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May 2015 TTAC USA auto brand market share sales chart
General Motors earned 17.9% of the U.S. auto industry’s sales volume in May 2015, a drop from 18.5% one month ago but a slight improvement compared with May 2014, when GM’s market share stood at 17.7%.

In May 2015, GM’s U.S. sales grew at a 3% clip, twice the rate of improvement posted by the overall auto industry. GM’s gains came mainly as a result of improved pickup truck volume and a strong month for Lambda crossovers.

Year-over-year, Ford Motor Company’s market share slid by almost one-half of one percentage point, a loss largely traced back to the F-Series’ 10% drop and a slight drop-off in utility vehicle sales. Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai-Kia lost small amounts of market share in comparison with May 2014, as well. FCA, including Alfa Romeo and Maserati, saw its share of the U.S. industry rise from 12.2% in May 2014 to 12.5% one year later thanks to a best-ever month for the Jeep brand, the company’s highest-performing outlet.

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25 Comments on “Chart Of The Day: Auto Brand Market Share In America In May 2015...”

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    This is always such a good lesson in ignoring anecdotal impressions, especially one’s own. From what I see every day I’d swear H&K should slot between FCA & Toyota. Regional variation rules I guess.

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    Doesn’t mean so much without year to date numbers for this year and last year.

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    Speaking of stats, it would be nice to see year to date numbers by model for more than just the top 10.

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    The Camry by itself outsold BMW, Chrysler, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, and VW (individually, not combined).

    The Honda HR-V sold over 6,400 units in it’s launch month – that is feckin’ amazeballs impressive. Fit sales almost doubled from last year, so no cannibalization from the hatch versus CUV.

    The Encore and Trax combined for almost 11,000 units! The subcompact CUV category is crazy, freaky strong.

    Cadillac found 116 ELR buyers now that there is enough cash on the hood.

    GMC and Chevrolet continue to sell every Canyon/Colorado they can get their hands on.

    I have a review in the hopper with the powers ‘ye be at TTAC of the Camaro, and honestly, I don’t know who the 9,753 people were that bought them, but they must be pretty dumb. The car is a hot mess and woefully outdated in so many ways – golf clap to GM.

    Enclave and Encore saved Buick’s bacon.

    Tahoe and Suburban as well as Yukon and Yukon XL sales were down – would be interesting to see the why that is given that lower fuel prices generally push the sales of these along.

    The TLX, MDX, and RDX combine to represent…well basically all of Acura sales. Take away any one of them and it’s ugly. The Verano outsold the redesigned ILX over 2:1 last month, and the Verano had a suck month.

    Congrats to Toyota for doubling Yaris volume to something somewhat relevant. I guess Avis and Enterprise are keeping those fleet orders rolling.

    Corolla and Camry alone combined for over 70,000 units – just – wow. Boring sells – just look at the tear Subbie is on.

    Scion tC sales was close to 40% of all Scion volume. The FR-S sales continue to decline, the xB held its own from last year despite being – ancient.

    Lexus IS sales have grown to pass the TLX at Acura. Kudos has to be given.

    Toyota should send a big thank you to GM – with Tacoma volume up 31% to over 17.5K trucklets.

    4,014 sight challenged drivers are taking the road in brand new Lexus NX vehicles. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Poor Mazda just can’t catch a break.

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      I got an offer from one of the local dealers to lease a Corolla L for 73 a month, a Camry for 133. I find the Corolla to be an appliance but even I had to look into that deal. I’m sure plenty more people pull the trigger on those deals without a second thought. It’s not just the boring or the reputation, Toyota has some serious old GM discounts on the hood to keep the numbers up.

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        According to the industry analysts (TCI by edmunds, etc), Toyota has way smaller discounts than big 3 or Germans… which can be also seen on their income sheets, as they make loads of money from USA – they made more money (profit) in USA last year than GM and Ford (and FCA of course) worldwide.

        So those door buster deals are not indicative of actual transactions taking place. You can find report for Feb 2015 here:

        Download xls… Ford 2.9k.. GM 3.5k, FCA 2.8k, Toyota 1.4k – Toyota has literally lowest discounts of any full lineup manufacturer (Honda has 1.2k and Subaru/Scion $500).

