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Another day, another disappointment for American fans of the Indian automaker Mahindra’s rugged, diesel-powered trucks. Earlier rumors that Mahindra might build its trucks with Navistar in Alabama turn out to be false, as a press release published at MahindraPlanet notes

MUMBAI, India, December 17, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — “There have been reports in certain quarters of media and online space stating that Navistar USA will produce Mahindra’s T20 and T40 pick ups in Alabama, USA in 2012, which are completely baseless & incorrect. If & when there are any material developments, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited will communicate them directly and transparently.”

If you haven’t given up on the Mahindra dream, now might be a good time to consider it…

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9 Comments on “Mahindra Denies Alabama Production Plans...”

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    Weren’t these supposed to be on sale two years ago?

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      It seemed like such a good idea two years ago, too. All for the best, though. If a company can’t figure out how to sell you their product, you probably don’t want it anyhow.

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    Imagine my shock on seeing a malayalam video on TTAC!!!! For those who don’t know, Malayalam is one of the 50+ plus languages spoken in India – spoken exclusively in the tiny state of Kerala. It also happens to be my native tongue!

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    dvp cars

    …..”the Mahindra dream”….thanx for the suggestion. I’ve never experienced that particular fantasy, but I’ll take your hint and give up on it anyway. On the other hand, with the sad Saab saga winding down, the weekly flip-flops of this Subcontinent contender are probably going to feature in more than a few future stories…..Mahindra Madness may be just beginning.

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    When they 1st announced they were coming to the US with an honest small diesel pickup 3 yrs ago I was interested. A reasonably priced Ford Ranger sized truck with a manual and turbo-diesel.

    After years or blown deadlines and silence they have turned into the vaporware automotive equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever.

    There is still a big hole in the market for a compact or 1/2 ton pickup with a diesel.

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      I don’t believe that a manual was ever, even theoretically, going to be offered on any Mahindra US market vehicles. On the basis that Americans don’t row and Indians don’t offer two trannys.

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    They should change their name to Much-Hindered .

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    Nobody who pays attention to the Mahindra saga was going to be excited about this rumor. There were not enough details in the story to begin with. See my post on the last Mahindra article.

    The Mahindra story, while going on longer, is becoming another SAAB story – many words written, no changes made. SAAB the company and Mahindra’s US truck plans are both in big messes that are unlikely to be resolved.

    Eventually I’m sure there will be Indian and Chinese manufacturers selling cars on US soil, it might even be Mahindra’s trucks. But I don’t see this happening for at least 5 more years, except the quasi-chinese Coda sedan.

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