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Zagato’s 100 year birthday present to Alfa Romeo, the TZ3 Corsa, was originally designed around the Alfa 8C’s running gear. So when Sergio Marchionne started showing dealers a new Viper prototype that “resembled the 8C,” I suggested that the TZ3 Corsa’s long-nosed, kammback profile made it a good role model for a future Italian-influenced Viper. And now, as if to explore that very possibility, Zagato has come out with a street-going TZ3 Stradale which drops the 8C underpinnings for a Viper ACR chassis and V10. Is this a look at the high-performance future of the Fiat-Chrysler alliance?

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7 Comments on “Alfa Zagato TZ3: The Alfa-Viper Connection...”

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    I approve once they rid it of the Alfa Romeo triangular dog snout. It looks properly brazen to be a Viper otherwise.

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    The kammback treatment reminds me of the Saab PhoeniX concept. This looks to be a very refined Viper but, with a V-10 in it, I wonder what the Ferrari reaction will be?

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    Remember, this is a Zagato project not an Alfa project so it is not necessarily endorsed by Fiat-Chrysler.

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    The design looks good yet not as good as the TZ3 Corsa and the body looks too plasticky (probably because it is).

    Personally not a big fan of the ‘italian car from America’ idea and I think (looking past the fact that this is a Zagato design project of which only 8 are going to be build) Serge is going to find that passing of ‘merican cars as Italian in general isn’t really going to work (at least not in Europe). It has never worked before anyway.

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    “Well”, Lokki said, looking fondly towards his ’71 Alfa Spider, ” why would anyone object to an Alfa with a goddamn Dodge truck engine it?”

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    Jordan Tenenbaum

    How is this any different than a Pantera?


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