By on April 8, 2010

When all this SUA happened to Toyota, many predicted that Toyota was on a downward spiral to assured destruction. Well, turns out rumours of their death were a bit premature. In February, Toyota achieved record sales in Australia and Canada and their decline in the United States, was a lot less than many had predicted. In March, Toyota’s sales (with the help of some incentives, which were below industry average) grew.  Now Toyota can add the UK to the mix.

Marketing Magazine reports that sales of Toyota cars in the UK grew 15 percent in March. This is pretty good considering Toyota are really a fringe player over in the land of tea, fish & chips and an economy which is growing faster than most other Western economies. Over here, the big boys are Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Renault. However, this is the TRUTH About Cars and there’s one salient fact which puts this 15 percent growth into context. Overall March sales of cars grew 27 percent in the UK. Which means Toyota UK (like Toyota China) underperformed in a growing market. What further makes this growth mediocre, is the fact that the 31st of March saw the ending of the UK car scrappage scheme. April’s sales figures will be very interesting to say the least (want proof? Look at Germany post Abwrackprämie).

Still could be worse, Toyota could be a Chrysler who had to strip their line down to only two cars, the 300C and the Grand Voyager. Did you see what I did there?! I got a reference to an American car maker into a post about Toyota!

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