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The autoblogosphere is agog this morning over what appears to be yet another leak of a Toyota JDM catalog, this time of the highly anticipated Toyota FT-86 sports coupe. But is this what Toyota’s lightweight, rear-drive sportscar will actually look like? Not exactly:the image above is clearly labeled as a Modelista version, which means it’s been visually tweaked by Toyota’s in-house tuner. On the other hand, if you pull off the Modelista bits, specifically the front fascia and ground effects kit, you’ll find that this model more closely resembles the FT-86 Concept than the FT-86 II Concept, most notably in its proportions. With a more compact, cab-forward look, these images show a car that shares the first Concept’s basic shape with just a hint of the II Concept’s wild wheel arches and sweeping character lines. That comports with what the FT-86’s chief engineer told TTAC in a recent exclusive interview, when he said the initial Concept was “kind of close” and the II Concept was “not close at all.” Another clue that this is the real thing (or close to it): ft86club shows that the interior appears to be similar to mules that were caught testing.

Finally, there’s one key issue with this FT-86 image leak that must be considered: when this car comes stateside, it will be as a Scion FR-S, not a Toyota. Which means it could well be visually tweaked even further for our market, as it transitions to Toyota’s youth brand. In any case, the mystery won’t last long: TTAC’s Bertel Schmitt will be on hand for the FT-86 (and Subaru BRZ) reveal at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. Until then, speculate away!

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16 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The FT-86 Mystery Edition...”

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    Oren Weizman

    Holy Crap

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    I know what’s wrong with this picture; it’s missing.

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    This should be the new Toyota Celica. Please stop that Scion nonsense already.

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      this x1000. if it’s a scion, i’d have to imagine most showroom gawkers wondering why this is sitting next to a tC and why they should choose one over the other. sticking this next to a camry in the toyota showroom next door would be dramatic.

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    Sgt Beavis

    Toyota has only made two mistakes with this car.

    1. It’s a Scion.
    2. It isn’t for sale yet.

    Other than that, I’m very surprised to see anything this exciting from Toyota. Finally a car from them that doesn’t put me to sleep.

    I would be interested in buying one but I just leased a new car a couple of months ago. Maybe I’ll be able to check it out in three years.

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      My nephew “will” get one of these, assuming it is in fact a lightweight, good handling car with a 6mt, and does come with stability control. Without the latter, I simply don’t feel comfortable recommending it to my brother.

      As such, I think it’s a good idea to make it a Scion in the US. It’s supposed to be a young man’s car, even though I realize much of the sales volume will come from older, Miata type buyers “responsible” enough to leave driving, as opposed to transportation, to high priced track days.

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    word is bond

    How are people supposed to ruin their cars if they already have horrible bodykits on them?
    And who put the Subayota’s wheels on the Toyabaru?

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    “Modellista Aero Kit” three part body kit; available in three colors (satin off-white, sterling silver metallic, crystal black)

    I’m having trouble reading some of the smaller print.

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    If the FT-86 is badged as the Scion FR-S and it turns out to be the capable, sport worthy car as legacy enthusiasts hope, the image of Scion (at least the FR-S) will skew more towards purist credibility.
    It would be a self actualizing process.

    Seems like the AE-86 Keepers of the Flame do want to become FR-S owners but cringe at the thought of buying the same brand as the skinny jeans/white rapper tC kids.

    So they yearn for that safe, mature establishment Toyota brand name after all.

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      If the sheet metal around the badge is shaped the same as the JDM version, you’ll probably see them cropping up with the Scion logos replaced with Toyota ones. Kind of like Acura Integra’s with Honda logos.

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    The Scion brand needs to die.
    I just hope they don’t release it with those taillights. They look awkward.

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    I just need to know where it fits in my short list :

    Mustang V8 Coupe ———- $41,000.00
    Genisis Coupe 3.8 GT —— $44,000.00
    MX-5 Miata GT Convertible – $48,000.00
    RX-8 GT ——————- $54,000.00
    G37 Coupe —————– $56,000.00
    G37X AWD Coupe ———— $58,000.00
    135i-Series Coupe ——— $59,000.00
    135 M Coupe ————— $64,000.00

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    While I hope and expect this car to be great, and is exactly what Toyota needs, it’s too bad it doesn’t look as good as it should. But I think most people who want this sort of car can live with that.

    But it needs to be a Toyota. I still don’t get the need for Scion. Making a “young person’s” brand only makes Toyota more of an old person’s brand, and it will be harder and harder to recover (jeez, just see GM for text book cases on this). Keep throwing some good stuff like this into a Toyota showroom and they’d head back in the right direction very quickly.

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    Ugh… just put out the damned car already, or don’t. Who cares either way? Such build-up!

    Better off just picking up a Genesis Coupe and calling it a day.

    More than likely, Toyota will disappoint with this car, or charge too much.

    Has anyone really been waiting with baited breath for this thing, or is it just nostalgia for the Supra and the idea that maybe Toyota is still capable of making fun vehicles?

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      They designed a completely new platform just for this car, just to get the center of gravity low enough to make it a sports car instead of a converted sedan (like the Genesis Coupe, the Z and the TT). It’s going to be well under 3000 lbs, unlike any of the former.

      The CEO of Toyota now is not the one who was running the company when they went ultra-bland. He is the grandson of the founder, is a decent hand at actual racing in the LFA (which he greenlit), and is personally acting as one of the test drivers for this car.

      I don’t think it’s going to be like the Genesis Coupe. And yes, some of us are excited to see Toyota’s return to making fun vehicles.

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