What's Wrong With This Picture: Incentivize This Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture incentivize this edition

The good news? GM is so desperate to move Corvettes, it’s decided to give you $3k back or 0% financing on every single new ‘vette, including the world-beating ZR1. The bad news? You have to build the engine yourself. Also, this won’t exactly help GM climb off its throne as the reigning king of incentive spending. But hey, if $106k for a Corvette was sounding a little ridiculous, at least the price point has effectively fallen to $103k. If you’ve been on the fence over that three thousand dollars, it’s time to adjust your spreadsheet accordingly. [ZR1 incentives explained after the jump]

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  • Steven02 Steven02 on Jul 19, 2010

    The model has been out since 2005, and the C6 wasn't too different than the C5. I am guessing people are waiting for the rumored C7. That and the whole recession that we are in is causing fewer buyers.

  • R H R H on Jul 20, 2010

    I'm actually tempted by this. I've always wanted a Z06. My trade-in is probably worth 15, and I could put down 10 and that would put me at almost $1k/month for 5 years. Basically my mortgage. Unfortunately I couldn't justify that to the wife.

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