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We knew that Buick’s new Enclave was due be revealed simply by looking at our Facebook feeds and seeing reports of an elaborate, alcohol-and-buffet laden event somewhere far beyond the means of most journos. As we sit here eating our McDonald’s Value Menu entrees while sipping a bottle of Thunderbird, we, your humble servants, bring you information on Buick’s newest crossover.

LED lights both inside and out, as well as a new IntelliLink infotainment system are the big changes, along with a revised 6-speed automatic. A front-wheel drive Enclave will supposedly hit 24 mpg on the highway. Somehow, Buick felt it necessary to fly a bunch of hacks out to some far-flung luxury resort and host an event just for this. Excuse me while I screw the cap of my noble, strawberry flavored vintage.


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20 Comments on “New York 2012: Buick Enclave Gets A New Look...”

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    Mark MacInnis

    If you parked this year’s model vs. next year’s model side by side, and put a gun to my head, I’d have a 50-50 shot of identifying the new one.

    Frankly, having a gun to my head is the only reason I’d ever care….(YAWN!)

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      The point being? Obviously they got the design pretty much right >5 years ago and are keeping with it. Other companies also make minor changes when they have a good design that requires no major changes every few years.

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        Agreed, but I think he was referring to the headline referencing the non-existent “new look” .

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        Yes and when those other companies make minor changes to styling, they get beaten to a pulp in the comments section.

        For consistency’s sake, since that’s what you’re always harping on about, there’s no reason lazy, ho-hum facelifts of the aging Lambda triplets should be treated any differently.

        Unless, of course, if you want to start defending the Civic and Camry every time somebody trashes their carryover styling, Mike. But given your track record, I doubt it

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        The point being it’s totally boring. And it was always totally boring.

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        Buick6 – yes consistency is important and as you will have seen further below I thought the interior needed more work than the exterior and it unfortunately didn’t seem to get it. So I did criticize, but the point raised by Mark was about the exterior and I think this is a good looking large Crossover so they didn`t need to tamper with it. Just like some other cars that are already attractive, Aston Martins, Porsche Boxster etc do need fiddling with. The Civic and Camry don`t fall into that category, nor do many cars.
        To be fair the other lambda’s had a bit more of a facelift since they were not as attractive as the Enclave in the first place.

        I will defend the Civic and Camry for being consistently reliable and delivering what their customers want. I won’t defend them for poor styling, will you?

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    I never liked the Enclave’s upturned grille…it always looked a bit weak and snobbish. This new front end has a bigger, friendlier, more confident grille. So far, all the Lambda updates have been good ones.

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    Not crazy about the new nose. Interior was much more in need of an upgrade. Any photos of the inside?

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    The interior has been refreshed more than the exterior. My only problem with the car, is this color, REALLY, crap brown, REALLY! Someone needs their eyes examined at GM for this, WTF, what and ugly arse color. Why does Buick insist on using a color pallete from the toliet? Honestly.

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    Simply the most beautiful SUV ever built, hands-down. If I could afford to feed it, I’d have one. In Brown, please. No kidding.

    Now, it’s just that much more gorgeous. Love it.

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    I hope the wood in the steering wheel is plastic now, to keep it consistent.

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    Come on people! If you can’t tell the difference between this one and last years something is wrong or your GM hated is showing in spades. I glanced very quickly at this page and knew instantly that this was a new model year Buick. The entire grille, fascia and headlight look is different and more bold. The port holes have moved from the sides to the hood. The lower ugly black rockers have been replaced with body color and a chrome door molding which was absent before is now included here. The wheels are new and the interior is different and improved. It’s a very nice update on an already pretty good looking vehicle and a better effort than Toyota did with the all new looks almost like the old Camry and ES 350 Lexus.

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      If this were still a real buick those “portholes” would be called cruiserline ventiports.

      I don’t hate GM. I owned a ’93 Saturn, and if it hadn’t been for the NVH I would have loved it

      I think the GM bubble, especially the Caprice, was one of the classiest looking cars of the ’90s, and it certainly was a durable car, and I wish they still made ’em. and when Consumer Reports asks their readers whether they’d buy that car again, Corvette scores among the highest.

      But this “buick” is a real yawner.

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      You chastise people for not noticing a new bumper cover, body colored rocker panels and relocated fake ventiports, yet deride a completely redesigned Camry as being almost identical to the old model?

      Whose “hated” is truly on display here?

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        I agree with Buick – the Camry you can tell is restyled from the front and back with different lights, bumpers etc. The sides are more difficult, but to be fair most cars have unexpressive sides.

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      Firestorm 500

      To fromabuick6:
      So how long have you been working for Buick design?

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    Dirk Wiggler

    This is such a nice looking vehicle, brown can’t make it look bad. Ditch the Mazda grille though. Nice update overall.

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