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Hey, it’s a station wagon… and it’s built by Audi. Also, you may not be able to tell from this angle, but it’s new. Really. What, you couldn’t tell?

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10 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: It’s A Wagon! Edition...”

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    I actually have to check what it says on the rear hatch to find out if I’m looking at an A4 or A6, nevermind trying to figure out how old it is. I’ve caught myself thinking the new A6 looked kinda nice from the front side, until I noticed it’s two generations old… Not oo mention the dissapointment every time I think I see an A5 front while driving, only to notice as I meet it that it’s another ‘hot dog’ styled a4.

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    What else might you not be able to tell from these pictures? That you will never be able to buy this car in the good ol USA.

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      raven, you beat me to it. The Q5 is nice, but this is much nicer.

      Jack B., do they make it with a diesel and stick??

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        Mirko Reinhardt

        I’m not Jack B., but yes, they do make them in diesel and stick: Both a 177hp 2.0 TDI and a 204hp 3.0 TDI are available with a stick and front wheel drive. If you want quattro (which is mandatory for the higher powered versions of the TDI), the S-Tronic is mandatory.

        The 2.0 TDI is the cheapest version, cheaper than the 2.8 base gasser.

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        As far as I can tell in Norway they sell them only with a diesel and a stick :P Not that I would really be able to tell an RS from a 2.0tdi though….

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    Zee germans don’t make station wagons silly…they make “Avants”. Pish posh!

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    Except for the gaping maw grill it resembles my Acura TSX Wagon, which I love.

    What the world needs now is more wagons, not SUV/CUV/Crossovers.

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    This car is just another fine example of Audi irritating the hell out of me. I would LOVE nothing more than an A4 or A6 avant (like some have said, they’re nigh identical, anyway) with a friggin 3.0L TDI and a friggin stick shift. I’ll even take the friggin 3.0T gas motor and stick. Hell, I’ll even take a friggin 3.0T gas motor and the DSG “lie-to-yourself-that-its-a-stick” transvestite tranmission.
    Will I get a diesel in an A6? No.
    Will I get a diesel in an A4? No.
    Will I get a stick in any wagon? No.
    Will I get a DSG in a wagon? No.

    Audi doesn’t sell or even advertize wagons. They advertize and sell SUV’s, and lately, they’ve branched into the fat-arse coupe/sedan abomination market via the A7, which is a great way to pay $10k more for an A6, but with the added benefit of crappy back seat headroom and miserable rear visibility.

    screw you Audi.

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    I wanted to ease the pain for you guys by saying the F11 (5-series Touring) is the nicer car anyway (stick, diesel, RWD or AWD, you name it)…but then I realised you don’t get those either, so that would just be cruel.

    Seriously though, although we get some sweet vehicles here in Europe we also have to pay through the nose for them generally speaking so really the joke is on us…

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    I see little future for this type of upscale vehicle in the US, but can envision an oil price increase selling many more Hyundai Elantra Touring type cars..

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