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          Note those are average discounts. By model it is a different story. Toyota offers huge discounts on the Camry to keep it on top of the sales charts and has been doing so for a number of years now. The Corolla hasn’t historically offered as large of a discount but that seems to be changing with the new model. Meanwhile they do not typically offer discounts on their Lexus vehicles or the Tacoma bringing down the average.

          On the other hand big discounts have been the norm on full size trucks from GM, Chrysler and Ford though currently Ford is not matching the other guys due to the ramp up in availability of the 2015 F150. They have worked those discounts into the price of the full size trucks so the profit margins remain high even with the substantial discounts.

          So those average numbers do not tell the true story since the full size trucks which have the highest prices and the highest discounts are the best sellers for the Big 2 and FCA.

          A more telling number would be the average discounts on just cars and particularly if it was broken out by model.

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            so you are saying that Toyota gives out large discounts only on Camry, but not on its own more expensive vehicles? How does that math work? It doesnt. You cant discount vehicle thats 20% of your production and make a lot of money and not discount Highlander or Rav4 or Avalon – they all have larger discounts than Camry. Actually Lexus has far larger discounts than Toyota, it is all in that xls sheet, read it over. Popular myth of Toyota discounting vehicles to sell is simply not true.

            Final proof is the fact that they made over $4 billion in USA alone (2014)… So while it may be popular opinion, it is simply not true.

            As to truck discounting, again – they discount everything, not just their trucks. Chrysler is listed as a make there and it discounts Chrysler vehicle more than Ram trucks – $3.7k. vs $3.5k. Other no truck brands discount more – Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, VW, Nissan – all but Honda, Subaru and Scion have much larger average discounts than Toyota.

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      I can’t imagine the HR-V not stealing sales away from the Fit. Must be a price thing. There’ll be a good 6 grand separation between average OTDs for each. But I’d imagine the buyers for both share a lot of demographic points.

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      “Tahoe and Suburban as well as Yukon and Yukon XL sales were down – would be interesting to see the why that is given that lower fuel prices generally push the sales of these along.”

      I still maintain its the pricing strategy, 12 years ago $38k got you a very well optioned Tahoe/suburban OTD. Today $40k barely gets you in the door with discounts applied, and it gets you a more complicated/less reliable vehicle with worsened capabilities and poor engineering(really fold down 3rd row?). Obviously there is inflation, but not $30k in 12 years to get similar level of options.
      Meanwhile I can buy its stablemate Silverado 4 door 4×4 for about $38k OTD with plenty of options.

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        It is a case of balancing the net bottom line and dealing with CAFE. Yes they are selling fewer but they have increased the profit margin significantly. Do you want to sell 100K at $10k profit per or sell 50K at $20k profit per? Same net bottom line with the added benefit of not having as big of an impact on the CAFE numbers.

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          This is actually a really good point. And unlike the pickup trucks, the Tahoe/Yukon customer can be pointed at a Traverse or an Encore if they want something a bit less expensive, and those won’t have the negative effect on CAFE as CUVs instead of BOF SUVs based on a full-sized truck.

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            The Traverse gets 17/24, while the Tahoe gets 16/23, truly an insignificant difference in the MPG, and one would think the larger footprint would help the Tahoe. Meanwhile they don’t seem to be limiting the FS trucks, which is why I have a hard time believing the CAFE argument.

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      mister steve

      RE: Honda Fit. We were looking at those for my wife last year. Because of early production problems, there was barely a trickle of dealer inventory in July, so it’s not surprising they’re showing a great improvement in sales. And keep in mind there really wasn’t a 2014 Fit because of the new 2015 model coming from the new factory in Mexico.

      I’m also guessing that a lot of launch month sales of the HR-V were from pre-sales and pent up demand. That’s going to be a popular segment.

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    Sorry to nitpick, but the chart shows manufacturer share, not brand share. Please correct the headline going forward. Thanks!

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    Ford’s share is held down by restricted F-series production due to a shortage of frames. They come from a plant in Elizabethtown, KY, owned by Metalsa S.A. de C.V., a Mexican company that bought Dana’s structural products business in 2010.

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    Don’t quote me on this, but I feel like Subaru is being held back by production limitations. Last I heard, people were buying Foresters straight off the transporter. If they could make more, they could sell more.

