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2018 Honda Odyssey Silver Driver Front quarter

Who knew the well-equipped 2018 Honda Odyssey was so… titillating? An unsuspecting journalist over at Forbes saw a few more — let’s call them entertainment options — than she expected while browsing through the video selection offered via her Odyssey tester’s rear media screen.

At that point, things became a little hot under the collar at Honda.

Before discussing that special kind of alone-time entertainment, let’s talk about the car that provided it: the Honda Odyssey. For 2018, the Odyssey received a full redesign and, as expected, the changes included a number of tech and entertainment upgrades. Namely, the van is now available with a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing music and video streaming while on the go.

The second relevant feature here is the inclusion of an EPIX entertainment app, part of a subscription service for the rear entertainment screen (which now measures over 10 inches). Here’s where things got sticky.

Reviewer Joann Muller was exploring the different kinds of fun you could have in the back seat of the Odyssey ahead of a Fourth of July road trip with her family. Bringing up the EPIX app, she browsed through the video categories, searching for the sort of family-friendly videos she knew Honda would provide for children residing in the Odyssey’s rear seats.

Image: 2018 Honda Odyssey Rear Entertainment, image via Honda

As her eyes scanned the available EPIX video categories, arranged alphabetically, one stuck out. See if you can tell which one:




As Muller tells it, “we stumbled across some rather interesting movie choices: ‘Gladiator Eroticus,’ ‘Kinky Kong,’ ‘An Erotic Werewolf in London,’ and ‘Lord of the G-Strings.'”

Muller immediately contacted her Honda PR representative regarding the smutty offerings. Caught quite by surprise, the rep snapped a photo of the questionable content and forwarded it on to other Honda employees. Post-haste, Honda and EPIX had a nice sit-down to decide how to proceed.

The automaker quickly reassured Muller that the erotic offerings she saw were not part of the Honda entertainment package. Thankfully for Honda, a key advancement found in the 2018 Odyssey proved useful for solving the eyebrow-raising issue. The model’s Wi-Fi hotspot allows for over-the-air updates, meaning Honda can push out system updates at any time to Odysseys with Wi-Fi capability. The next morning, the adult programming was absent from the tester’s entertainment options, as well as for the nearly 5,000 other families who purchased a 2018 Odyssey with a rear entertainment screen since May of this year.

Honda had apparently not received any complaints about the erotica prior to the Forbes report. If any owners noticed, they were keeping their flushed faces hidden.

[Images: Chris Tonn/The Truth About Cars; Honda]

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