What's Wrong With This Picture? WTF Is It Edition.

whats wrong with this picture wtf is it edition

Almost every time I go to a car show I see something that reminds me that skill in shaping metal and plastic doesn’t necessarily translate into aesthetic taste or talent. Last year at a Woodward Dream Cruise event I saw what at first glance appeared to be sort of a Dodge Viper, but actually was a C4 Corvette with some creative fiberglass work. Then, a few weeks ago at a spring shine-n-show in northwest Detroit I spotted this not-so-cute ute.

Someone put what had to be hundreds of hours into creating this custom Chevy pickup truck. My favorite touch of automotive kitsch here is the spoiler. Multi-element wings on tuner cars are silly, but they could, theoretically create some downforce. Sticking a spoiler right behind the cab of a pickup truck isn’t going to spoil anything except one’s sense of taste. A proper spoiler creates downforce. This one might force something to come back up. To be honest, though, it’s not an utterly terrible looking vehicle, the front end actually has some nice lines and proportions, if you ignore the hood scoop, but this Chevy’s been molded, slammed, shaved and gassed almost beyond recognition. Well, not almost, actually. I know my cars pretty well but I had to ask the owner what kind of vehicle gave its life to bring forth this into our world. After he told me, I was still scratching my head. Now that I’m looking at the photos I realize that there are a couple of tells, one or two things that haven’t been customized, but I’m not telling. Instead I’m asking the Best & Brightest to identify this wild custom. Since it’s wearing a bow-tie it’s not much of a hint to say that it started out as a Chevy, so I’ll give you the additional information that it did not start out as an El Camino or some other Chevy truck, it’s sedan based.

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  • Redav Redav on Jun 12, 2012

    While I agree that thing is all sorts of hideous, I will disagree slightly with the statement of the spoiler. While a spoiler is technically for the purpose of reducing lift, a similar device can be used to perform other desirable air flow patterns. For example, the PT Cruiser convertible used a fake roll cage primarily for aesthetics, but it was effective at keeping the wind out of the cabin area. It worked like a spoiler but for a very different effect. Trucks have a vortex that forms behind the cab. It is very possible that some sort of spoiler-esque device could be of benefit there, to break up that vortex and possibly help keep the wind out of the bed and/or reduce drag. Of course, that's not the purpose of this POS, and the guy who installed it can't even spell "aerodynamics" or (or "ugly," it would seem).

  • Idemmu Idemmu on Jun 13, 2012

    So, that's what happened to the DC Sniper's Chevrolet Caprice...

  • IBx1 For all this time with the hellcat engine, everything they made was pathetic automatic scum save for the Challenger. A manual Durango, Grand Cherokee, Charger, 300C, et al would have been the real last gasp for driving enthusiasts. As it is, the party is long over.
  • MaintenanceCosts The sweet spot of this generation isn't made anymore: the SRT 392. The Scat Pack is more or less filling the same space but it lacks a lot of the goodies, including SRT suspension, brakes, and seats. The Hellcat is too much and isn't available with a manual anymore.
  • Arthur Dailey I am normally a fan of Exner's designs but by this time the front end on the Stutz like most of the rest of the vehicle is a laughable monstrosity of gauche. The interior finishes suit the rest of the vehicle. Corey please put this series out of its misery. This is one vehicle manufacturer best left on the scrap heap of history.
  • Art Vandelay I always thought what my Challenger really needed was a convertible top to make it heavier and make visability worse.
  • Dlc65688410 Please stop, we can't take anymore of this. Think about doing something on the Spanish Pegaso.