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    Naysayers are saying Ford is in trouble due to F150 sales and some are blaming the aluminum body. We must remember that GM had a sluggish roll out of the Silverado/Sierra siblings. One pundit called it the worst release ever for GM. Now we see GM making very good gains.

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      Big Al from Oz

      @Lou BC,
      I do believe what you are stating is correct, but there are some significant differences;

      1. The Silverado wasn’t a radical departure from the normal pickup convention. The F-150 is quite a radical vehicle for the generally conservative demographic that do buy the majority of pickups.

      The length of time for the conservative consumer to become comfortable with the new aluminium F-150 will take some time. This will also increase the likelihood of people ‘defecting’ to other brands of pickups.

      2. It seems as there are less of the older F-150s around people are moving to other brands and not adopting the newer F-150 in numbers to maintain or improve numbers. The slump in F-150 numbers in a improving market is quite significant. Look at the monthly figures and the difference between the 2015 aluminium F-150 vs the Silverado is nearly 17%, not the 9.7% that the F-150 has slumped, you must also consider the improvement of the F-150s competitors.

      The Silverado didn’t perform nowhere nearly as poorly as this. Ford has a lot of work to do.

      Ford is using production as the root cause of it’s problems. I don’t disagree that a small part of the issues facing Ford over the 2015 aluminium F-150 is due to production issues.

      If one looks at the time it is taking to move the new 2015 aluminium off lots, then Ford appears to be able to sate most demand for the number of interested people.

      As I’ve stated, Ford has a many faceted problem with the new aluminium F-150 to resolve. This will take some considerable time.

      If the F-150 numbers continue as they have it will be competing with the Ram in a few months.

      When Ford is sincere about the issue confronting them they will have enough egg on their faces, without having to justify the new aluminium F-150 is Ram’s biggest competitor. I don’t foresee this though.

      I do foresee GM sitting at the helm of the US pickup market for years to come.

      Ford will need to bring in the Ranger to boost sales.

      This is one huge gamble by Ford. It will take Ford many years to be in a position to overcome this poor decision.

      I’m not anti Ford as I more or less own one and it’s so far been a pleasure to own and use.

      Don’t forget the increase competition coming Ford’s way as well. I don’t envy Ford’s position with it move to expensive, loss making aluminium pickups.

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        Big Al – some people are probably worried about the change to aluminum and will wait to see how it plays out. I am not an early adopter. If I had to replace my truck right now I’d most likely buy a Silverado. I liked the Colorado but the back appeared to be too cramped. I’d have to test drive one with the whole family on board to see if it would work for me.
        I’ve seen way more new Ford’s on the road so far this year than I’ve seen new GM’s last year at the same time.
        I don’t like the looks of most of the grills on the new F150’s so that is probably a factor as well.

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    How about a chart that does not include pickup trucks.

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    Fukking incompetent GM & Cadillac. LOL.

    They’ve even managed to fark up their sole profitable Cadillac Model, being the Escalade.

    From July 2015 Consumer Reports (Road Review of 2015 Escalade):

    “…this SUV’s luxury is disappointingly skin deep. On the way to the Red Carpet, the Escalade’s ride feels far from luxurious. This SUV simply floundered in our driving test. With apologies to U-Haul, the Caddy’s harsh ride atop those shiny 22 inch rims is comparable to that of a rented box-truck.

    In emergency maneuvers, the Escalade is unusually slow and ungainly. And stopping distances outstretched other full-size SUVs. That may seem self-evident for such a behemoth, but the Escalade makes the Lincoln Navigator – and even the Escalade’s down market sibling, the Chevrolet Suburban – feel almost graceful by comparison.

    So how does the Escalade treat your posse? The 2nd-row seat will leave your VIP passengers feeling like they’re flying coach, and the 3rd row is simply cramped and awkward.

    Price – $73,965 – $95,870

    As tested price $87,360.”

    What an incompetent, unsalvageable FUBAR mess of a corporation & entity GM is (especially Cadillac).

    Consumer Reports rated their $25,790 Kia Sorrento higher, with a Road Score of 84, versus the 61 Road Score given to the Crap-I-lac Escalade.

    I was talking to a tech who works at a Cadillac Dealer on Tuesday who was telling me about how the ATS/CTS 2.0Ts are ginormous pieces of $hit, too.

    LOL. GM.

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