 cars a month. Nummi had around 4,800 employees and turned out 20,000 cars a month it would seem there are some major inefficiencies there. I like Tesla but realistically they do have some very major hurdles ahead.


    Heard on an exorbitant-entry-fee golf course four years from now: "I just got my new Tesla!" "Really? Which one is it?" "It's the Model 3" "You mean like a Model T or Model A?" "Oh, no...Model 3" "You do know that sometime in the 1950s manufacturers started giving actual model names to cars, right?" "They did?" "Yeah, and then some years later they had really cool names that really meant something, like TORONADO, RIVIERA and ELDORADO" That's why I have eleven GM cars and SUVs, with actual names. No Tesla needed, ever. TESLA, the rock band from Sacramento, yes!!

    • Skink Skink on Apr 08, 2016

      jeff, Fee free to buy a Model 3, and then go ahead and name it anything you like. Ots of young women do that. Key thing is, once you settle on a really cool name, pick a font and have somebody fabricate a couple of badges to put on your car. It's a shame you've been stuck with buying GM cars all these years, when you could have bought better cars with names you thought of yourself! Eldorado: an imaginary city! Tesla: a real, visionary inventor!

  • Skink Skink on Apr 08, 2016

    Edits: Feel. Lots.

  • JonBoy470 JonBoy470 on Apr 10, 2016

    Tesla's range is double that of any other full EV on the market. They've also addressed the road trip/range anxiety factor with their ever growing Supercharger and Destination charger network. Tesla's chargers are both free at point of use, and conveniently located for those on road trips. Even as competitors move to build EV's that match Tesla's range, they are doing nothing to address the Supercharger side of the Tesla equation. If I buy a Bolt, Leaf 2.0, BMW i3, etc. I'm stuck using J1772 or CHAeDeMO chargers that are not as conveniently located, not as fast, and not necessarily free. According to CHAeDeMO's website, a disturbingly large percentage of their installed base is located at Nissan dealerships. Road trip charging is an incredibly important part of the EV equation the major OEM's are all completely ceding to Tesla, because they still, fundamentally, view EV's as compliance cars.