By on April 19, 2012

What could be more China-centric than a high-performance Audi RS Q3 concept? Not much.

The RS Q3 may have an awkward name, but the TT-RS drivetrain (turbocharged 2.5L 5-cylinder, 360 horsepower and a DSG gearbox) should liven things up for Audi’s baby SUV. 60 mph comes up in 5.2 seconds, and if you look closely, you’ll see that the tachometer has Chinese characters rather than numbers.

Although it’s officially a concept designed for Audi’s stand at the Beijing Auto Show, there’s no reason it couldn’t be produced. It almost makes the Porsche Macan seem even more redundant.

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7 Comments on “Audi RS Q3 Is Macan The Baby Porsche SUV Redundant...”

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    I think the Macan is a tad bit bigger than this tarted up Veedub Tiguan so evenhough the Macan still probably is redundant it’s not necessarily because of this bloated Audi A1…

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    The RS Q3 will have Haldex AWD, not the permanent Torsen system used by most Audis — and likely the Macan will also use Audi’s MLB architecture and the Torsen AWD.

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    Speed Spaniel

    Although I will admit there is a certain coolness factor with SUVs/crossovers with performance pretentions, the ‘reason to be’ is perplexing. I’m sure this has beaten around this website more than once, but most of these performance SUVs/crossovers have limited utility function, ride high with your butt far from the road and carry extra weight just because of the very fact they’re a suv. There is no disguising the laws of physics, as is there is no denying the field of dreams principle that keeps them on dealers’ lots. Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but I’ll take the S4 Avant now.

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    Somehow I’m sure Porsche will still be able to differentiate the Macan from this, even if they merely make it $10,000 more expensive.

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    So the way an Q3 RS is made is:

    1. Take an A3 and lift the suspension to make it a Q3.
    2. Lower the Q3 suspension again to make it more sporty.
    3. Fit RS3 engine.
    4. Pretend you have a new product.

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    Brett Woods

    All Audis and VWs look great and have lovely interiors but the reliability and longevity is crap. Many people know this and it stops them from being the top sellers.

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