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Recent Toyota ads introducing the “Prius Family” have featured the Prius C Concept to represent the forthcoming compact Prius, which will bear only the most passing resemblance to the slick showcar. But if deception was Toyota’s game, the jig is up. Der Prius wird geschrumpft (shrunk), chortles Autobild, which says these images come from a Japanese brochure that was leaked to the web. And the car pictured does look far more production-Toyota-like than the decidedly Scionesque C Concept. Is it the real thing? Will ad-attentive Toyota fans wonder where the C Concept went? Will a compact hybrid sell well in any case? These pictures are worth a thousand questions…


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16 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Prius C Or Not? Edition...”

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    Robert Fahey

    I never trust “renderings.” Here’s a leaked rendering of a 2012 Camry that turned out to be off-target:

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      Autobild implies that they are from an official Toyota brochure, to wit:

      In Japan ist eine Broschüre mit Details zum Prius C aufgetaucht, der Mitte 2012 kommen wird….

      …Jetzt gibt es erste Fotos von der Serienversion, die ein findiger User von einer Broschüre abgescannt und ins Internet gestellt hat.

      But yeah, there’s a chance these are third-party renderings that AB is dressing up as something they’re not. But that’s way out of their usual M.O., and for a number of reasons I’m inclined to believe these come from from inside Toyota. In any case, it’s probably way closer to reality than the vehicle Toyota’s been using in its ads…

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      Did they change it on you because that image does look like a 2012 Camry.

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    It is very hard to tell through pictures some key points; but of what I can see:

    1) I like the outside. This is the best looking Prius, ever.

    2) Ass end looks very Matrixish – not sure that is a good thing

    3) Very hard to tell from pictures, as pictures don’t give me a sense of feel, and don’t show the detail of fit and finish, but the interior looks cheap overall.

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    Carscoop has quite a bit more of these pictures, and there seem to be enough details in the catalog to make me think this is legit, if a draft version. The product name and MSRP are still left blank in the spec sheet.

    It’s quite different from the earlier Prius C concept, but I think it’s pretty attractive. I wouldn’t mind driving one of these. I do wish they kept the dash mounted gear selector of the Prius and done away with the bulky steering wheel, though.

    Assuming all information are correct, they did keep the weight down quite a bit. The loaded model is still under 2400lbs, and the entry model is closer to 2300lbs. That is pretty impressive. I wonder if it still use the HSD series-parallel system just with a smaller engine/motor combination.

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    I agree with the above poster, Robert. Why would Toyota put out an official brochure with not one actual photo unless the car was not ready to be photographed? I think there are still enough details of the car to be ironed out, that this collection of artist’s renderings may be to prep dealers (or suppliers?), but it is certainly not to demonstrate the finished product. I imagine it is close. But not quite what we’ll get.

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    Sure looks 100% consistent with the “spy” videos of the lightly camouflaged Prius C test mules…

    Thus, yes, that’s it. Smaller engine & battery, expect ~62mpg city, probably 44 hwy, combined ~52. Prices starting at $19,xxx at a dealer new you in March.

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    There are far more pictures around the web of the leaked brochure. See here:

    It shows the car in several different colors, special appearance packages for the japan market, and more angles. The console mounted shifter is peculiar.

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    Well its does looks like Prius C Edition

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    Mark MacInnis

    Why’s the picture so squishy and all odd-angled….looks like a car got fell on by a big train….

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    Makes me wonder what the new Yaris is going to look like. This picture looks like a Yaris.

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    I didn’t expect it to look much like the concept car, but I like it.

    If it isn’t as disconnected from the road as the old/big Priius, I’ll put this car on my consideration list.

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    wow look Toyota decided to stop copying american designs and since Hyundai is the new competition, guess what, they’ve started copying them, LOL gotta love it. HAHAHAHA, Nice Hyundai Toyota developed right they’re really carries the brand identity of Hyundai very well. Cheers to a successful copy for Toyota, I always knew exactly how they saved costs!

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