Awkward: Range Rover Evoque and Landwind X7 Collide

Kamil Kaluski
by Kamil Kaluski
awkward range rover evoque and landwind x7 collide

Over the years, various Chinese automakers have [s]been inspired by[/s] produced blatant copies of various mainstream automobiles.

The Landwind X7 appears to be a direct replica of the Range Rover Evoque. So much so, that Jaguar Land Rover recently sued Jiangling Motor, the largest shareholder of Landwind, for copyright infringement and unfair competition. Shockingly, that case is currently in a little bit of a limbo in the Chinese court system.

The worlds of Land Rover and Landwind literally collided today when a Landwind X7 and Range Rover Evoque got into a minor fender-bender. The accident happened in Chongqing, a small city in southwest China with a population roughly twice that of Los Angeles.

The resemblance of these two vehicles is undeniable. From the way the company name is written across the hood of each vehicle to the garnish around the exhaust tips, which also happen to be identical, there is very little difference. In this case, both cars also happen to be the same shade of red, further visually reducing the differences between them. CarNewsChina points out that differences in dimensions are rather minimal, too. The Landwind is 21 inches longer, but width and height are within a handful of inches of each other.

The Indonesian (I think) website created the above side-by-side image of the two vehicles. The Landwind appears to be just a cheaper-looking copy of the Landy, because it is. Quality differences are many, but the biggest can be seen in the way some trim was applied, left unpainted, or simply slapped on. The rear wiper on the Landwind really bothers me, personally. Both vehicles’ interiors look damn similar, too.

The biggest difference between the two vehicles appears to be the price, as the Land Rover costs almost four times as much as the Landwind. Interestingly, Chinese market Land Rover Evoques are made in China.

Despite their ongoing feuds in court, the local police blamed this accident on the driver of the Landwind, who appears to have attempted to make right turn in front of the Land Rover.


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  • Turf3 Turf3 on Aug 04, 2016

    Looking at the photos I think you mean it's 2.1 inches longer, not 21 inches.

  • Philadlj Philadlj on Aug 04, 2016

    Viral marketing stunt? Viral marketing stunt. VIRAL MARKETING STUNT!!!

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