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WardsAuto is a great source for industry news, but it’s pretty clearly not the best source for enthusiast news. Take, for example, a recent interview with Dodge SRT boss Ralph Gilles about the forthcoming compact Dodge and its possible SRT version:

“The Neon put the whole street-tuning scene on its ear with the factory turbo. We have to figure out how to get an entry-level SRT product to capture the next generation.”

The car to which Gilles refers will be a Dodge C-segment sedan derived from the same platform that shoulders the highly acclaimed European-market Alfa Romeo Giulietta offered by alliance-partner Fiat…

While Gilles is adamant that a high-performance C-car would be a welcome addition for Chrysler, he stops short of saying it’s a done deal, noting internal plans still are being hammered out.

However, it’s unlikely the entry-level model would share the 470-hp 6.4L Hemi V-8 shared by its SRT brethren introduced at the event here. [emphasis added]

Say it aint so, Dodge! I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned it’s just not a true successor to the Neon SRT-4 unless it’s got a Hemi V8… damn Italians! Seriously though, how cool is it that Wards considers a V8-powered Fiat-based compact merely “unlikely” rather than “a surefire sign of the apocalypse”?
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12 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: That Fiat-Based Compact Got A Hemi? Edition...”

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    No need for the 6.4L. I’d be delighted to be able to purchase a factory 5.7L in a Giulietta derivative.

    Of course, being an American, I’d like mine to be a sedan and not a 5-door.

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    As Chrysler headed full speed ahead toward bankruptcy, and their engineering and marketing answer to this issue was to slap Hemi on every bit of sheet metal they sold; I’m convinced if they could have shoehorned a Hemi into the Dodge Neon, they would have.

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      Are you sure? Hemi’s to my knowledge only came in the larger trucks, cars, and SUV’s. The list of vehicles that don’t have a Hemi option is much longer than those that do:
      No Hemi :-(
      PT Cruiser
      Town & Country

      Hemi baby!
      Grand Cherokee
      Ram pickup

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    A Fiat with a Hemi.
    That should be reliable.

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    Uhm, my 71 Alfa Spider has an all aluminum dohc hemi-headed straight 4……

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    Could be a typo for all I know but a V8 in a C segment compact? Not in this day and age, especially if Fiat and Chrysler can come up with a 40mpg car to finalize the remaining 5% of the Fiat/Chrysler deal.

    That said, perhaps a Hemi head on an inline 4 would be more like it as a possibility if anything.

    And if Chrysler keeps to the spirit of the Giulietta and it’s hatchback body then they could then offer an model in a hot hatch variety to compete with the likes of the Golf GTI and its ilk through taking a lesson or two from Abarth and call it the SRT-4.

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    Jack Baruth: your dream car is ready.

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    Maybe Sajeev or Baruth can weigh in on this one. Perhaps using the transaxle out of a 5.3L Impala SS, you could mount a Hemi in a FWD vehicle. Not sure if there’s enough room under the hood, but I bet you could cobble together a Moper/Hydramatic FWD powertrain.

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